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30 Oct 2017

Hi there guys, after a full week of Halloween makeup I feel so much more back to normal with a fashion post! Of course I love October and the spooky festive posts, but at the same time It's felt so strange dipping my toes into the realm of makeup when I really don't have a clue what I'm doing in that department. Back to fashion, my comfort spot and I have my second part of the collab I did with one of my childhood favourite brands: Blue Banana! You can read my first post I did a couple of weeks ago here where I floated around the woods with a blue flare living my witchy fantasy, but today I thought I would incorporate a word or two about my personal style and how you can dress an item from an alternative brand!

I've always dressed a little alternative, whether it was my 'emo scene' days where I went full superman t-shirt and studded belt, to when I would only wear black Wednesday style dresses. Its a style I always go back to, even when I attempt to change up my personal style a little I always feel more comfortable in a black item that's a little witchy. I'm twenty three years old so over the past couple of years I've had to adapt my style to fit a more professional environment, but I've always kept myself true to who I am and not let work turn me well, a little plain! It can be hard to not lose yourself when you're put in an environment where you need to dress a little smarter than you're used to (an office, retail, etc) or if you're just wanting to make a good impression when in a meeting or on a first date, but there's always a few things I think can help if it's a huge change.

have one half causal the other smart!
When I worked in retail I found this the easiest way to keep myself comfortable but at the same time hold a little professionalism that work was expecting. Most retailers will want you to be yourself, but at the same time you gotta look smart because you're a walking promotion for the shop. If I ever wore a casual t-shirt I would wear smart trousers or culottes, vis versa if I wore a casual skirt I'd wear a nice shirt! Shoes are a great way to smarten up an outfit if you're at work or going out for drinks; small kitty heels or sandals can smarten up any trousers/t-shirt combo.

everything else can do the talking
If I'm putting together a basic outfit I like to almost compensate by letting other things do the talking, like my makeup, hair or accessories. If you do a little cat flick with your eye liner, curl your hair you can feel like a million bucks when you're just in a casual dress or t-shirt. Red lipstick is my saviour because I always feel smarter than I am, even if I just wear it to work or for a meeting.  

gothic vintage can look so so good
I love gothic items which have frills, skulls, lace etc and that's a type of fashion I got really nervous to dress for work because I thought it would be taken as strange. I don't want to look like I'm in costume and I found the best way to fully embrace an alternative style is add a little vintage style and it makes you super confident. A pencil skirt, heels, a smart gothic top with some smart long trousers - there's always a way to smarten up an item even if it's a little different than mainstream fashion. If you're confident in yourself you can pull of a smarter outfit, even if it's embracing your dark side!

embrace your body shape
One thing that makes me feel more confident in an outfit is if I feel super bomb in my body, so instead of letting an outfit bury me I love to create a little hip! I'll always tuck in my t-shirt  into my trousers, or tie my shirt at the waist to give the illusion I actually have some curve there. I find pencil skirts amazing to make an outfit a little smarter, even if you're going for an alternative fashion.

You don't have to die down your style just because you're in a work place, if you're confident in yourself you can pull off a smarter persona!

When I saw this skull and floral print shirt blouse* on Blue Banana I lost my head a little because it is gorgeous. It's one of those items that I think screams alternative fashion with it's gothic style but could smarten up your outfit so easily. It has black shiny buttons up the front but then a lace fasten on the neck which holds up a frilled collar! I think it's fabulous, the sleeves also ending in frills to really make me feel extra feminine and vintage. Like I said about creating body shape, I decided to wear this blouse tied at my waist and I feel quite fancy! I paired it with a velvet bodycon skirt to give me more shape, then chunky boots for an everyday, wearable look.

Blouse* ~ Blue Banana . Velvet skirt ~ H&M . Black boots ~ H&M . Glasses ~ Specsavers .

(I cannot find the blouse on their website so it must be out of stock, but they have so many sheer alt print blouses in stock!)

I don't think you should ever change yourself just for a job and your personal style should be one of those things! I'm so thankful to Blue Banana for kindly sending me these gorgeous items, this blouse is definitely a mature way of sharing your alternative style.

Until next time guys,

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