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9 Jan 2018

The last week of December I spent in a cabin up in the Highlands of Scotland, no wifi, bunkbeds, my family and it was the most refreshing week off of my life. Sometimes it can be incredibly hard to switch off when a large portion of your life is online, I don't mean just being 'addicted' to social media - but when you work/are pushing to work online as a blogger or influencer, it can be very hard to just put the computer or phone down and take some time off for yourself. 

I want to keep a promise to myself this year, aswell as taking my work to a new level and working my arse off, I want to also take regular breaks where I just don't go near the internet. Last year I ran myself a little dry as well as taking on to much, so I want to really plan out my time and instead make the most of my days off and not try to cram in as much editing time as I can. I'm doing this for me - the only deadlines I have are commission based, so with it being a new year, I want to kinda without sounding too cheesy be a new me. Less stress, more free fun time but getting creative content out there to you guys. It's gonna be a different work schedule then I'm used to, but I'm determined to have days off because it's what led to me being over worked last year.

I think the only way I'm possibly going to achieve having days where I can afford to do nothing at all is if I get well ahead of my content and schedule like my life depended on it. I always feel so much better when I have everything scheduled - if you're a fellow blogger you're probably thinking 'em durrr' scheduling is the only way to feel safe in having a day off. It's mental that I have to prepare to have time off, but looking at it like any other job you always make sure nothing is going to set on fire if you take time away from the office. I want to atleast shut myself from the interest one day a week, so scheduling is my old bestfriend that I kept picking up from time to time but am determined to keep this time.

I use apps/sites like buffer to schedule all of my social medias, I am to be somehow a month in advance with my blog content and hopefully the same with my youtube channel. January is going to be a hard grafting month for me but hopefully I can get a head of myself so I'm in a comfortable place. Any tips for staying a head of scheduling would be much appreciated!

Last year I found that I was working myself so much into the ground that I had no time to blog or really have a social life, so with my new job giving me plenty of time on an evening, I'm going to try to work my butt off in the week so really enjoy my weekends. My aim for this year is to make the weekends a no laptop zone, I leave all work at the door apart from taking some blog photos or filming a vlog if we're out and about. One full day will be dedicated to family and friend time, so that I can really give everyone my full attention and not be stressed to my eye balls wanting to get home to edit my next youtube video. It can be quite hard to juggle a full time job when you're also wanting to pursue blogging full time, but I know my brain will just frazzle out so for my mental health well being Saturdays will be

From being out in a cabin with my family for Christmas I found that I felt so relaxed just wearing no makeup, being in my cosy clothes which are definitely not fashionable just being present. Walks, tv, games - just simply eating food and not picking up my phone was refreshing enough. I can't wait for warmer weather because the amount of adventures my fiancée and I have planned is insane, so just switching off my phone and getting involved is going to make me a much happier person. I'm tired of stressing out because I didn't get a photo of me doing something or have 'blogger' worthy clothes on. It's tiresome at times, so I just need a switch off day.

One thing I want to pick up this year is fitness, it's about time I got myself in better shape just to look after my body and not just my mind. Not only am I little lazy but I find myself lacking so much energy sometimes, so I want to get into a healthy routine which involves the gym. We've changed up our eating habits and I've officially gone veggie! Taking it small steps at a time, I'll probably still eat fish dishes because right now it's about eating more healthy and cutting as much meat as I can out of my diet, along with milk (it really hurts my stomach) with also putting in some physical efforts. Gym, running, classes here and there - I really want to explore with getting fit because it's something I've never really done. A lot of my friends and family who look after their health tell me they constantly feel better with their motivation and energy levels, so hopefully after a while I'll be able to walk up a flight of stairs and not want to pass out.

I also think that whilst running or at the gym I'll spend less time on my phone or computer, so another great way to distract myself from being online so much.

I also really want to get back into being creative and not letting myself get so caught up in blogging whilst I have my own store, it too needs attention even if it's chilling out and doing a little watercolour. I haven't had a good sit down creative session in a long time and it's well over due, so I'm definitely going to dedicate more time to getting my paint on and putting more art out there.

Touching a little on my outfit, I am so excited to share with you guys the most bad ass t-shirt I now have in my wardrobe. My auntie got me this Sanderson Sister's Hocus Pocus t-shirt for Christmas which I had been lusting over for ages now online. I opened it and was so full of shock and love, it's my new favourite addition and I had to style it somehow. A very causal look but this is the sort of thing I wear in my down  time. Black straight leg high waisted jeans which I actually got from work and frayed myself - a mesh t-shirt underneath another, to give it an overall grungy look. I love being casual and most days this is what I actually wear, nothing special just comfortable go tos.

sanderson sister's t-shirt - gift *possibly amazon
mesh polka dot top - h&m
black straight leg jeans - the vintage scene
white converse - converse
fluffy lilac teddy coat jacket - primark

I'm gong to really push myself to take time out for me this year so that I don't have a repeat of running my creativity dry like last year! Do you have any tips of relaxing and taking time out of blogging?

Until next time guys,

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