My 24 years of being alive! 24 things right now to be happy about

Friday, 9 February 2018

It's my birthday, it's my birthday! I'm not going to spend my money because I am utterly skint. Just to clarify, when I say 24 things right now to be happy about, I totally mean 24 things I'M currently happy about. I thought with it being the month of love I'd not only do something for my birthday with 24 things as I'm 24 years old, but revolve the entire post about things I love to keep the mood bright and inspired by love day. I can't believe I'm a year older and I completely didn't think I'd spend it how I am this year, but here's to looking up and on wards! 

I wish I was that type of person who got really excited about their birthday and planned 5000 events for it and took an entire week off to celebrate. I mean, I have taken a few extra days off work...but it's more to catch up with work then try to arrange something on my actual birthday date. Every year I want to do something big for my birthday and it just never happens, I actually get really sad on my birthday because I spend it alone thinking this sucks. Not this year! I'm spending the full day with my family then having a get together with friends as a house warming too - so lets be happy, birthdays are happy, here are my favourite things that I love right now!

1.       My New Rattie tattoo! his name is Reggie

2.       New hair colour…this isn’t a theme of new things but those two I am DIGGING right now

3.       My sister took a bunch of photographs for me and heartshapedbones, they are KILLER and a great motivational push starting off 2018 again on my blog

4.       My favourite murder podcast

5.       Peaky blinders - I started rewatching the entire series again so that I can finally watch season 4

6.       Rekindling my love for Fleetwood mac as always

7.       DIY when it comes to fashion, I’ve been editing and cutting up old clothes

8.       My new home is an obvious one, but there's little things I’ve fallen utterly in love with like the mirrors left behind, French style boarders around the radiators, etc. I have a cute little grannie bathroom I LOVE IT.

9.       The fact that already Easter eggs (specifically mini eggs) are in stores and I am obsessed as always

10.       The sunshine keeps getting warmer and it’s getting me in the excited mood for spring!

11.       Red temple prayer, I’m itching to buy some stuff and since seeing their ‘players only love you when they’re playing’ jumper I think it’s going to ordered soooon

12.       I’ve never had motivation for fitness but I’ve actually bought some workout gear so that I can start running! It’s only happened twice so far…but progress!

13.       Nobody’s child is a new brand to myself but after ordering some items over Christmas I am hooked! I keep looking at their new stock ready for pay day

14.       The customer service over at SKY what a bunch of lovely, funny but most importantly helpful people

15.       Lightroom, I’m late to jump onto the editing wagon but I use it at work and OH.MY.GOD how easy is it to use over photoshop etc, I’ve really seen the difference in how I use it in comparison. Light room for editing photographs, photoshop for design etc.

16.       Youtube of course, at the moment I love to watch Kiera rose, Helen Anderson, the mitchalacks, faze banks, zoe London, Leanne lim-walker, furry little peach – and of course my blogger fave pals like Midnight and lace, Foxxtails and megmorris <3333

17.       Lately on pinterest I’ve been saving either home inspirations, quotes or photographs of sunlight streaming into bedrooms! I love seeing how photographs capture people in sunlight, especially because I want to take some warm looking shots of my home soon

18.       Berets I’m still on that hype and I don’t think it’s going to stop any time soooooon

19.       Riverdale is getting incredibly juicy again, the fact that I still don’t have internet in my home is killing me I’ve missed two weeks worth!

20.       The valentines day themed products at Lush, every year they’re still my favourite scent

21.       I love the community of bloggers that I’ve found myself with, I couldn’t be more lucky to have two best friends who are not only so supportive but the nicest humans I’ve ever come across in this life time. Love you Robyn & Jess can’t wait to see you both this month <333

22.       Being behind the camera again – I recently shot a lookbook for work and it felt so good to be the photographer for once, considering I have a degree for it I miss it so much. I’ve been looking at others vintage photography and work done on film, really want to get back into it asap

23.       I’ve transformed into a middle aged woman but I’ve been reading the Piorit series on my kindle – I love a good murder mystery, but old fashion and there are tones of books to the characters series. Next I’ll be watching the films no doubt

24.       Last but not least, I love the general direction my artwork is going. I feel like I hit a block a lot of the time because I find it so hard to just doodle and not bear in mind I have a store which needs products. The colourful cute witchy vibe stuff is definitely coming out more and I actually feel so motivated to do more

I'm hoping this next year of my life holds more positive and exciting things!


Until next time guys,

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I don't know why berets are such a thing at the moment, but I have to say I'm loving them too. Also blogging is life and whenever someone talks about feeling at home or connected to people through blogging it just warms my heart so much <3

    Lilly xoxo

  2. Happy Birthday!! Also what's your favourite murder podcast called? I really wanna find one to listen to!

    Carla x

  3. Happy birthday gal! Berets + Fleetwood Mac? You have excellent taste! Also loooving these photos, the glossy leaves set off the beautiful mirrorwork of your dress perfectly!

    Sinéad xo Fabuleuse Du Jour

  4. Ah yes, I love finding another murderino! I listen to the MFM podcast when I drive all the time so that I'm entertained on my commute, I just love Karen and Georgia.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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