A year on from Graduating University

21 Nov 2017

I rarely go on Facebook, but one feature I do find interest is the 'on this day' where you can see past posts and photographs of what you were doing on that day throughout the years you've had Facebook. I find it funny to see past posts from 2010 where young me posted sentences full of slang, jokes between my friends and I or talking about films I really loved to watch. It's cringy sometimes but it's also amazing to remember those moments again, so when I saw that it was a year ago since I graduated university I was a little stunned! I hadn't been keeping track at all, but by god I think a lot has happened in the space of me leaving university.

Sometimes I think back to my time living as a student and I do miss it. Now that I no longer live in the city I studied in I do miss it a lot, I didn't really think I'd ever live again in Doncaster but here I am, with a nice house, a fiancĂ©e and life is actually really great. I found myself growing up a lot when I headed off to university and in the space of three years whilst studying I grew into the person I am now. I got a full time job I loved, opened my own art store, fell more and more in love with blogging and I met my future husband! Almost like stepping stones I've seen myself reach a higher point in my life and since graduating I've reached another, so after seeing the photos of me in my universities gown last year, I really wanted to do a post just addressing university and what I've been doing since.

I actually loved third year of university. I loved writing my dissertation which I actually got a 1st for! With creative subjects (I have a degree in fine art, don't all rush to applaud, I'm a Batchelor of Arts I'll have you know) your dissertation is only a small percentage of your overall degree and your coursework/subjects, final exhibition counts for a lot more - so even though I got a first for my dissertation I came out with an overall 2:1 which I am still so proud of! Not even half a mark off a first and they couldn't find that 0.30 point of a mark...I'm still sour. Anyway, I loved writing my dissertation, loved putting together an exhibition and I found a love for feminist artwork along with using textiles and stitchwork as a form of artwork! I actually studied the woman's art movement as part of my dissertation and from that dived into medias of work certain artists we're famous for. I really want to upload my dissertation somewhere so people can take a read because I am so proud of myself and my writing, so let me know if you'd love to read that.

I get asked occasionally about my time at university but never about what I actually did, people just assume it was a lot of art theory but we we're constantly in workshops and in our studios putting together our semester projects. In third year it all went towards our final exhibition relating to our dissertation, I mixed my research into sexuality, sex and gender with material artwork and created some of the most crude but hilarious art pieces looking at my subject. My exhibition was a collection of photographs of my 'sculptures' where I had created very large sewn genitals and other body parts and shot them with models, dolls which displayed typical women taboos like periods, leg hair and then two books full of my art work along with a zine. My main focus was not only getting across messages that we're present in the woman's art movement but also creating humour.

It was seriously a lot of hard work but worth it in the end, I graduated a couple of months after actually leaving university and we did it in the cathedral in York! From then on I guess I just became an adult, I trained to be a manager for a retail company, created my own online business which lead me to working full time for myself, got a house, got engaged, as well getting two little furry friends to add to our family. Adulting right.

I have that weird feeling of time not passing at all but at the same time feeling like it was a life time ago. I feel the same way about living in York too, Joel and I made so many amazing memories and we packed them all up in the boxes we used to move away and start another chapter of our lives. Since graduating last year it was full go a head all at once, we moved, I started a new job, took some risky moves and now found a career I absolutely LOVE. We set ourselves up and now we're in a really comfortable period of our lives and I'm so happy everything came together rather than me having to go back home which a lot of students do. I couldn't think of anything worse, so I'm definitely thankful to myself for working hard and giving myself the life I want.

I loved university but I love the life I've started to build for myself with Joel. It's crazy how much things can change in the space of a year and I'm excited to see what more I can achieve in another! I wonder what friends I made at university are doing now, it was such a great day to graduate with some of my favourite people and it's a great memory I have when I think of York!

Are you at university? Just graduated? What's your favourite memory of university?

I do want to do more posts on experiences I have or advice I can give, so if you want to see any more posts on my university experience just let me know!

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Until next time guys,

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