Deadly Dear

Sunday, 29 October 2017

From the moment I saw this look when it went viral on the internet I knew at some point I would definitely try it out for some fancy dress occasion. This is definitely a more tamer Halloween outfit, but it's for yall that don't particularly like the horror side of fancy dress. I always think that for Halloween you have to dress up as something scary or atl east traditional, but any efforts is appreciated from me! There was plenty of tutorials on youtube of people transforming themselves into a dear/fawn (whatever we want to call it) but I just found a reference photograph on google and took to giving it my own twist.

This look is made of all simple products I have in my daily makeup bad - dark contour for the brown base, eyebrows, etc and concealer to smooth out under my eyes and add the spots. To spruce up the look I used a metallic orange shade by colour pop to make the look more warm. I then added black eye contacts which I thought would be bigger to make the look darker, but with my eyes already being huge I guess they made no difference. But it's definitely an option if you want that devil possessed look for your dear. Add a flower crown with horns and there you go, a nature fun look for Halloween!

I absolutely loved putting together these seven looks for Halloween and I hope you've enjoyed seeing them! They're all easy to do looks that won't take you even an hour to put together. Hopefully I can work on my makeup skills and step up the quality for next year!

Happy Halloween,

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