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31 Oct 2017

It has been forever since I sat down and told you guys about the blogs I'm loving recently, which doesn't sit right as I spend a lot of my time a day sat reading posts and finding new blogs to sponge! Blogging is one of my biggest passions, so I thought I would jump on board sharing a little more love and write a blog post which instead of giving you any more Halloween content from me, show you guys content I have loved this autumn. This post was actually inspired by the kind creative Jemma at Dorface who instead of posting about her own work and her art store, decided to share her favourite artists through out the day to home in on the support we should be giving each other. I recently joined a Instagram group chat full of my blogging pals and honestly I've never felt so close to the blogging community than I do now! I love not only giving support but feeling it too - so I thought on my favourite day of the year I'd share with you guys some of my favourite blog posts I've loved reading by bloggers I am completely obsessed with. 

I'm a little fan girl over these ladies. 

For me this post is everything - it's one of my favourite alternative blogs, talking about my favourite time of the year sat in the coolest pumpkin patch I've ever darn seen! With a blog post I am hugely encouraged to read it if the photos are bomb and Emma sure does bring it with the amazing quality photographs of her rocking out not only in a pumpkin patch, but also a corn maze! It's a 'favourite things' post meets Halloween and I just love the way Emma writes. Prepared to be blown away. 

Robyn is my goth sister, I admire her passion for blogging so much and above all we're into the same spooky shit that brings us closer together every time we discuss true crime to Halloween! This October she's put together a Halloween look series called 'burton babes'  which if you haven't guessed it is her adaption of characters from Tim Burtons movies. I love this! My favourite of her series (like I could pick I loved them all so much) is the corpse bride because just LOOK at that attention to detail. Not only has she covered herself in blue makeup and a blue wig but she's also gone full out with the costume by getting a wedding dress!!! I love it, it's so creative and pays tribute to the style of fashion she's in love with. Proud of you girl. 

I got to meet Maria for the first time at the blogging awards and she is the nicest soul you will ever meet! This month she has been putting together a Halloween makeup look a day and my god she has smashed it day after day! When I wake up in the morning I've been checking up on her days upload, along with her blog content like this two look collaboration post. I love that she features not one look but two, this cloud inspired look by far one of my favourites! I love the use of crafts, stars and then the bright red lip?! The makeup on her eyes is amazing, I definitely recommend checking out her other looks. 

The Little Magpie Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte Edinburgh

The Little Magpie - Getting Autumnal
Whilst not being Halloween content I wanted to feature one of my favourite fashion blogs The Little Magpie because whilst I didn't expect anything Halloweeny I sure knew that she would come through with some amazing autumnal looks! I love this post, it's so casual just being in the streets and coffee shop but it really sums up what I love about Autumn. I love the chilled walks, sitting in cafes and just the cold breeze that fits you through your coat. I love this outfit and it's definitely an inspirational fashion blog that you need to read. 

Do you believe in | rhianna olivia

Rhianna Olivia - Do you believe?  
If you want to read a blog that literally has it all, you have to check out Rhianna if you haven't already! Diving into all areas from lifestyle to travel, I love to read Rhianna's blog for her lifestyle post and  am-az-ing photography (the girl can really flatlay) and one post this month I have loved of hers is an interesting one about all the spooky things like ghosties and aliens. Rhianna took to twitter to run some polls on what her audience thought, then creating this interest post on the findings and what she personally thinks! I love a discussion, so to open up in the comments to others was such a good read. It's completely different to any other content I've been reading this October.  

easy deer makeup tutorial for halloween, fawn makeup

Keiko Lynn - 7 easy Halloween tutorials
I return time and time again to this blog for different reason, but this month I've been checking out the Halloween content because it's of such good quality! From couple costume ideas to easy makeup tutorials, there's anything you need for a interactive read!

bday 16

Life With Maria - Birthday pumpkin patch
Mentioning a blogger twice? That's because I god damn love Maria's content so much! Another one of my favourite posts is one of her most recent, following her birthday Maria created a post sharing her favourite bits from the day including heading to a pumpkin patch which of course has me hooked in! I swear, post yourself in a pumpkin patch and I'm sure to read it. It's such a humble nice post just talking about getting Halloweeny on her birthday!

