Getting My Grunge On ~ Harleys & Tartan

28 Sep 2017

I've never felt so much more like myself than in this outfit and if I'm honest, it was completely thrown together at the last minute because recently I've been having an absolute mare with styling items for my blog. Hey, hi there, welcome to another fashion lookbook and it's definitely a comfortable look for myself. When it comes to the outfits I share on my blog I've never really had a problem with finding inspiration or putting together my outfits here on Heartshapedbones, but as the weather becomes colder I've definitely found myself hitting a stump where I don't have a clue what to show on my blog. I shot three different outfits the day before this one and hated each one of them, despite them being outfits I wear all the time lately. There was just something about each one that didn't interest me. They looked strange, like it wasn't my style and if I'm honest I don't think they were because I 100% put them together with wanting to make my outfits look different for the sake of a blog post photograph. Try to force an outfit never works, for me anyways it just seems fake, like I've pushed too hard to make something look good when in reality it just doesn't look right on me. It was hard when editing the three sets of photos to not want to cry because it was a total waste, but I pushed on, went out the next day in an outfit I LOVE and shot some photos that I really like. It's definitely one of my favourite outfits recently!

One thing that's contributed to me finding it incredibly hard to shoot an outfit photograph lately is definitely my work attire, which is the most casual, not styled thing I've ever been able to wear to a work environment. I work in an office which is situated in a warehouse where I work with vintage clothing, so I definitely don't need to dress up in any way shape or form. In fact with it becoming colder I've been piling on the layers, so comfortable trousers and a jumper have been sponge worn each week. We even wear coats at our office chairs sometimes when it's freezing, so I'm definitely not going to take inspiration from wearing minimum makeup and freezing my bootie off in some scuffed converse. I that even a look? It's not, so then when it comes to piecing together an outfit to shoot it's become quite hard. When I used to work in retail I was always buying new clothes, styling outfits that I thought were quite fashionable because in a way it mattered what I looked like because we wanted customers to feel like we were nice people to buy from. Business minded yes, but that's why companies get their employees to buy their clothing. Nowadays I don't buy new clothes, I'm currently on a spending ban to save for a big holiday away in America (as well as my wedding) so yeah, I'm drawing blanks when I want to show you guys what I've been wearing at the moment if I'm honest.

Harley Motorbike T-shirt ~ Spanish Market . Mesh Polka-dot Top ~ H&M . Green Tartan Trousers ~ Ebay .  Strap Sandals ~ Missguided .  

This outfit however feels so completely natural, a pair of highwaist trousers and a simple t-shirt is always my go to for when I want comfort and I love how this combination gives off such grunge goth vibes. I've worn the combination of mesh tops underneath band t-shirt before, but this is definitely the favourite pairing I've put together. Even though I have a small frame I like having baggy t-shirts, probably due to because I can't get any to fit snug unless they're from the childrens section... but I think this combination gives off the goth vibes you're used to seeing here on my blog. Is there such a thing as a soft, casual goth? I really wanted to give the look some sort of edge, so I decided to grunge it up with this tartan trousers I found on Ebay! Absolute bargain. I was unsure how to style them as I just don't want to look like an idiot, but of course styling them with black for me is always a comfort. I don't feel too 'out there' but at the same time I think this look has an edgy style that fits with my alternative niche. 

I could only imagine styling the trousers quite smart so I'm happy I've found a way to wear them which is perfect for in the day if I was going to work or if I just wasn't to run my errands from home.

I love it when an outfit has been staring you in the face in your wardrobe and you only just put it together! It means I didn't have to spend any money on buying anything new and I feel so comfortable in the items. Whats your go to comfortable outfit? If you see any more tartan trousers which are a bargain send this girl that way! 

Until next time guys,

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My September Favourites

25 Sep 2017

I'm wearing jumpers, craving hot drinks, it's cold and raining every bloody day which means one thing; autumn is here! September has to be one of my favourite months because it highlights my favourite season, its usually still quite warm, but you get early sunsets, the wind starts to creep in and I just always have such a nostalgic feeling as I dig out my coats and take a walk through the little village I live in. It's a huge change from being in the city, I used to love this time of year living in York just because it was so beautiful, but the country side has it's own sort of pretty. Sadly this year September isn't giving me any of those moments I love, it's sad and grey, raining and there isn't one little bit of warmth left so hi skipping the season I love and going straight to winter. I'm hoping once the leaves start to properly fall in the parks I'll feel more hyped for Autumn (trust me to get excited over a season) but for now I'll just have to get excited over the things I've loved instead this month!

