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Monday, 23 October 2017


Next week is the big day so I thought almost as a last week count down to my favourite day of the year I would put together seven looks which are easy and perfect for Halloween. You will get a look each day, starting with possibly one of the easiest because you literally only need one product! Get yourself some white base makeup, nice and cheap off the internet or in fancy dress stores and pair it with some old fashioned items and a white wig! Sorted.

Koko Couture kindly sent me a bunch of their party wigs which are perfect for Halloween - making most of these looks possible so I'm so thankful to get the opportunity to put their wigs to good use with my outfits! This ice white party wig* not only being incredibly affordable is also easy to use (I know, how can putting a wig on go wrong but you'd be so surprised) it has a side fringe swoop but it's so easy to part the fringe however you'd like - it's even possible to cut in a full fringe. I've pinned the sides off my face so you can see this makeup look, but it falls really naturally around the face.

I love a good ghostie and I had this idea the second I pulled the wig out of it's packaging. I'm not into gore nor am I capable of doing really high quality makeup as I'm no makeup artist so most of these looks are going to be simple to do yourself at home.

White costume makeup ~ Ebay . White Frill Top ~ H&M . Ice white wig* ~ koko couture . Black contact lenses ~  Ebay .

Happy Halloween,

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  1. Such a good make-up look for Halloween! I definitely think you could turn this into something like an ice queen too and play around with lots of different options.

    Abigail Alice x

    1. Thankyou! Omg yessss, like a glam ice queen would be so good! x


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