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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

It has been forever since I sat down and told you guys about the blogs I'm loving recently, which doesn't sit right as I spend a lot of my time a day sat reading posts and finding new blogs to sponge! Blogging is one of my biggest passions, so I thought I would jump on board sharing a little more love and write a blog post which instead of giving you any more Halloween content from me, show you guys content I have loved this autumn. This post was actually inspired by the kind creative Jemma at Dorface who instead of posting about her own work and her art store, decided to share her favourite artists through out the day to home in on the support we should be giving each other. I recently joined a Instagram group chat full of my blogging pals and honestly I've never felt so close to the blogging community than I do now! I love not only giving support but feeling it too - so I thought on my favourite day of the year I'd share with you guys some of my favourite blog posts I've loved reading by bloggers I am completely obsessed with. 

I'm a little fan girl over these ladies. 

For me this post is everything - it's one of my favourite alternative blogs, talking about my favourite time of the year sat in the coolest pumpkin patch I've ever darn seen! With a blog post I am hugely encouraged to read it if the photos are bomb and Emma sure does bring it with the amazing quality photographs of her rocking out not only in a pumpkin patch, but also a corn maze! It's a 'favourite things' post meets Halloween and I just love the way Emma writes. Prepared to be blown away. 

Robyn is my goth sister, I admire her passion for blogging so much and above all we're into the same spooky shit that brings us closer together every time we discuss true crime to Halloween! This October she's put together a Halloween look series called 'burton babes'  which if you haven't guessed it is her adaption of characters from Tim Burtons movies. I love this! My favourite of her series (like I could pick I loved them all so much) is the corpse bride because just LOOK at that attention to detail. Not only has she covered herself in blue makeup and a blue wig but she's also gone full out with the costume by getting a wedding dress!!! I love it, it's so creative and pays tribute to the style of fashion she's in love with. Proud of you girl. 

I got to meet Maria for the first time at the blogging awards and she is the nicest soul you will ever meet! This month she has been putting together a Halloween makeup look a day and my god she has smashed it day after day! When I wake up in the morning I've been checking up on her days upload, along with her blog content like this two look collaboration post. I love that she features not one look but two, this cloud inspired look by far one of my favourites! I love the use of crafts, stars and then the bright red lip?! The makeup on her eyes is amazing, I definitely recommend checking out her other looks. 

The Little Magpie Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte Edinburgh

The Little Magpie - Getting Autumnal
Whilst not being Halloween content I wanted to feature one of my favourite fashion blogs The Little Magpie because whilst I didn't expect anything Halloweeny I sure knew that she would come through with some amazing autumnal looks! I love this post, it's so casual just being in the streets and coffee shop but it really sums up what I love about Autumn. I love the chilled walks, sitting in cafes and just the cold breeze that fits you through your coat. I love this outfit and it's definitely an inspirational fashion blog that you need to read. 

Do you believe in | rhianna olivia

Rhianna Olivia - Do you believe?  
If you want to read a blog that literally has it all, you have to check out Rhianna if you haven't already! Diving into all areas from lifestyle to travel, I love to read Rhianna's blog for her lifestyle post and  am-az-ing photography (the girl can really flatlay) and one post this month I have loved of hers is an interesting one about all the spooky things like ghosties and aliens. Rhianna took to twitter to run some polls on what her audience thought, then creating this interest post on the findings and what she personally thinks! I love a discussion, so to open up in the comments to others was such a good read. It's completely different to any other content I've been reading this October.  

easy deer makeup tutorial for halloween, fawn makeup

Keiko Lynn - 7 easy Halloween tutorials
I return time and time again to this blog for different reason, but this month I've been checking out the Halloween content because it's of such good quality! From couple costume ideas to easy makeup tutorials, there's anything you need for a interactive read!

bday 16

Life With Maria - Birthday pumpkin patch
Mentioning a blogger twice? That's because I god damn love Maria's content so much! Another one of my favourite posts is one of her most recent, following her birthday Maria created a post sharing her favourite bits from the day including heading to a pumpkin patch which of course has me hooked in! I swear, post yourself in a pumpkin patch and I'm sure to read it. It's such a humble nice post just talking about getting Halloweeny on her birthday!

Popcorn and Glitter - 8 horror indie films
I am a huge fan of Sophie's blog and when I say huge fan I mean I fan girl over it daily! I love Popcorn and glitter at this time of year because Sophie really goes big with the content, her photographs are amazing and so inspiration. Diving into many areas, I live for Sophie's film reviews and my favourite recently is her Halloween addition! 8 indie horror films to definitely check out, some known some not to me, so it's always interest to see what she recommends!