Popcorn and Glitter - 8 horror indie films
I am a huge fan of Sophie's blog and when I say huge fan I mean I fan girl over it daily! I love Popcorn and glitter at this time of year because Sophie really goes big with the content, her photographs are amazing and so inspiration. Diving into many areas, I live for Sophie's film reviews and my favourite recently is her Halloween addition! 8 indie horror films to definitely check out, some known some not to me, so it's always interest to see what she recommends!


@popcornandglitter @maria.nichol @whatshedidx @holstayy @helenanderz @amyvalentines

Blogs or social media, I absolutely love this time of month and the content created! I've truly enjoyed myself online this month, here's to enjoying one last month of Autumn!

Until next time,
Happy Halloween!

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Hi there guys, after a full week of Halloween makeup I feel so much more back to normal with a fashion post! Of course I love October and the spooky festive posts, but at the same time It's felt so strange dipping my toes into the realm of makeup when I really don't have a clue what I'm doing in that department. Back to fashion, my comfort spot and I have my second part of the collab I did with one of my childhood favourite brands: Blue Banana! You can read my first post I did a couple of weeks ago here where I floated around the woods with a blue flare living my witchy fantasy, but today I thought I would incorporate a word or two about my personal style and how you can dress an item from an alternative brand!

I've always dressed a little alternative, whether it was my 'emo scene' days where I went full superman t-shirt and studded belt, to when I would only wear black Wednesday style dresses. Its a style I always go back to, even when I attempt to change up my personal style a little I always feel more comfortable in a black item that's a little witchy. I'm twenty three years old so over the past couple of years I've had to adapt my style to fit a more professional environment, but I've always kept myself true to who I am and not let work turn me well, a little plain! It can be hard to not lose yourself when you're put in an environment where you need to dress a little smarter than you're used to (an office, retail, etc) or if you're just wanting to make a good impression when in a meeting or on a first date, but there's always a few things I think can help if it's a huge change.

have one half causal the other smart!
When I worked in retail I found this the easiest way to keep myself comfortable but at the same time hold a little professionalism that work was expecting. Most retailers will want you to be yourself, but at the same time you gotta look smart because you're a walking promotion for the shop. If I ever wore a casual t-shirt I would wear smart trousers or culottes, vis versa if I wore a casual skirt I'd wear a nice shirt! Shoes are a great way to smarten up an outfit if you're at work or going out for drinks; small kitty heels or sandals can smarten up any trousers/t-shirt combo.

everything else can do the talking
If I'm putting together a basic outfit I like to almost compensate by letting other things do the talking, like my makeup, hair or accessories. If you do a little cat flick with your eye liner, curl your hair you can feel like a million bucks when you're just in a casual dress or t-shirt. Red lipstick is my saviour because I always feel smarter than I am, even if I just wear it to work or for a meeting.  

gothic vintage can look so so good
I love gothic items which have frills, skulls, lace etc and that's a type of fashion I got really nervous to dress for work because I thought it would be taken as strange. I don't want to look like I'm in costume and I found the best way to fully embrace an alternative style is add a little vintage style and it makes you super confident. A pencil skirt, heels, a smart gothic top with some smart long trousers - there's always a way to smarten up an item even if it's a little different than mainstream fashion. If you're confident in yourself you can pull of a smarter outfit, even if it's embracing your dark side!

embrace your body shape
One thing that makes me feel more confident in an outfit is if I feel super bomb in my body, so instead of letting an outfit bury me I love to create a little hip! I'll always tuck in my t-shirt  into my trousers, or tie my shirt at the waist to give the illusion I actually have some curve there. I find pencil skirts amazing to make an outfit a little smarter, even if you're going for an alternative fashion.

You don't have to die down your style just because you're in a work place, if you're confident in yourself you can pull off a smarter persona!

When I saw this skull and floral print shirt blouse* on Blue Banana I lost my head a little because it is gorgeous. It's one of those items that I think screams alternative fashion with it's gothic style but could smarten up your outfit so easily. It has black shiny buttons up the front but then a lace fasten on the neck which holds up a frilled collar! I think it's fabulous, the sleeves also ending in frills to really make me feel extra feminine and vintage. Like I said about creating body shape, I decided to wear this blouse tied at my waist and I feel quite fancy! I paired it with a velvet bodycon skirt to give me more shape, then chunky boots for an everyday, wearable look.

