Cari's Closet ~ Pre Summer Vibes

3 Mar 2018

Ok can we ignore the fact that the beast from the east is outside and get back on track for Spring because hello it's March?! I think I've said it enough already this year that I am just so over winter, which makes receiving this little goodie from Cari's Closet all the more exciting because it's got me so excited for the warmer months! 

It's been a long time since I went out of my way to look that extra fancy, what I mean by this is actually indulging in some evening wear that I do plan to wear to say a night do, a wedding or just something that isn't my local pub on a Friday night. With it still being early on in the year and the weather being ridiculously bad lately I can't seem to find the light at the end of the tunnel that is spring, but this dress that was kindly sent to me has seriously got me fantasising over summer, going to the races, going for fancy meals and sitting outside   in bars just enjoying myself. Thats what I see when looking at this dress, so I thought to bring my fantasy to life I'd bring summer to you a little early with these warm inspired photographs that luckily was shot in the middle of February on a good sun day! How crazy right.

Cari's Closet is brand which focus on selling occasion dresses, browsing through their site I couldn't take my eyes away from pages and pages of gorgeous dresses that would instantly make you feel glam af. With constant new arrivals, the Dublin/Ireland based website has a dress to cater for any occasion and a price range that can suit both a woman wanting to spend some serious money to a student like I used to be scraping together something for graduation. 

In Jessica true nerd fashion the reason I was so attracted to this dress is because I've been sponge watching a large amount of Peaky Blinders lately - I immediately could imagine myself at the races in this warm little number but most importantly it looks incredibly vintage and I've never seen something as unique. This Gypsy Lace Tassel Dress*  is not only my boho dress of dreams but what a treat that the burnt orange shade really suits my current shade of hair! I was worried on how to style it purely because it's been a long time since I glammed myself up, but heading out to shoot these photos really boosted up my confidence because it's probably the most fun shoot I've done here on my blog. My sisters a fantastic photographer who's starting to build up a portfolio of work, it was just such a nice day to get a little silly running through some fields to get these shots because who wants winter anymore? no one. Check out her Instagram if you want to see her progress grow as much as I do!

When summer hits I love to bring out a boho feel to my wardrobe, this dress being my top contender for a going out evening dress. My favourite detail is definitely the tassels which are both on the bat wing arms but also long the hem, meaning whenever I walk they almost float about. I once had a leather jacket with tassels on and I'd stand there moving my arms so the tassels would swing, you bet your ass I did that in this dress for the entire shoot. 

The dress actually comes with the under layer sleeveless playsuit because the floral lace dress part is actually sheer as hell. I guess you could wear something different underneath if you unconnected the two, but I feel like the metallic pink colour looks beautiful underneath. It just really screams vintage to me and I think it's perfect for that old time going to the races vibes. As I'm quite the small human I was surprised to see that a size 10 fits perfectly so I would size up when it comes to ordering - but with such a floaty dress I think it's meant to be look oversized slightly for that draping appearance. 

Theres so many ways you could style this dress, from going full glam and having your hair up with heels to how I've quite casually curled my hair, thrown on some jewellery and headed out into the world to get my summer vibes on. 

I'm so happy with how these photographs turned out because we really took advantage of the one good day we had this month that remotely looked something like what we want in spring. I also loved how working with Cari's Closet  let me add some colour into my blog because a lot of the time I'll run straight for something more black and alternative, meaning I lose having fun with colour. 

How would you guys style this dress? I hope you enjoyed the pre summer vibes!

Until next time guys,

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(*disclaimer* this post was in collaboration with a brand where I was gifted an item for free for this review. All opinions and words are honest and my own)