5 Dec 2017

I want to be buried in these leather trousers. Please. 

Have you ever taken a risky purchase and it totally paid off? Thats how these leather flared trousers came into my life - I saw they were on sale and after a second of taumenting myself I thought 'JUST DO IT' and ordered them despite being unsure whether I could pull them off. I'm a short little bean, so not only do flares scare me but these looked like a length pair and that was just my first impressfions of seeing them online. I have to say I've never felt more confident in my life than I do in these shots, so I definitely think it's time we stop tip toeing around items online we're unsure would look hella bomb and just go for it! 

Confidence is everything, you feel good and it's going to shine right out of you! 

So I just want to say I think I am in love with these trousers because they make me feel so confident! I think they really show off my figure and I look well taller than I actually am. I never jumped on the flare trend because I always asumed with how short I am it just wouldn't look good. I've had to wear the biggest heels I own but I love how extended my legs look, and depsite the material being faux leather they don't clinge to my legs which I always fear. No one wants a rubbing inner thigh!  I love a darker style, even when I was younger I always fancied a man in leather who listened to heavy metal, so despite these being far out of my comfort zone they fit so well into my style of fashion. I really want to embrace my love for alternative fashion more with in the new year so I'm excited to go on the hunt for more items like this. I actually found them on Missguided for only £14!!!! Even if the risk didn't pay off at that price I couldn't not experiment with them, but now I have a love for flares that's getting a little dangerous as I hunt through Depop.

I think the trousers are so fun with corset lace up detailing on the front, which do help to bring in the trousers a little to pinch in your waist.

With the trousers being so bold I wanted to balance out the outfit but still allowing them to be the show stealer, so I found a plain white floaty t-shirt which of course has flared sleeves. Bells sleeves go perfect with the flare trend, this top being far too big for me but in every way gives it more character. I love how the sleeves completely gulf my hands, it's 70's at it's finest! Playing around with era's is the most fun I have with my personal style, the rocker style definitely being a path I want to dive into more here on my blog. You can find gems in the most unlikely of places, I actually found this this flared t-shirt in the H&M sale for only £3! I just feel so good in this outfit and it was so simple to put together, there's always good items in sales so it's worth having a good rummage around.

Sometimes there's so much to say on an outfit but this one is just quite simple, the items being quite staple so I've kept it really basic. Have you found any gems in the sales? I hope you've enjoyed a post more photograph than words. Let me know what kind of other looks you'd love to see!

Until next time guys,

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