Getting a little glam ready for the festivities

12 Dec 2017

So when I bought this dress I definitely clicked buy before I'd even justified it's purchase, I had no occassion or reason to wear it, but I HAD to have it in my life. Compulsive buyer? I definitely have a problem but I'm going to just hide under the pile of clothes I own and forget about it. 

Nothing excites me more than when you find something online that you instantly fall in love with and nothing can come between you snapping out your bank card. When it comes to dresses this year I've definitely chosen comfort over anything extravagant, I don't go out much so the need for a fancy frock usually isn't there for me. Until of course I spotted this hidden pearl on Asos! I'd been browsing their site for a couple of days, wanting some items, adding them to my basket but never going the full way because I'm a shameless window shopper. I'm trying to save money, so I can save items but I definitely shouldn't be buying. On my usual lunch break scroll I came across this dress and nearly threw my pop across the room, I've always wanted to experiment a little with 1. star print because it's completely retro and 2. a fancy mesh dress which I think would be perfect for a party around the Christmas period!

Lately my personal style has consisted of anything that is comfortable, I work in an office located in a warehouse, I rarely go out in the week and my weekends consist of me trying to catch up with blogging or running all the errands I can't do in the week. Apart from date night I don't really go out which yeah I do miss, but going boozing into town just doesn't appeal to me when I no longer live in a city. I didn't choose the village life, village life chose me (lol) so buying a fancy dress just isn't on my list of priorities. However, it feels so damn good to be putting on such a nice dress! What an utter bargain, this dress was only £34! I think it's perfect for a number of occasions - Christmas work party, fancy dinner, date or even just going out for some drinks over the festive period! It's puffy, tight on the waist, mesh around the collar and arms with floaty mesh material hanging along the chest and arms. It's so different than anything I've come across lately instore and online, so to find it super cheap from a website which usually is just a little too high for my price range is amazing.

I'm late to jump onto the star print pattern, but by god I am completely sold and prepared to hunt for some good items in the new year! I love metallic/silver stars on back, it's 100% my style and so easy to integrate into both an alternative style and 70's inspired. It's a shame in a way I've gone for something quite dressed up when I love the pattern so much because I doubt I could dress then down for a day to day wear (that doesn't mean I haven't been wearing it every chance I've gotten!) I've paired it with my go to favourite faux leather jacket which is cropped slightly, meaning it doesn't cut off the puff of the dress. Being an alternative gal of course I've paired it with some chunky heeled sandals, but you could almost throw on some stompy boot heels or a chunky 90's lace up shoe/docs with fish net socks!

I am so excited for Christmas, I'm busy up to my ear lobes right until mid January and I'm just so thrilled to be getting out of the house. Family packed weekends, spending my actual Christmas up in Scotland - so it's going to be exciting to see how I put my blogging spin on things. Expect some travel diaries!

Have you found any bargains online perfect for Christmas?

Until next time guys,

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