My boyfriend and I decided to book a holiday, so this month I definitely had to put a cork in spending money. I'm going to have to be very careful with my money because now it saving time, so hopefully my monthly favourites are too basic or boring because I'm only going to be able to treat myself very rarely till we go away next year. Luckily for my bank account I've not been paid yet from my new job, so I've had little money to spend this month anyway, most of the things that I loved this month actually being sent to me by brands to review! Or I've hunted them on Ebay for a cheap answer to wanting new clothing.

Beauty bits & hair accessories 

I think every month I always find new things I love that come under the beauty category, and this time I have cosmetics, skincare and some hair accessories! I absolutely love working with new brands and this month I've had the joy to share with you guys products I've had the opportunity to review! As someone who's tattooed I'm always on the search for new products to not only protect my skin but also to maintain my tattoos, so when Eco Cosmetics sent me their 'for tattoo lovers' I fell in love because their product really does work. My skin feels amazing seconds after, like it's refreshed with a cool sensation. My skin feels moisturised, so their range definitely made my favourites list and I've been using their moisturiser every single day now that we've entered the dry skin months. 

I also worked with Koko Couture again! The brand we're kind enough to send me more wings to experiment with for Halloween, but seeing as I'm planning my blogtober I've been putting together the looks this month. My favourite wig is by far the white party wig, I feel like the mother of dragons herself.

My Boyfriend went away on holiday and despite leaving me for an entire week (sad) he did bring me home a present which was a Channel lipstick! I've never really owned high end brands apart from Marc Jacobs, so I was beyond ecstatic and the lipstick definitely does not disappoint. It's so creamy, I went for a rosy nude colour and I think it suits me. One thing I will say is it comes off so easily when drinking or eating, but for the colour and quality I definitely don't mind re applying after a meal. The lipstick itself as CHANNEL imprinted into it which is so cool.

Smile Brilliant sent me a teeth whiting kit and it definitely has changed my life. I apply it every night before bed and my teeth have improved within just two weeks of using it! Now that I've followed the two week course I now do it every odd night to keep my teeth white, but I love how simple and easy it is just to do it from home. I don't know why I hadn't considered whiting my teeth before!

Despite how the platform is really going down the drain with all the new qualities we don't like as a mass (I'm talking about you Algorithm) but I'm still on Instagram pretty much every hour of the day. I do a lot with it, whether it's frequent stories, uploading for my store or just a cheeky selfie and I've been LOVING some accounts lately which are both new and old faithfuls of mine. I love going on the popular page to just check what people are up to, what lovely people are sharing and whilst I could go on and on about all the accounts I love at the moment, here are six I am always checking up on. 

@makealatte ~ @megzmoz ~ @maria.nicol ~ @vanessa_zull ~ @_wildfern ~ @taryndraws ~ @deaddsouls ~ @wonderful_u ~ @humayrah_bint_altaf

I have my daily check of all my favourite blogs but my favourite thing to do with a cup of tea on a Sunday is find myself some new blogs to read! I love to get gripped in with blog posts I relate to but also find super interesting, anything about blogging has me reading so of course I have a bunch of new blogs I've started to follow lately! I could do this as a weekly thing but I'll just keep it short with just a few of the new blogs I've been reading this month :

The Kitty Luxevelvet spring
Held Together By Pins

Fashion ~ clothing

Ok so I've become obsessed with little smock dresses. I love the cut and fit on my body how over sized a smock dress looks on me, so of course I went completely wild and bought a bunch of dresses when the weathers getting cold. My logic just wasn't there when I made these purchases. I bought a number of different styles, including the popular gingham dress from Primark which I'm ok with buying despite everyone else already having it. Sometimes my brain does this thing where it tells me not to share something on my blog that everyone already has because it's boring, but I have to shush my anxiety so I bought it and I'm so happy I did. I love the fit with it's frilled sleeves! 
I bought a pink very over sized smock dress from Asos which definitely is for dressing up, I haven't yet found a way to dress it down, but I loved wearing it for a family do. It makes me feel so feminine and I definitely would wear it out for drinks, the low V-neck not really being my choice of neckline, but it definitely makes me feel more dressed up with such little effort.

