How I plan to descending my style out of winter

19 Feb 2018

Despite being a winter baby, I cannot stand the cold months. Once the fuzzy festivities have all worn off we're left with a grey, bleak England and I just can't be bothered to be cold any longer. Living out in the country I feel like it makes things 10 times worse - every things constantly frozen over, it's a awfully cold trek to go anywhere and it just means that my blog photos too look terrible. 

When I lived in the city I found it didn't matter because there was so many cool locations to shoot in, but living in a village really does put my plans for my blog to a full stop because no one including myself can be bothered! I really don't fancy going out in minimum layers to shoot what I've been wearing recently because I've only been covering it up with a hoodie, about 4 coats and then blanket scarves. Sorry to blow any bubbles if you thought fashion bloggers looked fantastic alllllll of the time! In reality if we're also working another job full time we're definitely only getting dressed for the photos then shoving a dressing gown back on! That's what I hate about winter, it's all painfully forced because everyone would rather cuddle up in bed the second they get home from work. In any other season I'd generally be wearing the outfits I post to death all week, but right now if it's not a jumper or hoodie I don't want to know till at least April. 

Ok it's safe to come out now, the rant is over! I just can't stress enough how I hate being a fashion blogger when it comes to winter, I try to change my pattern each year to remain positive but my content really suffers. Now that we're coming to the end of February I want to focus on descending out of winter and there's a number of ways of how I've been doing it. 

white & black striped jumper ~ asos 
cord black A-line skirt ~ urban outfitters
black beret ~ amazon
black & rosegold watch ~ ice watches*
studded boots ~ h&m

For me the first of March signals that it's Spring - I don't care about technicalities, I think on the positive side and it means all the fresher colour schemes are coming out. I love seeing fresh flowers everywhere, longer days, sunshine warming up your bones as you walk and especially the promise of being able to swap out your coat for a jacket. There's a few essentials I've had this winter which I've been able to convert into an outfit which is going to be more appropriate soon in Spring. Simple swaps really that mean you can still keep all your layers but change an item or two slightly if one morning it's warmer than the last.

I've found my love for Mom jeans again this winter but an easy swap over is changing them out for culottes or loose trousers - still giving you the protection from the cold but showing a little leg too. I love how edgy culottes look, so I've decided to whilst still wearing big jumpers or even a coat, I'd put on some culottes instead of plain black jeans I've come to loath now. You can also swap them out for a skirt, nothing screams HI SPRING IS HERE, then layering a jumper over a skirt like I've done in this outfit!

Since buying this striped knit jumper a couple of weeks ago I've barely taken it off, the fit being oversized and I love it so much for an easy fix of style. It has bell sleeves that sums up my style well lately - 70's but casual af. I found this gem on Asos for a cheap price and dived for it, going for a medium to get that loose fit for comfort. I've worn it with so many different combinations of clothing and for any different occasions, but recently I've swapped out my jeans for a little black skirt and I think it layers up the outfit well. Tucked in or out the jumper gives me a slight French theme which doesn't come from the beret alone. My favourite cord skirt is back in action and I'm still amazed it was a steal on Depop. It's my go to item when I'm unsure on how to style something but I know I want a skirt to liven up the outfit. I think this is perfect still for how cold it is because I can throw on my coat, whilst also looking like I've made some form of effort. 

I cant stand wearing tights which I guess is why I always venture more for culottes or a long dress, but I really think the jumper adds a pop of something bright to not make me too washed out in all black. I'm such a sucker for all black combos - so I love that it's dominantly white. I always praise the quality on Asos and I can tell this is going to be a staple piece in my wardrobe till summer. 

I do plan on doing a more in depth post on how I'm changing over my wardrobe ready for Spring, so expect some experiments in my style because things are definitely getting a little different around here very soon!

How are you transitioning your clothing into Spring? 

Until next time guys,
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