Discovering new cosmetic brands when on a budget! BarryM

24 Nov 2017

I can never go into stores like Superdrug and only buy what I need to, I always have to browse and come out with a big bag rather than just a top up on my foundation. Even though my bank balance might be screaming as I pop products left right and centre into my basket, one thing I love about Superdrug is there are always items at amazing prices that I've never even hard of. I wouldn't say I blog much about beauty, its the rare product review here and there - so I definitely am not clued up with all the on trend beauty items or whats currently popular on the selves. I go to top up on my foundation at least once a month and this is when I get the browsey makeup eye as I like to call it. 

I have a lot of things happening as we get closer to the end of the year so I'm definitely in saving mode, which means yeah I'm not splurging on the expensive stuff but if I see a brand which is super good value for money I'll definitely try it. I was feeling a little hopeless as nothing exciting had caught my eye as I browsed, but when I saw these metallic lip kits from a brand called BarryM for less than a tenner I had to give them a try. 

BarryM's brand name is definitely familiar to me but I can't put my finger on where I've heard it - but I'll definitely be singing it's praises because by god the quality looks amazing and the prices are so affordable. When it comes to trying a new brand I always go for some sort of lip product, a face product and normally an eye shadow palette but the jury is still drawn on that one! I like something nude or matte but everything on the BarryM counter was shimmery which was unfortunate (online they have so much more). I didn't even know that the lip products were actually lip KITS, I just saw the words metallic and picked up two to try with also a matte to try out something more to what I'm used to. This brand definitely came at a good time because I'm trying to save money, so it's a pleasant surprise that I can still experiment with something new and not break the bank. 

matte me up liquid lipstick kits - metallic & matte
These lip kits have to be the greatest value for money I've ever seen, at only £6.99 you can get yourself either just the plain matte formular or these metalic shades which are so pigmented! I always asume that if you want good quality you have to fork out an arm and leg in the beauty market, but this brand is my new life saver. The pencils are so creamy and even the metalics have a pencil shade similiar to the liquid lip. Once applying the lip pencil the metalics literally look like you're putting that colour over the top with a shimmer - which I think is a great attention to detail from a brand especially when they're offering a cheap product. The formula for the actual liquid lipstick is so pigmented and with me going for darker shades I would of expected streakiness but there isn't any. I dip twice to do both my lower and upper lip, the lipstick then drying immediately and still stays perfect even when I'm eating. I'm a big lip toucher but nothing comes off onto my fingers - but also doesn't stain my lips when it comes to taking it off. 
The matte liquid lip formular is a little drying but to be fair I am testing these out in the season where I suffer most from dry skin/lips!

lip scrub - marshmallow flavour and free?!!
Apparently if you purchase from BarryM in Superdrug (I don't know if this is limited in any way like to price of purchase) you get a free lip scrub?! Between two flavours strawberry and marshmallow I was overwhelmed and so intrigued in both because HELLO FREE LIPSCRUB? I forget how much I love a good lipscrub so I went for the latter, the taste literally does taste like Marshmellows. As any lipscrub it works well, rough against my lips and solves the problem of dried/broken skin which is perfect for this time of year. 

mist & fix matte finish setting spray 
Last but not least I thought I would go for a matte finishing spray, purely because it was dead cheap but also because I've been wanting to try one but just don't know where to start. If you have any cheap suggestions please throw them my way! Anyway, I never really got the point of a finishing spray until I used this and now every morning I'm spraying my face before I head out of the door. Especially in the wind it just keeps all your makeup where it should be. It doesn't wear away through out the day and I can feel the effects working straight away as a 'matte finish' feels a little tight on my skin but just how say a moisturiser would. So far so good with this!

I feel a little silly never hearing about BarryM before as the team at work told meit was definitely a brand everyone knows, but I'm happy to have found super awesome products for cheap! I'm going to be trying some of their eyeshadow palettes too now that I'm totally won over from these products.

Until next time guys,

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