Confidence to try new things when you're strapped for cash - cheap ways to shop

10 Nov 2017

As a fashion blogger I find it incredibly hard to make content when I'm either trying to save money by putting myself on a spending ban, or when I'm just genuinely poor af. I go through periods of stressing myself out because I have nothing to share with you guys because I've bought nothing new, then I have a mental battle with myself because why should I have to constantly be buying things to produce content?! I'm in a position where I've been comfortable with my daily routine, I go to work, come home and I finally think I'm spending my free time balanced with blogging and then life stuff. I'm stress free, so the last thing I want is then to feel guilty or stressed over not having anything to create content with. I have a wardrobe spilling with clothes, it'd be stupid to say that I don't have anything to wear, but lately nothing jumps out at me to style here on my blog. I'm trying to deny that I'm in a rut, but sometimes there's ways to affordably keep your shopping habits.

From having to be really careful with my spending now I'm saving for not only a holiday but a wedding, I've found that there are cheap ways to indulge yourself in clothing. If anything spending my money more wisely has led me to find amazing one off items that I haven't seen anywhere else! One thing I pride my wardrobe on is being unique and I think it makes for an interesting blog post. I'd rather check out a lookbook that's different than items you can just get on the high street like everyone else, even though it's great sometimes to know where to get the items from easily. Anyway! there's a number of ways I've been shopping cheaply and this outfit sums up how I've been doing it.

Two ways to shop cheaply; online resalers like Depop and vintage salers. I'm suggesting Depop like it's a new revolution, but for me it is because I'm very late to the band wagon. I put a couple of items on for sale but found myself then browsing others profiles to see if I could locate some bargains. I managed to get a bunch of trousers for less than half of what they were originally selling for online, so I'd say that's definitely saving on money. I picked up these burgundy velvet high waist trousers and even though I'm utterly in love I really was stumped on how to style them.

I don't know what I was expecting when I bought them, I thought they'd be more of a cigarette high waist trouser with atleast a zip or pockets. Whilst they are high waist they feel more like leggings, so I've found it hard to style. I never reach for leggings and I couldn't tell you why, so surprisingly when I styled them just like I would trousers I actually felt really comfortable. I could of smartened them up but I wanted to challenge myself to dressing them down; so I styled them with this Harley-Davidson t-shirt which leads me onto the second way I spend cheaply; vintage salers.

Charity shops, thrifting, vintage clothing shops, these are all great ways of finding unique options for very little money! When I was younger in my college days I could never afford clothing because I had a crappy weekend job, so I always bargain hunted in charity shops. I loved dressing differently to what I was seeing on the high street and I think that's where I got the desire to always put my own personal twists on an outfit. Lately I've been checking out vintage salers online (you can also find these on depop, ebay, etc) and that's where I found this Harley-Davidson t-shirt. I love how it has a slight Halloween feel to it; it's a mummy on a motorcycle with spiders, the moon and bats! It's so me, with the huge logo on the back. It's over sized which is perfect for lounging around but I wanted to create an outfit that would be perfect for say popping out to see friends, etc, so I tied up the front and I think I got quite a retro result!

Harley-Davidson motorbike t-shirt ~ The Vintage Scene . Burgundy velvet trousers ~ Depeop (originally from Pretty Little Thing) . Rings ~ Empty Casket & Primark . Black Wig ~ Ebay .

I'm going to be saving right up until summer so if anyone has any other tips please let me know!

Until next time,

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