Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves when it comes to blogging?

15 Dec 2017

These have to be one of my favourite sets of photographs taken on my blog Heartshapedbones, 1. because they were taken by the utter blogger babe Jess from Iamfoxxtails 2. I'm wearing a friggin beret and I am lurrrrrvvvvingggggg it! My best pal Robyn from Midnight&lace let me borrow hers and I'm sold! Finally 3. these photographs were completely unplanned and I love how this outfit sums up my casual day to day fashion. It was sheer luck that we came across this wall art, but I think the entire look of these photographs is exactly what I want my blog and personal style to be!

As a fashion blogger sometimes it can be incredibly hard to find inspiration for a new outfit look when you haven't updated your wardrobe in a while. I'll admit I'm constantly picking up a few items here and there, working with brands, finding a bargain for less than £10, but if I'm not feeling it on the day when I plan to take a bunch of outfit photographs than it's not going to happen despite whether I have new clothes to share. It's been a very long time since I've just taken photographs on a whim of the day I'm wearing that certain outfit out, and I don't know whether that's the reason why I'm feeling at a loss lately. Personally I think as bloggers we put a hell of a lot of pressure on ourselves to keep up, to be posting regular content, spending nights scheduling posts so that we can breath for at least a second. But why? Why are we putting so much pressure on ourselves? Our readers aren't poking hot forks in our bums forcing us to run our brains out of steam. We do it to ourselves and I think this is me saying I'm putting my foot down against myself to stop getting so stressed out about my little space on the internet.  

I don't know about you, but I can't be constantly splashing out my money just to buy new things for my blog. Of course it'd be the dream, but for me and probably a lot of other bloggers I just don't have that much of a luxury lifestyle. I have three trusty coats and I've probably shown them all to death now it's winter, so repeating an outfit is a huge worry as I want my content to be fresh! I don't want to be like 'here's the same coat or hat I've featured in 500000' posts I've done before, but I'm not going to purchase any new outer wear just for the sake of a new blog post. I am going to try to freshen up some old items to feature again because this is a personal style post, if I love something I'll wear it to death and it could be interest to see how differently I style an item than the time before. I hope it'd be something you'd want to see anyway.

What I love most about these outfit shots is they were completely a spear of the moment thing, meaning there wasn't any pressure put on them or me. It was a great feeling, just going out to take some photos in an outfit I'd put zero thought into because it's something I wear all the time. I think the photos really capture my natural style, but more importantly it felt so bloody good to shoot them. It put fun back into taking outfit photographs for me and that straight away made me want to evaluate the fashion posts I do on my blog. Scheduling is a saviour, but when I'm planning my outfits to shoot on my day off it just makes everything very inorganic. I think more of featuring new or different items than whether I'd actually wear them in my natural day, so I'm definitely going to try to put together more on the go outfit shots in the new year.

Despite items in this look being featured on my blog time and time before, I've styled them different and this look screams me all over. It's a very casual alternative look, something I'd usually never do on my blog but I wear it day to day. I'm constantly snugged in a huge mans jumper or hoodie, so finding one that I can style in a feminine way makes me feel super confident. I had a stall two weekends ago at the Mysticum Luna Anti Christmas Market in Rotherham and decided to indulge in Downfall clothing because I'm a sucker for a good hoodie. It's soft, a comfortable small and I adore the design on the front. I'll always support a small business, they show so much more effort and care into their products than fast fashion retailers. I had just worn a striped crop top but swapped it out for this hoodie, wearing it tucked into my PV skirt that is still on trend.

I've never worn a beret before because I didn't think I could pull it off, but my friends definitely swayed me to get on the band wagon so I've ordered a bunch in different colours! You'd almost think I'd planned the red lipstick to wear with the beret!

black downfall hoodie - downfall clothing
red beret - (borrowed from Midnight&lace Pull and bear)
PVC black skirt - primark
chunky sandal boots - boohoo 

A big resolution next year is definitely going to be to stop putting so much pressure on myself and really experiment with my creativity in fashion. The fact that this outfit shoot was so random but it's one of my favourites shows that whilst planning is so handy I do think it can stunt my creative juices. I plan to spend a lot of time with my blogger pals so I hope the content we can come up with will knock peoples socks off in 2018!

Ease up on yourself, blogging is all about pouring your love and fun into a platform on the internet and you shouldn't be hurting yourself to do so.

Until next time guys,

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