Finding A Bargain Just In Time For Autumn

11 Oct 2017

When I headed into the woods to shoot some outfit photographs I really wanted the orangey vibes that Autumn brings, but my sister and I came across this fresh green patch which I thought was perfect in contrast to my quite soft looking outfit! For some reason I absolutely love taking photographs surrounded by greenery - so I was in forest/plant heaven. Hello welcome back to a new fashion post! I feel like it's been a long time since I just did an outfit post where I keep it strictly to the outfit, no subject (despite I do love a good waffle post on a topic I'm interested it) but for once I really want to share with you guys a post all about one main article of clothing because I. Am. In. Love.

I feel like everyone else I always save myself for a couple of months before I go into Primark and then I always make a huge purchase on the seasonal pieces. I always do a huge Summer buy then an Autumn buy which follows on into Winter - so of course I headed into Primark and spent way too much money on some warmer items. One thing I love about the store is the utter bargains you can find and since I barely splash out on coats as I tend to get one that I can wear for a couple of years, it was nice to find pieces that we're so cheap but looked AMAZING. Currently Primark has some beautiful Autumn wear, coats, jumpers, I found myself gushing over so many jackets and just throwing them all into my basket because you cannot go wrong with a coat for less than £30!

Mesh Black T-shirt ~ H&M . Black Zip Down A-line Skirt ~ Boohoo . Purple Faux Fur Jacket ~ Primark .

The main contender in this outfit is definitely this faux fur jacket which was only £20! I couldn't believe it, I practically ran over to the mirror to try it on and thank heavens it fitted just right. It's also super soft! I'm quite a small human so coats or jackets even one size bigger can some times burry me, but I'm happy how this size 10 jacket looks. I know I could even layer up clothing underneath and it still would fit comfortably.

I've easily integrated this jacket into my wardrobe because I always tend to wear black and I think it looks perfect as the bold item to the outfit. For this look I decided to dress it up  a little with some mesh and a simple black skirt - this one from boohoo being a little different to my typical A-line because the material is quite smart. It's not denim or cord which I always go for and has a zip fasten in like all the button downs I own! I love finding good old pieces in my wardrobe to rekindle again. The purple on black really stands out and the colour of the jacket reminds me so much of Palma Violets sweets.   

I'll definitely be doing some more posts on the absolute BARGAINS  I found in Primark, but this purple faux fur jacket is definitely my favourite item I've found for cheap this year. I've only ever had a black fur long coat which I've had for years so it's a pleasant change to not only have something cropped but a little drop of colour to my wardrobe.

What bargains have you found in the shops? What's your coat of choice this Autumn?

Until next time,

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