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8 Sept 2017

When you work from home you find yourself wanted to get dressed to actually feel like a put together functioning adult, but also wanting to remain as comfortable as possible because lets face it, you're going to be in your house sat down all day. With the looks I share they're always outfits I would genuinely wear day to day, so when Rosegal sent me these to die for 70's inspired striped trousers*, I so desperately integrated them into my day to day wear! My main goal is to keep my outfits comfy, so I decided to go in a complete different direction with this look and create something oozing with a 70's rock style, whilst still able to lounge around for being at home and working!

70's fashion over the past couple of years has become huge again, I love seeing girls in flared trousers, tops with huge sleeves, layers of jewellery, floppy hats and so much colourful fake fur it's to die for. It's the sandy suede jackets, big chunky heeled boots and everyone is wearing a band t-shirt. After watching programs like Girl Boss where a 'vintage' style is very apparent I've loved nothing more than looking a little retro, so of course I had to style these trousers this way because I couldn't get any other look out of my head. I wanted them paired with some boots and a band tee, even with this being quite a simple look I think it's very different for me because there's a lot of detail. I'm more of that person who wears something plain up top because my trousers are doing all the work, but I really wanted a vibe to this look so I styled it with a good old faithful: a band t-shirt.

Over summer H&M were releasing a number of styled band t-shirts to get ready for the festival season, I really wanted The Who tee they brought out but when I caught the design off this Led Zeppelin t-shirt I knew I had to have it in my life. I originally bought it to go along with some colourful shorts I bought too because I really wanted to casual them down, but I think this combo of striped trousers and a busy black and white top goes together well. For once it's black detailing on a white shirt which is different for me, but I love how the artwork looks illustrated in pen.

Rosegal also sent me this small floral embellished bag* that I've fallen head over heels with, it reminds me of a channel bag the way it has the adjustable chain which makes me now earn over getting myself an actual channel bag. I love an item which looks more expensive than it really is and that's a reason I love Rosegal, who's featured on my blog a number of times. I've had a number of comments asking where this bag is from and they're always astonished when I tell them it's from an online brand, aswell as these trousers which were super affordable!

Led Zeppelin T-shirt - H&M . Striped trouers* - Rosegal . Red tie boots - Missguided . Chain small bag* - Rosegal

These trousers are super comfortable and possible on a tall person they'd be more of a culotte, but I love having a pair of long trousers who flare out to give them a little extra style. The waist size is perfect for me and I normally have trouble getting a pair to fit my booty, so also having the tie feature to sinch in my waist makes me a happy bunny. They even have pockets, making them my new favourite running errands trousers because I can put my cards and keys in them. 

I never get to wear these boots out so for this look I thought they'd match so well.

How would you style these trousers? Have you ever bought anything from Rosegal?

Until next time,

(Disclaimer: Anything marked with a * was given to me free in exchange for a blog post. Words are honest and my true opinion)

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