The top you need in your life for only £5!

1 Aug 2017

Have you ever had a moment where you truly believe there is some other power that has to be looking out for you? Like when you lose your purse and someone hands it in, or when you can't justify spending money on something but a pop up tells you they're having some sort of discount sale going on? I'm not talking about life saving miracles, just those lucky moments in our mundane ordinary lives. Just so you understand a little more it was completely one of those moments to how I happened to collaborate with who kindly sent me some bits to add my own personal style to!

Where the feeling of the powers beyond is literally the night before receiving an email from them I had been browsing their website, I have a few Birthday bashes coming up and I was intrigued at what they had to offer at some low prices! I've become very careful with my money as of late, which makes their prices very appealing. I won't lie, I also was in disbelief that they sold fashionable items at only £5 which from just looking on their site, I was wrong! When I received their email I went through a 'ARE THEY SPYING ON ME?!!' moment and was so excited to work with them as they're a brand I was genuinely going to order from, and I'll spill a few beans now, the items they sent are amazing.

embroided floral see-through top* - everything5pounds // black knitted bra - ebay // skinny high waist Joni jeans - topshop // brown buckle vintage wooden clogs* - everything5pounds 

I've created two looks from the items sent, so lets get straight into this first look and why for £5 this mesh top is the best thing that you definitely need in your life. If you're a follower of my blog it's no surprise I went for a black item, when needing comfort I always dress in black and it's nice for a change to have something that also has a splash of colour. I love the embroidery trend thats happening this summer but i'm not jetting off to any festivals or holidays so I haven't really treated myself to any of the extravagant items I've seen brands releasing. When I saw this item I immediately thought 'that can be dressed up or down', 'its black!', 'it's embroidered and has frills?!' it's everything I had been wanting to try in fashion this summer, so of course I had to style it to add my own little flavour. 

I will say that the top is definitely very tight, I went for a size Small which to the size guide was a 8-10, so if you want some room to move I'd definitely go for your next size up. To dress it down I wore a simple black t-shirt underneath and to dress it up I've gone with a little black knitted bralette, which I think is perfect because with showing more skin I think the embroided flowers look beautiful! My favourite feature of the top is definitely the frilly edge at the bottom, adding a little puff for shape. I paired it with some simple high waisted skinny jeans by Topshop (good old faithfuls) and even with that simple combination I think the top really sells itself. I could happily go out for drinks with friends or for a nice meal in this outfit with a small bag and feel so good about myself. I love when an outfit boosts your confidence. 

I've always wanted some wooden clogs with thick black straps, so of course I couldn't believe my luck when I found a pair on their website too. They have to be the comfiest pair of heeled shoes I own, I walked not only to take these photographs in a field but then went to the shops afterwards and just felt such ease on my feet. Another item I have to say is a small fit, these are a size 4 which I normally are, they fit perfect on the sole but the straps are tight! I have them on the last buckle hole, which is a first for me. 

I also received two other items which I will be styling in another lookbook post! That will be published on Friday, so if you're interested in seeing how I style more clothing from keep your eyes peeled! I want to say a huge thank you to the brand for working with me and I hope you all like this look! I couldn't unfortunately find this top on their site anymore, but they kindly did give me a 5% discount code to share with you guys! Just enter 5JESS 

Until next time guys,

(This post was in collaboration with, clothing was given in exchange for a blog post. All opinions and words are truthful and my own.)

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