Stepping out of my comfort zone & brightening up this winter

Friday, 22 December 2017

Do I look abit silly? At the time putting this outfit together I was so enthusiasting about actually not wearing so much black, but now I'm sat down writing...I know I'm falling back in on myself and that little man on my shoulder is screaming ITS NOT BLACK YOUR COMFORT IS BLACK THIS IS NOT YOU ITS SO BRIGHT AND NOT BLACK. You ever get that little man? Disheartening something you really like? I'm forever chosing the black option because I know I'll get my wear out of it, but when Pop Julia reached out and asked if I wanted to add my personal style to one of their items, not only did I jump for joy at adding something new into my wardrobe, but I wanted to challenge myself to be a little daring and go for something thats really going to stand out. 

Jumper dresses are so comfortable, not only are they a genius idea in the colder months to retain some femininity but keep cosy with the length too. This red and navy blue striped dress* (I know navy not black! good for me aye) was all I could think about when I spoted it on their website, I'm such a jumper hoarder in winter! For someone who only really reaches for a very monochrome wardrobe, colour is a very scary thing. Black has always been my comfortable go to but as I’m exploring with my personal style more I’ve been opening myself up to more colour and actually loving it! When I had bright green hair I was always scared to clash colours, I really limited myself to what I’d try so with my hair being more…well, ‘normal-er’ for me anyway I thought it was about time I played with colour again.  I love wearing red, with green hair I was scared I’d look like a Christmas tree, but for a couple of posts now over this year I’ve been bringing red more into my outfits. I love how it looks against my pale skin, it goes well with black and no doubt I’ll always be wearing red lipstick anyways so it does just brighten up my look.

If I can get away with not wearing tights I will because there's nothing worse than loving your outfit then putting on a pair of contrasting thick tights. I did expect this jumper to be a little more baggy considering it's a dress style, but it's actually quite fitted! I mean that there isn't a lot of stretch to it, but it does show a hint of my curves to give it a feminine touch. It's like 'oh hey I do have curves but you can't see them all because I'm being super comfortable.' that I definitely want because it gives style with very little effort. The sleeves are belled and cropped as a quarter style, but I'm totally in love with them because it makes what could be quite a grungy dress into something feminine. Long baggy sleeves = Kurt Cobain vibes, Bell quarter sleeves = culture feminine ready to explore cities and look cute with coffee look.

I decided to pair the jumper dress with some chunky sandals because whilst it is winter, I probably will wear this outfit coming up to the warmer months next year. I think any style of stompy shoe could work, Dt martins, big boot heels or even knee high length boots, but I went for a strappy heeled sandal instead just to show it a little different as I'm sick to death of winter boots already. Of course I had to jump on the beret train and I paired it with a matching red beret - I am in love and so on board with this trend. I bought so many others in a variety of colours, as you probably saw in my last post! 

I don't even care if this look is a little over the top, I'm loving experimenting with a little red in my wardrobe! For me this is such an easy way to introduce colour to your outfit if you're a little scared to come out of your comfort zone. Start with accessories and then if you find a simple item that's full of colour it's bold style without much effort at all.

I couldn't think of any Christmas themed personal style looks I could come up with this year but I thought changing things up with a big pop of red was at least a little festive. If you want some cheap alternative clothing to experiment with definitely check out PopJulia - on trend with huge deals on this time of year.

Until next time guys,

(items marked with * we're gifted to me for free in return for a honest blog post reviewing the product. All words are my own and completely honest to my own opinion)

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  1. So in love with this look! That jumper dress is gorgeous and red looks amazing on you!

    Georgia Megan

    1. Aw thankyou! I was so nervous because I thought I might look a little silly in all red haha

  2. I think the red looks great on you!

    1. Thankyou! I'm definitely going to exsperiment with it more

  3. you look lovely! and that wednesday tattoo is amazing! xx

  4. The red suits you SO much!! And you rock a beret like a QUEEN! x


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