Why Whitby is my favourite Coastal town in England

Sunday, 13 August 2017

For me Whitby holds such good memories and it's always had this positive nostalgia around it from myself being a young age! I don't remember going when I was little, but my parents both tell stories of us all going as kids and they just seem so happy when telling the stories. They both spent many times traveling up in the car with the dogs for a little get away, and even Joel and I spent some time right at the beginning of our relationship in Whitby! We went for a couple of days just under two years ago, it was my first real look into Whitby life and ever since I've held it on a pedestal of UK based trips because it reminds me instantly of really good times. This week my family decided we all needed a trip to Whitby as a full unit and sparks flew out of my chest, Whitby is definitely my favourite coastal town to visit in the Uk and here are a few reasons why!

picturesque, its a photographers dream
Whether you go with all your flashy camera set up or just your IPhone, Whitby is definitely has an Instagram worthy shot around every corner. The town is super cute with old buildings, quirky shops and stone streets, it even has an old fashioned boat bridge right in the centre which allows boats from the harbour to go out to sea! You can be up on the cliffs surrounded by country then suddenly be walking past beautiful town houses with the sea on your left. As an adult one thing I love most about Whitby is the fact it's not just all beach, in fact the tide was in when we went on our little trip so we got to do so much in town activities which appeals to the little homeware hunter inside of me.

I love a place which offers good food, and I definitely pigged out all day from snacking to sitting down for a meal! If you're going to Whitby for a couple of nights you will not be let down by the restaurants they have to offer, most pubs too selling food! My favourite little place to eat is the 'humble pie and mash' which is an 1950's themed café which just sells pie and mash! Whitby has so many other quirky independent restaurants to choose from, but even if you want more conventional food options the town is dotted with the best Indian restaurants! For just a day trip, everywhere you walk you're not far from a stall that sells sea food or sea side favourites like donuts, hot dogs, etc.

lots of activities to do 
Unlike lot of sea sides in the UK Whitby has more to do than just go on the arcade games! There's tones of quirky shops and restaurants scattered down the cobble streets, pubs upon pubs which all have that old country feel but that's not just it! They have a giant park and art museum for the art lovers, Dracula 'museum' and lots of markers around the town to tell the well beloved story and then you have the harbour. I actually went on a boat ride with my parents and it's become a must whenever I've been to Whitby, they have casual bay rides, a PIRATE boat which tells you the story of Captain Cook, whale watching rides where you go out to sea for three hours and many more. I just love how from entering the town there is activities to do left right and centre. 

If you're unaware what Whitby is most famous for, it's the location that Bram Stoker wrote the novel Dracula! In the book a unmanned boat drifts into the harbour where they find everyone on board dead, ALAS Dracula has stepped onto our shores of the little town of Whitby. They tell the story even today dotted around the town, there's a Dracula Museum on the harbour front which  I think is actually quite scary, the abbey at the top of the town where Draculas 'apparent' grave stone is and then around the town are plaques sharing more facts about Dracula. You can even go sit on a bench where Stoker wrote a lot of the novel.

 199 steps
Now knowing what you need to know about Dracula, if you go to Whitby you have to climb the 199 steps up to the abbey. You do have to pay to get in to the see the abbey, but you can have a little walk around  graveyard once you get to the top of the steps! It's a great view as you walk up and I definitely recommend doing it, whilst counting your steps to cheer at the top.

The drive up is beautiful - take a stop at Goathland
If you're going to drive up to Whitby definitely DONT take the motorway, it takes longer but go through all the small villages and take a quick stop at Goathland! Goathland is a quirky little village which is covered in Sheep, just doing their own thing, where the British Tv series Heart beat was filmed! It's so cute and if you go to the train station platform you'll recognise it instantly because it's the Hogwarts platform from Harry Potter's first movie where Harry waves bye as he goes home for summer!

Lets not forget Whitby also does Whitby Goth weekend! April & October, you can get dressed up in your best black rags and have fun at the festival they throw!

I absolutely love family trips to Whitby but also its perfect for a couples get away, I recommend visiting at any time of the year because from summer to winter it remains super cute with its quirky vibe! I love sea side towns and I love the country side, its perfect!

Have you ever been to Whitby? Whats your favourite restaurant or thing to do?

Until next time,

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  1. My mouth was watering at the site of that hot dog... Who knew that this photo alone makes me really want to go there? Whitby sounds like such a cool area, and I'd definitely be heading to that Dracula Museum and going on a boat ride!

    Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzie Bee

    1. Haha it was SOO good I love sea side food! You definitely need to visit it's perfect! Xx

  2. Whitby looks so pretty! I would love to pay a visit.

    Abigail Alice x

    1. Aww you definitely do it's the cutest sea side town! Xx


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