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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

I've been staring at my computer screen for a good hour unable to press my fingers to the keys...I've scrolled though twitter, checked out my favourite blogs, checked twitter again, opened up this blog post and then got up to get a glass of water. It's been a while now since I hit my last writers block and I really thought this time I was on a roll, but sometimes you just run a little dry. I have to stop putting so much pressure on myself and hopefully that's a message a lot of others could relate to. We need to stop putting so much expectations on ourselves because sometimes it gets hard. You can fry your creative juices. With working a full time job in the week I find myself trying to blog whenever I can - I shoot on the weekends and write in the week or edit photos/videos, but I keep telling myself it's ok to have a night off. I don't have to cram every second of my life with things to do, I can just take some time out for myself and hopefully that's going to make these writers blocks a little more infrequent. 

I want to write when I have the erg and am full of inspiration, not because I feel like I HAVE to and end up just staring at my computer all night.

I felt like my mind wasn't in the right direction for what I wanted this post to be, so I decided to focus on what this post is - fashion. It helped me to focus on my outfit and the words started to flow, I love this outfit, it's a very me outfit but with actual colour and a new pattern I'm integrating to give my wardrobe some style.  

I've always been scared to bring colour into my wardrobe and when I found this jumper in the sale section at h&m I knew at some point I would be brave enough to style it. The word brave sounds stupid, but I generally loved the jumper so much I really wanted to add it to my wardrobe despite not knowing how I would wear it. I had green hair at the time and didn't want to look like a Christmas tree, but when I changed my hair to black I thought it was time to see if red suited my personal style.

I can't get enough of the jumper and with the festive period coming up I think it's a great way to get in with the activities without having to fork out for a red Christmas jumper. I'm actually surprised I found something that unique in just a sale section on the high street! It reminds me of pieces I've seen from brands such as Lazy Oaf, so with not seeing anyone say a peep about the jumper I was amazed to find it for only £3! I get asked daily where it's from, but unfortunately we're talking sale of winter 2016. I've been dressing it with button down A-line skirts and culottes, these striped trousers being perhaps one of the most stylish bottoms I ever own! 

Culottes are by far my favourite style of trouser to a point where I'm contemplating writing a post on it. For a short person they're so easy to wear because they come to the ankle and you don't have the hassle like regular trousers which are always too long unless you hit the petite section. I found this striped number on Depop for £10 and they're by far the biggest bargain I've ever came across online. Originally from Zara Basic I love how they have a 70's vibe, showing off the curves of my hips because they're also high waist! They're quite fitted on my thighs but flare out at the bottom, different from any other trouser I have in my wardrobe. I just love how they're effortless, giving off that rock and roll style with pretty much anything I can pair them with.

I find it crazy how I found both of these items from high street stores, normal a steal is because it's the last one but plenty of others grabbed it when it was fresh on the hanger. I haven't seen either of these items on the internet so far and I actually love feeling unique when I didn't have to spend much money at all. It gives me faith that you can shop high street and not be a sheep.

Hopefully after a weekend of brain rest other posts will come more natural to me, but I really did find it easier once I just focused on what I actually love to write about. I love my own personal style and how I've been experimenting, especially with a 70's style. I can't wait to dive into more autumn/winter items because I definitely feel like I'm reaching for pieces I never would usually go for.

Let me know what you think of this post, I do love talking about specific topics but enjoy also just getting down to what I do here on my internet space - my personal style.

Until next time guys,

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