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Friday, 8 December 2017

Hello lovely people, I hope Christmas for you is in full swing and you're feeling festive up to your boobies. If you didn't see my post on supporting independent brands this December then I definitely think you should check that out here, it's just another way for you to consider purchasing gifts for your family and friends whilst giving your money to brands that actually deserve it! You won't get more love and support than from a small brand, so definitely give that a little read!

Continuing my support for smaller brands, today I want to introduce you to another which I have completely fallen in love with because their products are so unique. Oddity Closet kindly reached out and sent me some of their alternative range of accessories and by god it is right up my street! As you know I love a darker style of fashion and over the years that love has spread to my homeware, I'm always more open to accessories when they're alternative in some way or spooky! Oddity closet have such a variety of products, accessories, homeware and gifts which would be perfect for this time of year. There's always that friend or family member who would love something a little different, so why not check out smaller businesses like Oddity especially when they're a great value for money and you're buying some unique than what's on the high street. Not only do they have a variety of products but the patterns are to die for, makeup bags in spooky tie dye colours and other accessories like shoulder bags that I definitely need in my life.

Just from the few items I was sent from Oddity Closet there's something for everyone - fashion interest? The jacket patches, loves makeup? Makeup bags! I'm incredibly impressed with the designs on the products, but they fit in so well with the aesthetic of my home décor!

Illustrated Skull Design Tin - The quality of this product is fantastic! I've been keeping it on my vanity chest to keep all my little nic nacs in, bobbles, hair pins, earrings, it's the perfect size just to keep your precious items.

Mandala Print Black & White Makeup Band - Amazing size. I love a makeup bag which is big enough to keep all of your daily cosmetics in but also not too large if you want to pop it in your handbag for a trip. I used to keep all of my makeup in a large bowl on my draws but now I have my daily stuff in the makeup bag and my 'for special occasions' makeup in the bowl. I've never seen a makeup bag which is less girly but totally awesome.

Patches - I am completely won over to the patch trend! I haven't seen many that I would actually buy, so to have some sent to me really has let me dip my toes into the patch craze and I. Love. It. These are so unique and I love how some of them are hand drawn! The ghosts, pumpkins and witches are everything I'm about so I've definitely stuck them on my denim jacket with pride!

Cute Bat Keychain - I adore this, so does my cat as Barry stole it thinking it was one of his kitty toys! It fits so perfectly with my interests and style of fashion so I feel so good to add it to my keys, even though I'm debating whether to attach it to my bag or jacket so I can see it more. I think it's a great idea for a alternative plushie to brighten up your keys! I feel like a proud bat lady.

It feels so good promoting a smaller brand at this time of year that I hundred percent think are a great addition to alternative fashion brands. Why shop on the high street getting items that millions of people will have to, when you could have a unique item that's going to feel so much more personal and possibly custom. You'll never find products filled with so much love than those sold by smaller businesses, so definitely think about where you're purchasing your gifts from this year, it'd mean the world to someone rather than a company.

I even have a little code for you to get yourself 20% off! Just use JESS20 which is perfect for Christmas time don't you think!

Until next time guys,

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  1. Thank you so much for this blog post! Glad you like the items we picked for you 🙂 The ghost patches are from our collab with a friend of ours, Cosmic Sapling, who will be releasing a lot of things on the website in the new year. Love her cute illustrations!

  2. I love these not only because they're alternative but also because you're supporting an independent brand / small business. My favourite are the patches. 💗


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