Colourpop | Liquid Lipsticks, Eye Shadow Palettes, Eye Magic + My Little Pony Palette Mini Review

Sunday, 17 December 2017

I'm quite excited about this post because yes I did indulge in another Colourpop order! My first purchase was ruined by the delivery service I received which you can check out in this post here, but I can happily say that this one came without any hiccups. 

I love Colourpop, it's affordable, amazing quality and now it ships to the UK I'm constantly adding items to my cart ready for that little boost in money to press purchase. If you send over a certain amount you get free shipping, but as they are located in the U.S it means that you're going to get gifted with a little custom fee. I spent less than £40 and still had to pay £16 in custom fees, which is a huge kick to the gut but I quickly forgot about that when I was squealing opening my package. If you can get past having to fork over unnecessary money to get the package into the country then I'd definitely check out the cosmetics brand and treat yo self - go halves on an order with a friend and share the fee!

Whilst I do love watching hauls and reviews on YouTube I do love to see them come alive in blog posts, pretty photographs, swatches and it's more easier to refer back to written word than fast forward through a video to find what you're looking for. In my last Colourpop haul I got so side tracked with reviewing Royal Mail's crappy delivery service that I didn't do any of the cosmetics justice, so this time I wanted to get a little more in depth.

I love palettes, with any brand the first thing I'm automatically drawn to are the pretty shades of eye shadow. Whether the brand being independent or well known, I'd rather indulge in an eye shadow palette over their other products. I have so many palettes on my dressing table and I know full well I don't need them all, but hey that's not going to stop me from trying out some new makeup.

I spent the evening scrolling through Colourpop's website and immediately I headed to their palettes - which had let me down before but I saw so many good words from other bloggers. Definitely a 'blogger made me buy it' situation.
I'm more of a matte kind of gal but just lately I've been interested in trying out some pastels and glittery shades - so I think I went for the best of both worlds by trying out the My Little Pony Palette AND Yes, Please that offer me both the unusual but daily wear colours.

~ my little pony eye shadow palette ~
Oh boy I was so unsure about whether to purchase this palette but it's by far my favourite item from this purchase! I really wanted to play with some pastel shades and I've really wanted a lilac - which this palette has. I couldn't find anything close enough to this shade, for that one colour alone I bought the palette and have used pretty much each shade since. The shades are. so. pigmented. The shimmers are buttery, bright as hell and not one shade has disappointed me yet.

My favourite three shades are definitely the very first lilacy white that is a perfect base colour, the eighth being a pastel matte orange (my favourite day to day shade so far) and then of course the glittery purple. I keep using this shade to experiment but as it's far from my comfort zone I've been unsure how to go about it. I see so many purpley/glittery eye tutorials I'm dying to be a little more unusual with my makeup and do something a little alien. I don't think you need to be into My Little Pony at all to enjoy this palette, if you're wanting something fun and super good value for money at only £16 then definitely give it a go!

I bought this thinking it was actually a metallic lip product, but Colourpop have wow'd me further because it's actually an eye paint! There's a variety of shades part of the Supernova Shadows, I wanted something extra glam so I went for 'walk of fame' which is a champagne shade. It looks alot darker on the applicator and in the tube, but when applied it dries super quick and has a bright shide. 

I've never used a paint on eye shadow before so I was incredibly intrigued, I wouldn't use it for highlighting corners but I would apply it all over the lid.

As for lip products I decided to try out two different types, keeping the shades quite tame but two I've wanted to try for ages now. I went for a satin liquid lip which is super buttery, non drying and in a nude shad has become my every day lipstick. I also went for one of the normal liquid lipsticks in an orangy red called 'Mama' which I've wanted since ever coming across Colourpop. The colour is by far my favourite of my red shades in my makeup collection, but I wish that it was in the satins because I find it quite drying. This goes for the other normal liquid lips I have from the brand - their satin formula is just golden.

~ yes, please eye shadow palette ~
Last but by far least my new daily used palette - the yes, please eye shadow palette is perfect for anyone who loves a grungy eye or an autumn palette. I tend to always go for warmer shades year round, so to have a palette with some amazing ranges of reds, oranges and yellows is amazing. It reads CUTE AF on the front - all the shade names on the back where you can also see the name of the palette which is slightly confusing. The packaging is no 'my little pony palette' but I have completely fallen head over heads with how perfect this palette is for me.

I really want to do an in depth review of this palette with swatches and show some eye looks, so expect to see that in the new year! I think this palette has the perfect balance of mattes and shimmers, for both glam and casual looks. I can't recommend enough to have this palette in your travel case for all occasions!

I hope you liked this general review and haul of my latest makeup indulgence! I'm going to do more in depth reviews of the palettes with eye looks getting into mostly all of the shades - so keep your peepers out for that in the new year! I absolutely love Colourpop makeup and despite the dreadful customs fee that us Brits have to pay, it's still worth the quality because I've never come across palettes I've loved more with such creativity.

Until next time guys,

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  1. That MLP palette is adorable! šŸ˜

  2. Ah I love colour pop! I have a few of their lipsticks but I think I need to invest in their pallets, they look amaze!

    The Quirky Queer

    1. That's how I started, I tried out the lippies and fell so in love then had to try the palettes! Their highlighters are so good too xx

  3. I need the Yes Please palette - all my fave shades! I keep wanting to shop at Colourpop but custom fees keep stopping me!
    Robyn //

    1. You door Robyn you'd LOVE IT! We'll if you wanna do an order some time I can order some thangs and we can half the custom fees <3

  4. I absolutely hate the customs fee we have to pay with colourpop but it's definitely worth it!

    Abigail Alice x

    1. I always get mad about the custom fee but when I open the package that anger goes away haha sooooooo worth the quality xx

  5. the Yes, Please palette is right up my street and I honestly think that the makeup quality outweighs the customs fee anyway :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

    1. It's definitely one of the best warm toned palettes I've seen in a long time!! xx

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