@popcornandglitter @maria.nichol @whatshedidx @holstayy @helenanderz @amyvalentines

Blogs or social media, I absolutely love this time of month and the content created! I've truly enjoyed myself online this month, here's to enjoying one last month of Autumn!

Until next time,
Happy Halloween!

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How to dress a little smarter with an alternative style | Blue Banana

Monday, 30 October 2017

Hi there guys, after a full week of Halloween makeup I feel so much more back to normal with a fashion post! Of course I love October and the spooky festive posts, but at the same time It's felt so strange dipping my toes into the realm of makeup when I really don't have a clue what I'm doing in that department. Back to fashion, my comfort spot and I have my second part of the collab I did with one of my childhood favourite brands: Blue Banana! You can read my first post I did a couple of weeks ago here where I floated around the woods with a blue flare living my witchy fantasy, but today I thought I would incorporate a word or two about my personal style and how you can dress an item from an alternative brand!

I've always dressed a little alternative, whether it was my 'emo scene' days where I went full superman t-shirt and studded belt, to when I would only wear black Wednesday style dresses. Its a style I always go back to, even when I attempt to change up my personal style a little I always feel more comfortable in a black item that's a little witchy. I'm twenty three years old so over the past couple of years I've had to adapt my style to fit a more professional environment, but I've always kept myself true to who I am and not let work turn me well, a little plain! It can be hard to not lose yourself when you're put in an environment where you need to dress a little smarter than you're used to (an office, retail, etc) or if you're just wanting to make a good impression when in a meeting or on a first date, but there's always a few things I think can help if it's a huge change.

have one half causal the other smart!
When I worked in retail I found this the easiest way to keep myself comfortable but at the same time hold a little professionalism that work was expecting. Most retailers will want you to be yourself, but at the same time you gotta look smart because you're a walking promotion for the shop. If I ever wore a casual t-shirt I would wear smart trousers or culottes, vis versa if I wore a casual skirt I'd wear a nice shirt! Shoes are a great way to smarten up an outfit if you're at work or going out for drinks; small kitty heels or sandals can smarten up any trousers/t-shirt combo.

everything else can do the talking
If I'm putting together a basic outfit I like to almost compensate by letting other things do the talking, like my makeup, hair or accessories. If you do a little cat flick with your eye liner, curl your hair you can feel like a million bucks when you're just in a casual dress or t-shirt. Red lipstick is my saviour because I always feel smarter than I am, even if I just wear it to work or for a meeting.  

gothic vintage can look so so good
I love gothic items which have frills, skulls, lace etc and that's a type of fashion I got really nervous to dress for work because I thought it would be taken as strange. I don't want to look like I'm in costume and I found the best way to fully embrace an alternative style is add a little vintage style and it makes you super confident. A pencil skirt, heels, a smart gothic top with some smart long trousers - there's always a way to smarten up an item even if it's a little different than mainstream fashion. If you're confident in yourself you can pull of a smarter outfit, even if it's embracing your dark side!

embrace your body shape
One thing that makes me feel more confident in an outfit is if I feel super bomb in my body, so instead of letting an outfit bury me I love to create a little hip! I'll always tuck in my t-shirt  into my trousers, or tie my shirt at the waist to give the illusion I actually have some curve there. I find pencil skirts amazing to make an outfit a little smarter, even if you're going for an alternative fashion.

You don't have to die down your style just because you're in a work place, if you're confident in yourself you can pull off a smarter persona!

When I saw this skull and floral print shirt blouse* on Blue Banana I lost my head a little because it is gorgeous. It's one of those items that I think screams alternative fashion with it's gothic style but could smarten up your outfit so easily. It has black shiny buttons up the front but then a lace fasten on the neck which holds up a frilled collar! I think it's fabulous, the sleeves also ending in frills to really make me feel extra feminine and vintage. Like I said about creating body shape, I decided to wear this blouse tied at my waist and I feel quite fancy! I paired it with a velvet bodycon skirt to give me more shape, then chunky boots for an everyday, wearable look.

Blouse* ~ Blue Banana . Velvet skirt ~ H&M . Black boots ~ H&M . Glasses ~ Specsavers .

(I cannot find the blouse on their website so it must be out of stock, but they have so many sheer alt print blouses in stock!)

I don't think you should ever change yourself just for a job and your personal style should be one of those things! I'm so thankful to Blue Banana for kindly sending me these gorgeous items, this blouse is definitely a mature way of sharing your alternative style.

