Dark Alternative Fashion Is My Comfy Go To

19 Nov 2017

I am seriously in my element in this shoot because not only am I knee deep in leaves but I'm rocking the most comfortable outfit and of course it's black. Black has always been my comfortable go to and if I'm honest it was how I got into alternative fashion when I was a young teen and had no pennies. It was so easy to throw on a pair of black skinnies and a black vest top, rock it with some converse and have a rockin' outfit with my firey red hair (yes I wanted to be Hayley Williams so bad) but for me wearing black has always just been an easy thing. If I don't know what to wear I go straight for black, want to look smart = black. Black is always the answer for me, even if I'm trying something new out, if it's black or has a black option I'm always going to feel much more comfortable about the item than if it was a brighter shade. For me this outfit right here is everything I'm about, it's black, comfy, a little edgy and looks a lot more than what it is. No effort went into this outfit but I'd feel comfortable enough to rock it out into town for a couple drinks or even just going round to my mums for a cup of tea. It's diverse.

Two of these items we're actually hunted on Depop, my favourite app for finding clothes since I'm seriously on a budget with me saving up for a holiday and wedding. It's such a good idea to find cheaper items if you don't mind them being pre worn, but in my eyes I feel so much better almost upcycling clothes to a new home then adding fuel to fast fashion companies. It's a subject I've been looking more and more into this year and I definitely want to decrease my spending from companies who aren't doing our environment any good, so Depop is fantastic to give clothes a second life.

The two items I bought we're some stompy thick platform heel boots originally from Topshop & this striped knit cropped jumper originally from Missguided. Both brands I would never usually shop with, but I love these items so much and they've barely been worn by their pre owners. I've never worn such comfortable platformed shoes before, you can barely tell that they have a heel as the platforms quite balanced. As for the jumper, I know it's not the most practical item for winter but whilst being really comfortable it also is super thick. The arms are quite long so I can burry my hands away from the cold and the fit really suits my body type in my opinion. I love anything that gives me a little shape, so with being cropped it means I can wear high waist trousers/jeans and show that I do actually have a little curve to me. 

I decided to pair my two new items with some trusty faithfuls, my black Mom jeans as I always steer towards high waist denim and my black faux fur coat that I bought nearly four years ago. When I headed off to university I wanted a proper big winter coat that was also really stylish, so whilst browsing on the high streets (York is gorgeous for shopping) I actually found it in New Look for only £60! Bargain. I've had it four years, can't recall how many times it's been washed but it's in super good condition still. The fur is still soft and I wear this coat every winter without fail. Even though I recently bought a white sheep coat I'm still reaching for this black faux fur one because it can't do me no wrong. So whilst dressing in my go to comfort colour, I also picked my favourite items to pair something new with. Thats how I prefer to introduce any new item to my wardrobe, by wearing it with something that can't do me no wrong. 

I still feel very in the realm of October as theres still orange leaves on the ground, the cold air is replaced some days with gorgeous sunshine, but the nights are earlier and I can tell one morning we're just going to wake up and it'll be full on winter. November always a weird month because I get so excited preparing for Christmas whilst still wanting to keep the autumn dream alive. 

I'm so happy to not be spending as much money as I normally would now that I keep returning to Depop, do you have any tips for me to spend little whilst I'm saving? 

Until next time,

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