The truths about being a blogger

8 Oct 2017

Posts on blogging have become a favourite of mine to write, so this idea has definitely been mossing on around in my head for a while. I've wrote posts on blogging tips, my opinion on aspects of the blogging community so I thought now I would share with you guys some honest truths about blogging! After over five years of blogging by now I should have some experience under the belt, so before we dive into the truths about being a blogger lets touch on my outfit which is definitely Halloween inspired for the occasion of Blogtober!

 From being in my early teens I've always love vintage clothing, I was obsessed with hunting in 'thrift' stores and finding over sized items to give my style something more unique than others. When I started out blogging I followed so many bloggers (especially on lookbook) who shopped mainly in charity shops, so now to be working for a vintage clothing company really has brought things full circle for me. Working in high street retail really took away what one off vintage items did for my style, I loved feeling unique but when you're buying what thousands of others are buying you start to feel a little generic.

I'm falling back in love with vintage clothing and that's where this little Halloween jumper comes into action! We've been getting into the season with putting Halloween items on our store, so I definitely lost my shit when I came across this jumper. It's over sized but comfortable as hell - soft which I think comes with being worn before if that even makes sense. It's says IT'S ALIVE in the most perfect Halloween inspired horror font that I've ever seen. I've been wearing this quite casual as I work in an office, but I wanted to style it up so I paired it with a vinyl black skirt because they're in fashion at the moment. I picked this one up from little old Primark because it's always a good faithful to be on trend with what's big at the moment, it's a little tight squeeze for a size 8 but that's due to my big booty. I love how I can either took the jumper in or keep it out loose and you can still see the skirt peeking out. If dressing further I would of gone with some big chunky boots and a small black back pack!

Orange Halloween Jumper ~ The Vintage Scene . Vinyl Black Skirt ~ Primark .

I get dressed sometimes just to take blog photos, then get back into my scruffs
If you're a fashion blogger don't even lie, you definitely do this too. The outfit photographs you seen bloggers posting are definitely not done in the moment whilst they're out living the dream up in the city or on their way to have cocktails with the girls - the photos are most definitely planned out in advance and more than likely done in bulk just for the posts. Yeah they're outfits I would genuinely wear and DO wear, but 98% of the time I head out with my camera to shoot photographs and then get straight into my PJs or 'scruffs' right after to then just chill out whilst I do work or relax at home. It's like how Youtubers dress up from the waist up and remain in their PJ bottoms.

It's lonely
I absolutely love the circle of friends I've made through blogging, but if I'm completely honest a lot of the time blogging is lonely. as. hell. The blogging community you see everyone chatting in or preaching on about how they're so lucky to have a big group of really awesome bloggers to support them (DO NOT get me wrong, I love the ladies/gents I talk to daily and they do support me as I support them) but in reality you're tweeting this as you sit alone in your house 'socialising' through a computer screen. This became so much clearer to me recently when I met up with some of the ladies I talk to daily online - I loved the human interaction, so now when I'm sat at home blogging, I always feel incredibly isolated until I then log onto social media to be like talk to me talk to me talk to me pls pls pls. You don't always get to be around the blogging community in person and say when the blogger chat ends, you go back to being sat on your own in your livingroom uploading content.

Taking photos in bulk
This has to be such a helpful tip to bloggers - taking your photographs in bulk is such a productive way to spend your time blogging and then (especially if you have a job) not spend as much time glued to your computer or trying to put together the photos each day. But this also means that the blog posts you're seeing probably we're written and scheduled weeks ago or in some cases months. It can be bloggers not so recent selves.

After shooting photos its straight to the floor
This one could possible be all me because I'm not the most organised person when it comes to my home, so hopefully you can relate but once I take outfit photos more than likely those outfits end up scattered across my room. It's no glamorous 'ooo I'm wearing it out because it's my favourite outfit of the day' it's - photos done - next outfit - throw the clothes on the floor and get back into my jammies.

You spend a lot of nights being antisocial
Back when I worked in pub I used to spend a lot of my after work nights drinking with work friends and a lot of time I'd excuse myself or even not drink because I needed to go home and blog. I say need, I feel like I need to blog because I constantly want to be putting content out there. Blogging is a career for me, so I spent a lot of nights being antisocial and I feel like a lot of bloggers can relate to this. It sucks sometimes, but in a way putting in the hard graft is going to pay off if you also want this to be your job.

The shot might be beautiful but everything out of shot is an utter mess
When you see beautiful flat lays no doubt there is a scattered mess around that perfect shot! No bloggers house is an Instagram-able palace, no doubt behind those shots of a small corner of their house the other rooms are filled with washing, dirty plates and messy sofas. I always laugh when I put together a flat lay because I create such a mess around me then focus in on the perfectly placed items I've created on the floor! I don't see blogging photographs as fake, but they're the most purposely done photographs I've ever seen in my life.

It's actually really had work
I always hate when someone responds to me telling them about my blog with 'so do you get sent free stuff?' or 'wow I wish I got free stuff for doing nothing' because blogging is so much hard work. It's late nights, sometimes constant editing and anxiety about wanting to always have posts up and not be forgotten when the blogging community is always growing. Not only do I blog on I have a youtube channel, my own art store and then my full time job so yeah I have a busy schedule but I love it.

Until next time guys,

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