Until next time guys,

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Deadly Dear

Sunday, 29 October 2017

From the moment I saw this look when it went viral on the internet I knew at some point I would definitely try it out for some fancy dress occasion. This is definitely a more tamer Halloween outfit, but it's for yall that don't particularly like the horror side of fancy dress. I always think that for Halloween you have to dress up as something scary or atl east traditional, but any efforts is appreciated from me! There was plenty of tutorials on youtube of people transforming themselves into a dear/fawn (whatever we want to call it) but I just found a reference photograph on google and took to giving it my own twist.

This look is made of all simple products I have in my daily makeup bad - dark contour for the brown base, eyebrows, etc and concealer to smooth out under my eyes and add the spots. To spruce up the look I used a metallic orange shade by colour pop to make the look more warm. I then added black eye contacts which I thought would be bigger to make the look darker, but with my eyes already being huge I guess they made no difference. But it's definitely an option if you want that devil possessed look for your dear. Add a flower crown with horns and there you go, a nature fun look for Halloween!

I absolutely loved putting together these seven looks for Halloween and I hope you've enjoyed seeing them! They're all easy to do looks that won't take you even an hour to put together. Hopefully I can work on my makeup skills and step up the quality for next year!

Happy Halloween,

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Saturday, 28 October 2017

"All of that chit chats gonna get you hurt."

I am a huge movie fan and since being a child I absolutely loved the old school Michael Keaton Batman films. The joker, Cat Woman, Penguin, even The Riddler! I love those old films so when later they brought out three more with Christian Bale I had never been more obsessed with a trilogy. One of my favourite characters is the joker, going through Jack Nicolson with his acid spray gun, to Heath Ledger in his nurses outfit. In the new suicide squad Mr J was played by Jared Leto who personally I thought did a cracking job, so of course this Halloween I had to dress up like the man himself!

I was going to take an old school approach to this look and tackle the Jack Nicolson Joker, but Jared Leto won over my heart so I went for the more recent suicide squad look. Mr J is definitely my puddin'!

I think this is such a simple look, if I still had green hair it would of come over more naturally! Unlike my other Halloween looks I wanted the white face paint to look quite roof, so I tried my hardest to clump up the layers of makeup. I painted down my eyebrows the best I could and blacked out my eyes, which looks so creepy. I added red lipstick and of course smeared it a little - just to make myself look more demented. Fake face tattoos, green temporary hair die and there we have it - a Mr J inspired makeup look for Halloween.

Happy Halloween,

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Friday, 27 October 2017


I wanted to keep this one waiting for the launch of Stranger things season 2 on Netflix but considering it's Halloween I have another post planned! But alas, one of the most popular ladies of 2016 ELEVEN!

A more simpler look than the full face I did yesterday but this has to be one of my favourites, the mucky faced, bloody noses young girl disguising herself to hide from the bad guys. I did this look fully bare faced with the only additions being a light brown that I lightly touched around my eyes and in places on my skin to give the 'dirty' effect of a girl living in the woods for a couple of days. I added acrylic paint for the bloody nose but if you just have red lipstick that would work just as much.

My favourite thing about this look is once you have the wig it's so easy to put it all together, a pink collar dress and a navy bomber jacket - all items I had in my wardrobe.

Blonde wig ~ Ebay . Brown makeup for dark eyes ~ Venus palette Limecrime . Dress ~ Asos . Navy jacket ~ H&M divided grey .

I can't wait for the second season of Stranger Things!

Happy Halloween

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My jolly sailor neon blue mermaid

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Everyone loves a mermaid - so of course I had to put my basic makeup skills to the test and try my hand at turning myself into a majestic sea creature. Koko Couture kindly sent me this Neon Blue Party Wig* to style this Halloween but considering I'm not into gore what so ever I thought I'd transform myself into something more soft than scary.

So far I can say all my Halloween looks this year are super easy and quite basic - all the tools and makeup I already had at home and actually most of this look is actually acrylic paint. I wanted so badly to do the 'fishnet' effect so looking like an idiot I put some tights over my face and painted on this pattern, using not only paint but a highlighter from Sleek. I wanted the look to be magical, so highlighter and shimmery paint was all I used! I even went with a green lipstick but added highlighter to completely change it!

You can literally make so many looks with what you already have at home!

Happy Halloween,

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I've just launched my own independent business so here is my shop too : Witchcrafts
& I also have a bunch of things listed on my Depop

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