I posted a story on my Instagram of my be loved Red jumper with a cut out heart in the middle and everyone loved it! It's surprisingly from H&M last year, even though it definitely looks like it could be from a brand like Lazy Oaf. Bright colours have never been my style but I love the fit and quality of this jumper. I love wearing red with my black hair and it's just a pay off item that I think really suits me.

So many other things have happened this month, I started a new job, booked a holiday and I'M GETTING FRIGGING MARRIED. Joel proposed and I'm so excited to finally share this just willy nilly because I get to spend the rest of my life with my bestfriend. I probably will be doing a post showing the ring, a little story on how it came to be but I also did mention a lot of things in my life updates post so I'll leave that link here so you can see what more I got up to in September. It's been a good month, colder than I like because September for me is a subtle transition with my wardrobe (oh no not this year) but it's definitely shaping up to be a fantastic season.

What are your favourite things this month?
Until next time guys,

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Giving an on trend item your own personal style

21 Sep 2017

When I first started out blogging it took me a while to really join the blogging community. I followed a few blogs that I still read today, but I rarely used twitter and when I did it was just to see what celebs and my hometown friends were doing. On Instagram I followed a lot more art accounts because it's what I love and 'bigger' bloggers or ladies on Lookbook because I loved their style. I got inspired from Lookbook and Instagram every day which was so useful when I didn't know what to really share on my blog, now I definitely have so much more self confidence and through blogging I've found my personal style. Don't get me wrong I love browsing through social media and platform like Lookbooks when I think to myself 'Hey I wonder what I'll wear tomorrow I'm feeling a little uninspired with my wardrobe' but I do pride myself on knowing my style and wearing what I want. With being an alternative blogger I don't particularly follow the trends splurged across the internet telling us what to buy, but I do follow a particular style of clothing that a lot of other alt bloggers follow too. We buy the same things from time to time, but especially this year there's been items featured on every ones blogs and I guess that makes it an on trend piece. It's weird because I don't purchase clothing to just blog about them, but when it becomes apart of your lifestyle to share what you purchase, it puts me off buying something that everyone already has. Some might jump to the internet to buy the hot item, but for me I just don't want to also be one of those people who are wearing the same thing. My personal style is unique to myself, I want my blog to portray that, not what's flying off the shelves at that particular time.

Gingham dress - Primark . Illustrated Tote Bag - Etsy . Boat shoes - Primark .

Keeping that in mind, it means I've missed out on items that I've really wanted to purchase just because I've not wanted to look the same as someone else. It seems dumb and I should wear whatever the hell I want, but there's also the thing of when its sold out that item isn't going to be easy to get a hold of anymore. That's how I felt about this Gingham dress that's from Primark of all places! Everyone snatched it up because not only is it cheap but Primark is so accessible, it's a bargain and a print that definitely never goes out of fashion. I never managed to go into store to get one, but when I started to see blogger after blogger post looks in the dress within the space of a week I decided against the purchase. I'm a fashion blogger so of course when I buy something I want to style it and put it up on my blog, so I just didn't want to join the hype and also put up my look. I hope this is coming across in an understandable way and I do know how silly I am for not just buying the dress. Primark of course sold out and another item took the Gingham dresses place, but it's one purchase I felt sad about not making.

A couple of weeks ago I was browsing through Ebay and came across someone selling the dress in exactly my size! How quickly I bought it really showed how much I did actually want the dress and it's sort of given me a new perspective; just buy and wear whatever you damn well want. I care about what people see on my blog because I want you guys to enjoy my content, but if I don't do what I want then I'm not being myself. I get that it can be boring seeing the same types of bloggers do the same styled looks, but hopefully you come to my blog to see it styled differently because my personal style is unique to myself.

Talking a little about the dress, I absolutely love the fit and how good quality the smock dress is when it's just from Primark! I love a smock dress, the shape is flattering on all types of bodies and for me I love how it almost buries my frame. I feel well covered and my favourite feature has to be the frilly sleeves. I love it when you can feel smart or dressed up just with one item of clothing, so this dress is definitely one of my favourite go-tos at the moment. I've worn it out to breakfast, to the pub and even to work; its versatile. I can see why everyone loves the dress because it really is a winner.

The over all message I want to convey is definitely wear what you want and take no notice of what everyone else is doing. Support them and love yourself.

Have you ever not bought something because everyone online already has it?

Until next time,

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