Blouse* ~ Blue Banana . Velvet skirt ~ H&M . Black boots ~ H&M . Glasses ~ Specsavers .

(I cannot find the blouse on their website so it must be out of stock, but they have so many sheer alt print blouses in stock!)

I don't think you should ever change yourself just for a job and your personal style should be one of those things! I'm so thankful to Blue Banana for kindly sending me these gorgeous items, this blouse is definitely a mature way of sharing your alternative style.

Until next time guys,

I've just launched my own independent business so here is my shop too : Witchcrafts
& I also have a bunch of things listed on my Depop 

Why being a part-time blogger is not a defeat

20 Oct 2017

Well look at me writing another posting about blogging, but if you haven't quite notice it's a huge passion of mine which hopefully you too share or are at least interested in as you're following along my content! I have a huge fear of being repetitive when it comes to my blog, but for this post I'm coming at the subject from a complete different angle which is quite relevant to myself at the moment. 

If you follow me over on social media especially twitter you'll be in the loop with how my life has changed quite a bit this year, going from one position to another to finally settling down to a path I didn't quite intend but I am FRILLED.  Earlier this year I found myself so unhappy in a managers position in retail, I needed out because it was putting me mentally in a dark place and seriously affecting every aspect of my life. My relationship suffered, so did my passions in art and I just wasn't my happy loving life self. I decided to quit (walked out - story time coming soon looooool) and from there did everything imaginable to make myself happy again. I restarted my art business and created my art store Witchcrafts - also putting me in the position to blog full time as I worked from home every day. I loved it, but after a couple of months I found that of course I was only just starting out and money wise I needed something a little more stable whilst I built up my business. I wasn't looking for a job but along came an online assistant role for a vintage clothing company and so I found myself jumping right back into full time work! It was a shock to everyone especially myself because I thought I'd finally made it to be working for myself, but in reality I wasn't in a stable enough place with it all and if I'm honest I don't think thats a bad thing. Something I've noticed is if you're not full time at something it feels like a failure or as if you're not putting your all in like others who are; but thats not the case at all. 

I think as growing children we're told certain things that really strain as when we become adults - careers definitely being something as we're told to get normal jobs to pay the bills and pop out little babies. I always had a plan or atleast an idea of how I thought my twenties would go in terms of growing up, but in reality I'm 23, just escaped a break down and now I'm building things back up with a more positive look on things. I think being told how everyone should follow our their life is a terrible thing because the second it goes wrong you think you're a failure and your brain starts to implode on itself. I think one career I never thought would be a possibility was my own art business or more to the subject of this post blogging, which I think some people still don't consider to be a real career. When I started out blogging I soon started to realise I would love to do this as a full time job, which as others had done made me even more determed. I love blogging, so to be able to put that love into something every time would probably for me be the ultimate dream job. I think putting a something whether it's a career, an idea or even a person so high on goal pedestal is so dangerous because if your journey there is slow or gets delayed, panic can set in and 9 times out of 10 you feel like you're failing. 

I see all the time that people (I do all the time) go through spells of not wanting to or can't blog, but then they take it out on themselves thinking they're not good enough. It's as if just doing it part time isn't as good as doing it full time, as if just posting once or twice is seen as bad because others are posting more frequently. I think when taking on this new job I started to realise that I wasn't being defeated by getting a job instead of continuing full time blogging, but instead I was gaining a new journey to my path of just where life is taking me. For myself anyway if I continued to stress about no longer blogging full time or even attempting to stick to four/five posts a week as well as working 40 hours in my new job my brain definitely would of burnt out eventually. No one ever seems to have the goal of just wanting to blog part time whilst they dabble in other careers - so lets end the negative association and be kind to ourselves with less stress! 

When I started to have the realisation that I can just blog for myself the stress just seems to evaporate from me - so what if I don't upload on a regular schedule? I wanna post on a Monday? I'll post it on a Monday. Ooo I just took some awesome pictures and want to upload them asap, why wait till when everyone gets home from work to sit down on their laptops just post the thing! I think we've all got caught up in stats and wanting our blogs to thrive too much. Don't get me wrong of course I want people to read my blog, but I'm not going to cry over views because I have other things in my life going on. If you focus too much on stats and numbers its unhealthy, an online platform is going to affect you negativity and something as fun as blogging shouldn't be doing that. 

