How I've found working for myself so far

3 Sept 2017

A big exciting thing happened for me this year and it's that I was able to start working for myself, from home full time. It wasn't out of a good circumstance, but after evaluating my life and what I need to do to make myself happy, I finally took the plunge to really go full steam ahead with my art store Witchcrafts. I've always sold my art as a sort of part time thing, so whilst it's been so exciting to work for myself, it's also been challenging and a big scary step that I think is interesting to share with you all!

I've never felt so creative in my life
I straight away was going to start this with a negative point, but that is not what this blog is about! We stick to the positives, maybe mention a problem which we can concur then stick it straight down positive lane again! I get to make art every day and that to me is a life well lived. When I was at university I'd be so sucked into projects here and there but it was a lot of written work non surprisingly, so when I got the chance to do some drawing it was always squeezed in before I had to go to work or if I had an evening alone. Now I do my admin work in the morning then send the rest of the day getting creative, I make art, plan and shoot outfits and I'm even getting time to put together more fun videos for my youtube channel! I feel like the day is my oyster and I've been able to experiment with lots of different art materials I wouldn't of had time to explore before. You guys seem to be really enjoying my content and artwork lately, so fingers crossed this is the right direction for me!

It definitely can be lonely at times
Being on your own in your own house all day all week can be pretty lonely, I do miss working with a team of people like I did in my past jobs, but at the same time those past jobs just weren't for me. I always feel a little lonely but then I have platforms to speak to people, twitter, my family, theres always someone I can chat too and I've even been listening to podcasts just to have someone else talking so I don't feel by myself as much. I guess feeling lonely is the price to pay for doing something I love, but I also get to see my boyfriend every night when he gets home and I still have as much to talk to him about my day as I did when I worked in the city.  

Switching off from 'work mode' is so hard
Before when I worked full time I always felt like having a relaxing hour when I got home and then decided whether I was going to do some blogging, or I left it for my day off when I could get lots done. Now though it's so hard for me to leave my office at my 'finishing time' and go downstairs to turn off from work, I'm always thinking of ideas, drawing when I get the inspiration, but most of all I find myself constantly in blogging mode. I'm always blogging, always on my laptop and even when I'm relaxing with Joel sometimes I'll be mapping out a blog post to schedule. It's hard to switch off I will admit, so I've started to leave all of my stuff up in my office and once the doors closed it's end of my work day. I've been able to keep on top of my house more because I've found cleaning is a great way to let my brain unwind, it's thinking of something else other than art or blogging.

I think this connects to this point well but I also find it hard to take a day off, even at the weekends when I'd class myself as having my two days off, I'm still always blogging (like I am now oops) or drawing up some ideas. I guess I just love what I do, so I want to constantly be involved with it.

I definitely am budgeting my money better
My business so far is doing good, but at the level I would expect any starting business to be growing! I get a good number of orders a week, it's steady, but it's nothing that's going to allow me to book a holiday and also go on a spending spree. I'm happy with how things are going because it's definitely growing, but for now I've had to cut ties with some of my spending habits. I've really been able to manage my money better working for myself because I'm not spending money lightly, I'm thinking into if I need something and will it benefit either my store or blogging. I had to buy some things like a printer, business cards, inks, buy my bills so I'm definitely not going wild with spending anything on myself. I think this is good for me though because I've always been a bad spender, all my money usually goes on food so it's nice to actually have an eye on what I'm doing with my money.

I've really been able to build my brand
I've managed to really grow my 'brand' in the past month than I have in the couple of years I've been selling my art and also blogging. Looking back I found it so hard to really make a commitment to anything when I worked full time and went to university, so I feel fantastic to be able to go full speed a head. I transformed my store from a bigcartel to an actual website I designed, my blog content is better (I think so anyway) and my art work has really changed to a quality I'm so happy with. I'm taking myself and my business more seriously, whilst having so much fun at the same time.

I'm sorry for sharing an item of clothing which is currently out of stock, but I'm so proud of myself and what I've achieved with my store Witchcrafts that I wanted to share with you my range of clothing!  I designed this t-shirt which says Witch Bitch, simple but I think it really sums up the style of what I'm trying to create. Sometimes I find it hard to style just a basic tee so I decided to layer it, tying it on top of this floral dress with a button down feature! I love this dress because it's a shift, quite grungy in print because it's not your typical really bright floral. It also has buttons down the front like an A-line skirt which I really love, but I wanted to show off the t-shirt more than the dress so I layered it like this instead of your traditional top under dress combo.

I will be re stocking the t-shirts soon, its been making me so happy to see everyone who ordered this t-shirt rocking it over on Instagram!

witch bitch t-shirt - . floral shift dress - H&M . Floppy sun hat - . Studded booties - H&M . Cord necklace - Primark .

I absolutely love working for myself, I feel so free to do what I want and I'm so happy you guys are supporting what I've been creating!

Do you work for yourself? How do you deal with the loneliness? Is there any way to manage my time better?

Until next time guys,

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