Not sticking to your blogs 'niche'

26 Nov 2017

Whilst I love that my blog has an over all style, sometimes I absolutely hate boxing myself in to only derss one way purely for the reason of wanting to be put into one catogry of blogging. Stupid right? I know it is, I love that my style of fashion is some what alternative but really I just wear whatever I feel like throwing on that day. I never have a plan unless I'm being super organised for blog posts or it's a brand collaboration, in the real world I just throw on what I fancy in the morning and a lot of the time I just want to be hella comfy whilst I go to work.

I see both sides to having a niche, in the online realm as blogger it's pretty helpful because then your audience knows exactly what they can get from reading your blog. Your niche is your style, it's a natural thing - alternative fashion is my niche as it's what I love and what I'm best at, but at the same time I've started to see a niche as a way to put yourself in a box. When I was just starting out blogging and getting into youtube I saw a lot of others always suggesting to create your 'niche' as a way to build your blog - create your niche and show your audience what you're exactly offering. I found it incredibly hard to pin point what I was about, through just being myself and seeing where my blog would grow I found that my love for a darker fashion really defined what I wanted to convey. I love dressing different, I love feeling unique in clothing that isn't on the high street, but then I come to my second point where sometimes I do buy items from the high street, on trend pieces and that's also fine.

Over the course of 2017 I've been experimenting with the fashion I've been wearing, sometimes pushing the boat out away from just wearing black and then on the other end embodying my goth queen Morticia. It's never a set style with me and that's what I love about my personal style, I love to style different pieces of clothing and that leads me to think 'to hell with a niche'.

With the cold weather setting in I want nothing more than to keep my clothing comfortable, and I've found it quite hard to swap out my dresses and skirts for other alternatives. I've never been much of a trouser person until this year and thank god because I'd of definitely struggled with my job if I was obsessed with wearing A-line skirts still. I work in an office and have quite a walk from the train station, so I've had to adapt my style pretty quickly! It's hard to keep fashionable and comfy at the same time, but I've learnt that with the items I've been styling I can feel so comfortable but feel like I'm rocking it all at the same time!

Culottes are my easy go to this winter and as a short person I can get away with them covering most of my legs! Tight jeans aren't my thing and I'm finding it really hard to find a  good pair of mom jeans, so I hunted on the depths of Depop and found a couple of pairs that pretty much will go with everything in my wardrobe! Two of my favourite things, black and polkda dots - these high waist culottes are by far the most comfortable bottoms I own at the moment. They've been just an easy throw on to go to work in, but then I also feel comfortable enough to then say go out for a drink after work on a Friday at a short notice! A statement pair of trousers always makes me feel more purposely dressed then I actually am, and these definitely give me the confidence to not feel like a total not properly put together tired mess everyday.

I'm going to assume that you haven't been living under a rock and that you've seen the latest season of Stranger things or atleast know about the series, because I LOVED IT. I sponged watched the second season in a night and morning and bloody loved every second, it's by far my favourite out of the two seasons! I was totally on board for the series when the first season came out, but now I find myself completely obsessed talking to anyone I can about it. I saw a lot of people sharing some of the amazing merchandise that people have been coming out with and I thought I would indulge, finding two cheap t-shirts on Amazon and this one is definitely very different than the t-shirts I would usually go for!

I've never really had a ringer t-shirt but I thought why not, I chose the white option with red because it definitely brings a vintage style to this outfit. I really want to bring in more periods like the 70's, 60's or 90's to my outfits and I thought this t-shirt would help me do so, especially when I'm styling it very casually. I've been wearing easy t-shirts with these culottes, throwing it together with a pair of my white converse to balance out the outfit! Even when I am dressing casually I do think things through and this is definitely a complete different style of fashion that I normally share on my blog.

That's the thing, I'm tired of feeling a little worried about not sticking to one set style. I love alternative fashion and I would call myself an alternative fashion blogger, but this outfit is pretty safe and definitely not what I would call edgy in the slightest. But so what! I love many styles of fashion and the 60's/70's wagon is one I am fully getting on board with. I added my sheepskin bargain coat I found in Primark for only £25! I think whilst bloggers say a niche is good it's also ok to just do what you want. Dress how you want, try new styles, just be you and the confidence will shine out of you!

I feel like I put a lot of pressure on myself an the looks I share on Heartshapedbones, but I think in the new year I'm going to focus on experimenting a lot with what I wear, especially now I'm diving into vintage items a lot! Let me know what you think.

Until next time,

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