The Blogger Blog Awards! Online to Real life

12 Oct 2017

Floral Pink Frill Dress - The Vintage Scene . Pink open back heels - H&M . Small circle padded bag - Next . Choker necklace - witchcrafts .

That time of year for us bloggers has finally come around again, the votes were in, they were counted, the finalists were picked and we all headed to Leeds in our nicely put together outfits for this years Blogger Blog Awards! Put together by the incredibly talented Haley over at teapartybeauty Last year was such a blast I was beyond excited to head back again this year, knowing more people this time round definitely made it an entirely different experience because I was so eager to see them. Last year I went with my friend Sarah who I'd known previous to blogging, following a few online who I didn't dare even approach; but this year I headed to Leeds on my lonesome but fully ready to meet the amazing ladies I talk to everyday and get my party on!

Sometimes I think a little too much on the fact that I talk to a lot of people online that I've never met, I can hear my Mum's voice inside my head telling me that's such a foolish thing to do as in reality I only have a handful of 'real' friends, but I love the ladies I've found through blogging. To meet them in person makes it all worth while because they're the nicest people I've ever met - doing the same thing you do with the same passions you have! If that's not bonding I don't know what is. As someone with anxiety I do worry over the silliest things sometimes and one of those things is; what if the people I speak to and look up to so much online are different in real life? A weird thing to consider but it's happened plenty of times before. At events like this you have people you've never met and if you speak to them online 98% of the time you're going to meet up and go crazy and love being in their company after so long of talking via the computer...the 2% of people possibly just smile at you or ignore you completely. Both happened at the awards, but with being a twenty three year old woman I don't have time to play school yard so I spoke to everyone I wanted or planned to speak to because these ladies are seriously people I want to have in my life for a very long time because they're awesome!

Getting off the train I was reunited with my goth sister Robyn from Midnightandlace and it felt like we'd never parted from the last time seeing each other. We actually met at last years awards so it was amazing to get to spend this year with her  and she definitely made the day for me. I also got to FINALLY meet a bunch of ladies I've been gushing over online for, like the lovely Jess from Iamfoxxtailz and Lucy from Ljlv (we all booked the hotel together and went out after the awards around Leeds) and Maria from lifewithmaria who literally is the loveliest lady I've ever met in my life. There was so many people at the awards this year and if I'm honest I felt it was less easier to talk to people than last year, but that's me being someone who knew no one and was eager to talk to everyone last year to 'oh, everyone already seems to have their circle of friends...who don't want to speak...' this year. We mingled a little but I spend most of the day getting to know Jess, Lucy, Robyn and Maria more which I'm happy I did because by god they're such awesome supportive ladies! Robyn and Jess won awards and I'm so friggin happy and proud of them!!!!!!

The awards are great if you're an old or new blogger because there's such a range of people and awards that everyone is welcome! We even had a raffle afterwards of so many amazing prizes, I sadly didn't win anything but I was probably a little more than tipsy to notice what tickets for the raffle I even had in my hand!

(look at all the awards I've won HA)

Events like The Blogger Blog Awards are amazing because it gives you such a good opportunity to meet not only amazing people but be recognised for a love you have! Everyone having the same passion and being in a room full of them is amazing.

Until next time guys,