I've decided that I'm going to blog when I really want to over feeling the need to, because thats where I start to feel a writers block coming along. I love to take photographs and thats where I always get my biggest inspirations. I've been snapping away and the posts content springs to mind instantly! I love the blogging community, I love that we've created our own space on the internet that now can become a career! But just because I blog part time does not mean I put any less effort in than those who have tripple the followers I do. I'm removing the full time or part time terms from my life; I blog, I create art, I have an awesome job I love and I do it all together. Thats my life. No part time gigs here or there. 

I think the past couple of months has definitely taught me just how much life can change but it was definitely needed as I had gotten myself stuck in a rut. I think this is what adult life is going to look like but so far each change has been so positive to my growth as a person. I think an important thing to remember is you can meet any goal you want as long as you put your all in. Work hard, be kind, stay positive and go for your dreams. 

Until next time guys,

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I've just launched my own independent business so here is my shop too : Witchcrafts
& I also have a bunch of things listed on my Depop

Living my witchy dream with Blue Banana this Halloween

18 Oct 2017

Ok so I feel completely in my element, it's October, I'm in the woods and I have pigtails! Lately with my fashion posts I've been shooting with my sister and she's definitely killing it with her photography skills - we've adventured out to places I wouldn't go by myself to shoot so it's been awesome to expand on the location of my photos! I love it, I've been so excited to share my looks with you guys more than ever so hopefully this is another you really enjoy. 

I couldn't believe it when Blue Banana got in contact wanting to work with my blog, little 14 year old emo Jess was screming inside because Blue Banana is a brand I used to always shop in when I managed to scrape together pocket money. I won't lie even when I got older I still wanted alternative clothing so I went straight there - the store actually closed down in the town I grew up in so I was excited to see now that they sell online! I used to get the most emo Hello Kitty goods but I'm happy to say my style has drastically changed since my younger teen days. Yeah I definitely still dress alternatively, but I actually know how to dress myself now instead of bright striped tights, shorty shorts and a children superman print top (shivers). Anyway, Blue Banana got in contact and sent me a couple of super witchy but 100% me items so that I could give them my personal twist! With it being Halloween I went for items that fit in with the season, but you could still wear year round.  

The first item I've styled is the Banned Hello Wednesday Dress* which I wish to be buried in pretty please. I love it! At first I was scared to put it on because sometimes shift style dresses look really drapey on my small frame but I'm pleasantly surprised at how much I feel comfortable in this dress! I love the flared sleeves, but my favourite feature is definitely the witchy pattern of Ouija planchettes and cats. The collar was a little strange as you have to fasten it with the material facing upwards then fold it down because it's only attached to the material at the back of the neck, but it's no puzzle. I decided to honour the name of the dress and do my hair in pigtails to bring all the Wednesday Addams vibes I could, adding my big black stompy boots but I think it would look so good with lace up pointy shoes. 

From working in retail last year I feel as if I've really started to experiment with my style and a lot of the times I just wear what I want. I like to dip into the 70's, 90's, but really if I find something I love I don't care what it is or if it's not my 'niche'. Sometimes I really struggle with fashion blogging because I want to create a brand for myself but at the same time I don't want to ever limit myself. One style I always revert back to is alternative, I love to wear black and I think I always will. I have gothic tattoos and plan to get many more, so the style is never going to leave me literally. It's stuck there permanently. I forget sometimes how much I love it, so I'm thrilled that due to the occasion I was able to not only work with a brand I LOVE but re kindle my love for gothy clothing. 

My sister and I ordered a smoke bomb thinking it would make this look even more witchier but foolishly I threw it so far away from where I was stood and then it went out after three I hope you enjoy seeing it in some of the photos anyway! For me October is the most perfect month because not only are you bringing out your winter coats and layering things up, but you also get to dress witchier than normal and it's 100% justified. I've been wearing a Halloween jumper to work and no ones batted an eye lid! I'm definitely going to dip my toes back into things more alternative, I miss looking like a modern day Wednesday Addams.

Theres going to be another post where I'm working with Blue Banana so keep your peepers out for that one! 

Until next time guys,

I've just launched my own independent business so here is my shop too : Witchcrafts
& I also have a bunch of things listed on my Depop