Living my witchy dream with Blue Banana this Halloween

18 Oct 2017

Ok so I feel completely in my element, it's October, I'm in the woods and I have pigtails! Lately with my fashion posts I've been shooting with my sister and she's definitely killing it with her photography skills - we've adventured out to places I wouldn't go by myself to shoot so it's been awesome to expand on the location of my photos! I love it, I've been so excited to share my looks with you guys more than ever so hopefully this is another you really enjoy. 

I couldn't believe it when Blue Banana got in contact wanting to work with my blog, little 14 year old emo Jess was screming inside because Blue Banana is a brand I used to always shop in when I managed to scrape together pocket money. I won't lie even when I got older I still wanted alternative clothing so I went straight there - the store actually closed down in the town I grew up in so I was excited to see now that they sell online! I used to get the most emo Hello Kitty goods but I'm happy to say my style has drastically changed since my younger teen days. Yeah I definitely still dress alternatively, but I actually know how to dress myself now instead of bright striped tights, shorty shorts and a children superman print top (shivers). Anyway, Blue Banana got in contact and sent me a couple of super witchy but 100% me items so that I could give them my personal twist! With it being Halloween I went for items that fit in with the season, but you could still wear year round.  

The first item I've styled is the Banned Hello Wednesday Dress* which I wish to be buried in pretty please. I love it! At first I was scared to put it on because sometimes shift style dresses look really drapey on my small frame but I'm pleasantly surprised at how much I feel comfortable in this dress! I love the flared sleeves, but my favourite feature is definitely the witchy pattern of Ouija planchettes and cats. The collar was a little strange as you have to fasten it with the material facing upwards then fold it down because it's only attached to the material at the back of the neck, but it's no puzzle. I decided to honour the name of the dress and do my hair in pigtails to bring all the Wednesday Addams vibes I could, adding my big black stompy boots but I think it would look so good with lace up pointy shoes. 

From working in retail last year I feel as if I've really started to experiment with my style and a lot of the times I just wear what I want. I like to dip into the 70's, 90's, but really if I find something I love I don't care what it is or if it's not my 'niche'. Sometimes I really struggle with fashion blogging because I want to create a brand for myself but at the same time I don't want to ever limit myself. One style I always revert back to is alternative, I love to wear black and I think I always will. I have gothic tattoos and plan to get many more, so the style is never going to leave me literally. It's stuck there permanently. I forget sometimes how much I love it, so I'm thrilled that due to the occasion I was able to not only work with a brand I LOVE but re kindle my love for gothy clothing. 

My sister and I ordered a smoke bomb thinking it would make this look even more witchier but foolishly I threw it so far away from where I was stood and then it went out after three I hope you enjoy seeing it in some of the photos anyway! For me October is the most perfect month because not only are you bringing out your winter coats and layering things up, but you also get to dress witchier than normal and it's 100% justified. I've been wearing a Halloween jumper to work and no ones batted an eye lid! I'm definitely going to dip my toes back into things more alternative, I miss looking like a modern day Wednesday Addams.

Theres going to be another post where I'm working with Blue Banana so keep your peepers out for that one! 

Until next time guys,

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