What I love about Blogging

18 Aug 2017

Back when I was 17 I started my first ever blog, it was called Beautifully Laced and it makes me laugh to myself when I think to how I just didn't know how the internet worked. I posted very questionable photographs (I mean the quality, not the content you perv) that we're taken in my mums bedroom because she had the good wardrobes to stand in front of, never wrote any words to go along with them and regularly posted on Lookbook even though I didn't know how that worked either. The more I got involved in blogging and became more aware of the community and the awesome bloggers growing, I sort of got it and decided to re start my image on new years day of 2015 with this lil old blog Heartshapedbones! I've been in the community blogging for nearly seven years but really I've only 'properly' been blogging for nearly four, and it's honestly been the best four years and I've found a path to follow for as long as you want to read my corner of the internet!

Blogging is so much fun to me and has become a full time thing, I rarely switch off but don't find myself pulling my hair out because I try to keep it stress free! We all have our falls and with the amount of bloggers growing, it is hard to keep yourself strong when you feel a little down. Dusting off my shoulders, I decided to think about all the things I love about blogging and form it into a little post. 

exploring and finding unique places to shoot
Obviously if you're a beauty blogger or something you're probably not venturing out to find locations to shoot, but as my blog is mainly about fashion, one thing I've loved on my journey is the amount of lovely places I've gone to just to shoot photographs. When I lived in York I found it more confining which you'd think the opposite, but I hated to shoot in public areas and with it being so busy it just didn't make for good photos. Since moving back to a little village in the country side I've gotten out so much more for photographs, either with my boyfriend, sister who occasionally takes photos for me or just myself, getting some fresh air and finding good locations really is a fun thing for me to do. For this particular look my sister and I actually took a number other photos that day, we grabbed a big bag full of clothes and just went on a little adventure into the woodland in my village to see what we could find. Beautiful houses, forrest, even a giant bridge that just seemed to come out of no where - I love to explore, and when you have a purpose it almost makes you more determined to leave the house. 

The blogging community and the support on social media 
Blogging related events have allowed me to meet some of the nicest people I think I'll ever come across in this life time and thanks to the power of social media I get to keep up with them everyday! I love how supportive and a like minded the blogging community I've surrounded myself online with are, each person I know would lend you a helping hand if you needed it asap. They're awesome! I could reel off names for days of all the bloggers who have really been there for me for the past couple of months, I really love going online to speak to them, read their blogs but just generally be involved in whats going on in blogging. I can't thank Hayley the creator of the blogger blog awards enough because it was at her event last year that I met a lot of the bloggers I love and speak to every day, I can't wait for it again this year (aaaah its next month!) I know it's not super healthy to me on your phone all the time, but I find myself constantly checking in with what all my favourite bloggers are doing and seeing what the community is up to!

Being introduced to new brands
Ok so collaborating with brands is awesome, but one thing I love about blogging is how I am constantly being opened up to new brands! Whether its from personal contact or reading someones blog, as someone who loves to buy things it's awesome to have another source of discovering businesses. From blogging I've been opened up to brands I never knew even existed, reviewing their products whether that be fashion or other letting me see for myself just how awesome something different can be. Yeah it's awesome to work with brands, but not because you're getting something for free, a lot of work and effort goes into putting together a blog post and more for a brand, and I love it. I love having my own little brief, a set out plan for a post to share with you guys how awesome I find a brand! I wouldn't accept if I didn't think they were good or that you guys wouldn't like.

Putting my photography degree into practise
Fun story I actually wanted to go to university to do photograph or graphic design (ha who knew Id end up doing fine art the one course I disliked through out college). So I've actually studied photography for 6 years, having a formal media degree in the subject aswell as two A-levels! I used it all through out my university course, which means being able to do something I love every day and share it in my own little space is thrilling. I love being able to play with my creativity that isn't through drawing or making art, shooting my own photographs means I get to be the master creator, deciding everything in editing and how I want to display it online. It really makes me feel like a girl boss, my confidence really coming from blogging because I don't think I would of had it without being introduced to this online world! I love the idea that my blog documents my life right now, so I can look back in the future on what I was doing back in 2017! I find myself doing it now, looking at my first lot of content and really learning from how I've been working. 

 ok so I love the twitter chats
I remember being in my first twitter chat and having no bloody idea how it worked, I couldn't figure out how to follow the hash tag or how people we're even communicating! God I was an idiot because it's so simple and such a fun way to interact with others! Two of the blogger chats I LOVE is the girl gang chat and the alt bloggers chat, both having a community of lovely down to earth people who love to have a chat about what we all love. I find myself sucked into the internet for an hour and it goes past so quickly because I love to talk to other bloggers, find new blogs, learn new takes on subjects we discuss! I definitely recommend getting involved, so many go on every day/night and theres plenty of blog posts from bloggers n when all the chats take place. 

trying new things
Whether it's products, clothing, places, food, films, books, I'm so happy that blogging has opened my eyes to completely new things. Without blogging I would be so clueless on many things, I'd have basic makeup, never move on  from shopping at H&M and I wouldn't of gone to certain places. Blogging online to taking photos, blogging events, etc have really allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and try new things that now are a daily to do. New things are great, always try new things it keeps your life fresh and where not to share that than on a blog!

I hoped you like me sharing some of the things I love about blogging, I really love writing blog posts on something thats not only a passion but my career essentially. What do you love about blogging? Let me know!

Until next time guys,

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