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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

To say tattoo's are a huge passion in my life and have consumed my every thought lately due to the work on my sleeve, I haven't really done many posts on my blog about them. You can read some like how I look after my tattoos and a FAQ - but apart from that I've not really dedicated any of my posts to the current tattoos I've been getting on my bod. I don't want to throw all of the links at you but I was actually inspired by my best friend Robyn over at Midnight and Lace who did a post on her new tattoo - she also treated herself to a little valentines tattoo!

I know valentines is long gone but my tattooist put up this little love day special and I had to have it. I've been wanting for so long to have a patch work sleeve and finally this year I decided it was the year I worked on it, being a little in the dark as to what exact designs I wanted and where. Don't get me wrong I've had an idea for a long time of things I definitely want, I knew I wanted  cobweb to start off my shoulder and eventually I will get a hand tattoo - but for the rest I thought as I went along in life I'd just see a design I love or something I really want tattoo'd and that's what's I'd get. I guess that's how my arm has gone, I saw the Addams family tattoo by my tattooist last year and went crazy for it, then I decided I really wanted a rat tattoo after one of my pet rats passed away so that became another addition. For my upper arm I'd been debating whether to get a fortune teller but something just told me I didn't really want it that much to go out and get it. With a design being on my upper arm I want it to be something I LOVE because it's going to be mostly on show and at eye level. My tattooist put up this valentines traditional inspired piece wanting some skin to give it a go on and I gave mine up willingly! I thought it would look perfect on my upper arm and which I've been dying to get done but instantly become close to my heart for a number of reasons.

I'm a hopeless romantic, probably why this tattoo spoke out to me so much and demanded that I put it on my body. As an artist myself something I tend to draw a lot of hands with tattoos, so to see this one with additional details that I loved meant that it was definitely perfect for me. Just to describe what you're seeing my latest tattoo is a hand surrounded by flowers and a swallow, holding a letter that reads 'yours always' - traditional, a little sailor without being too over the top with anchors etc. I love how my tattooist has taken the traditional style and made it fit with my other tattoos which I'd say can be quite gothic looking. I love bold lines and most of my tattoos are actually done quite thick. 

I think the whole reason I got this tattoo was down to the script text that's on the letter 'yours always', I've always wanted a tattoo that said 'Always' as a dedication to my parents wedding song but also it's my favourite line (scene) in Harry Potter. Geeky I know...I considered asking if it could be changed to just always but I think yours always is so cute, it just links the tattoo back to the traditional sailor-esque that my tattooist was going for when designing it up. It's romantic and I think having 'love' on the hands knuckles really fits in with the theme of the design. After having this tattoo which is a centre piece on my arm I think I'm going to get a couple more romantic pieces to give my sleeve a theme, mixing in my gothic interests with my other tattoos that I already have. 

So a gothic romance theme.

Pain wise it hurt the most out of all my others that I've had done. My legs we're a breeze, even my shoulder felt fine - but HOLEY HELL my arm was on fire the moment the tattoo gun touched me. I bled a lot which was unexpected and it's so swollen and tender three days after. We've not yet started to scab but I can feel it coming. I've tried out a number of after care products but I always just revert back to using Bepanthen because it just works for me best.

(Excuse how bloody and swollen it is - couple hours after being tattoo'd) 

Lily from Limited Editions in Doncaster has pretty much done everything on my sleeve so far apart from my cobweb on my shoulder! Check out her IG here and if you're local to the area definitely pop in to get yourself something by her I can't express how much I love her designs. Sometimes I wish I hadn't stuck to a black & white palette because her designs in colour would be so awesome. 

I've always planned to get a sleeve of tattoo's since I got my first so it's amazing to see it starting to come together piece by piece! If you have any questions just pop them in the comments, I hope you liked this little lifestyle update post guys <3

Until next time guys,

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