The neglected summer shorts in my wardrobe

12 Sept 2017

Thankfully September is one of those months where Autumn doesn't really start to happen till towards the end, so for all those outfits us bloggers haven't snapped in summer, you can still let them live a little bit longer before having to put on some tights and dig out your coats. One of the items of clothing I'm talking about are these incredibly cute, frilled shorts which are so far out of my comfort zone I knew I had to have them the moment my eyes met them. You believe in love at first sight? Well I do with these shorts! Unfortunately for them even though my love has been strong I've just not worn them out because if I'm honest, I'm not much of a shorts fan. I never know how to style them, so when I bought these beautiful orange babies, I thought straight away they'd be a challenge to intergrate into my wardrobe but I'd love to try something new.

My favourite thing about these shorts are definitely the colour, I love how it has flashes of purple and white to really contrast against the shocking orange! I rarely wear colour but if I do it's never this bright, so I definitely wanted to balance out the rest of the outfit with something soft and light. Even though I no longer work there I do still shop regularly at H&M, it's fashion I love, so of course a lot of the time my outfits are just fully from one store. To be honest this is another item that I just hadn't pulled out of my wardrobe lately and I might even sell it, it's soft, has a frill to the top off the shoulder edge, but for me it's a style I don't particularly like wearing. I did off the shoulder last year, now I just want comfortable over sized t-shirts. But anyway I styled it with this shirt because it's plain in colour to let the shorts really do all the talking, but at the same time I think the small bits of detail on the top style it up so that you could wear it out to a restaurant/bar.

Off the shoulder cream top - H&M . Orange frilled shorts - H&M . Black boots - Next . Cord wrap choker necklace - Boohoo

I feel quite sad that I haven't worn the shorts more, but if I'm honest this couple past months I've just been in the house working my butt off to get my art store off the floor. I actually got myself a full time job which I've been doing now for three days, I'm writing this pre to starting so I'm so excited but also nervous to be back into work but doing something I LOVE! I'm an online assistant, managing social media for a vintage brand and the idea of working in a warehouse surrounded by vintage clothes sounds amazing. Hopefully I come across something to pare with these shorts to make for a more comfortable wear.

I love posting in this field because it's so open, from different angles the lighting is so different. Probably be the last time because get ready for endless photos in falling leaves in the park!
How would you style these shorts? Do you have an item that you're unsure about how to style?

Until next time guys,

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