Thursday, 8 March 2018

Happy international women's day!! I'm so excited to be putting together this post because not only is it working with one of my favourite jewellery brands but it's celebrating such an awesome fucking day which is meant for us all to band together and get supportive! Carter Gore are a classic, old school inspired sterling silver jewellery brand which have invited me to be apart of their girl gang to celebrate this glorious day in March! They sent me over this gorgeous engraved Girl Gang bangle which a select number of utter babes have received too - each celebrating women and how much we all support one another, so for my post I decided what not more fitting then an appreciation post to all the females in my life that inspire, love and make me, me. 

Inspiration comes from all around, but before I take to the woman who inspire me I first look to the direct ladies in my life that not share mutual support with me but who I love and adore with my entire soul. 

I've started this year out really struggling with myself for a lot of reason and I've had so many people hold my hands the entire way which I couldn't be more thankful for. My sister  has not only been there with me day to day, helping me with the big or little things but really seeing me through my change here on Heartshapedbones. I wanted to step things up and with her amazing photography skills she's been helping me with her looks - so please check out her IG and give her some love as she's a growing photography platform, I hope to help her as much as I can just like she has for me.

Sometimes in life you come across people that you know will be in it until your dying day, I have my family, my close friends from being children, but I never thought I'd make two friendships in my adult years that would be this strong! Two fellow Carter Gore girl gang members Robyn & Jess both bloggers and the best humans in the world came into my life over a year ago now and I can't thank them enough for everything they've done for me. Keeping me sane, inspiring me but mostly just sharing such love in our little wolf pack! I speak to them daily and it's so nice to have friendships where you're all completely on the same page, same humour, same interests - I generally don't know what I would of done without them over these past couple of months.

Another amazing lady despite never meeting (YET) in my life is Meg who instantly makes me feel so clear minded and she inspires me so much. She's such a strong women that I think you all need to speak to because creativity just shines from her. I can't wait to meet her soon because I know we'll get on like a house on fire.

Here are are bunch of blogging babes you all need to check out ~ they're creative as hell and have been such a huge inspiration to me:

Not only is she run such a good blog but Jemma @ Dorkface  also has an etsy shop that you need to hit up immediately. Her work is so vibrant and fun that it just inspires me so much to grab a paint brush and start creating. Sophie @ Popcorn and glitter has always been a blog from day one that I've religiously read because her content is so friggin good. Photography, good reviews, film reviews, fashion posts, Sophie's blog has everything! Currently she's traveling in America and I've been livingggg for her photos in Salem! One blogger who inspires me to my utter core is Maria @ Life with Maria because I know no one that can slay a beauty look like her! Not only are they so out of the box but they're bloody amazing, from Halloween to drag looks, I swear Maria made me look at makeup as a form of art because what she creates is utterly stunning. I wish one day that my own alternative style can be as fucking cool as Zoe @ Zoe London , there isn't a look she does that I'm not awed at! I found Holly @ The Kitty Luxe 's blog late last year and now I read it religiously, her approach on the blogging world 100% to how I feel myself and I've never connected so much to someones writing. Her looks are flawless and she inspires me so much to become a full time blogger like myself. Wanna know who the coolest lady is in all the land? Erica @ The gothic sprite is not only one of the nicest beings I've come across on the internet but she's just so friggin bitchin! I had the chance to see her over two years ago and I'm gutted I couldn't make it, she's originally from America but I love how supportive she is and her content! Her youtube channel is goals, she's hilarious and style is to die for.

I also want to share with you guys some of the ladies I love to watch over on youtube because they are huge inspirations to my work and also push me to continue working towards my goals of being my own boss! My favourite channel that I've watched for so many years now and which inspires my own so much is Kiera Rose  purely because not only is she creative but the messages she puts out into the world truly is wanting to make change for the better. All my interests are in one channel, food, tattoos, thrifting, animals - her channel encourages my own that I can don't have to stick to any niche and I can produce what I want. Helen Anderson's channel is utter perfection, quality filming, photos, content - I've watched Helen's channel every day for years because she uploads daily vlogs! Such a queen and when I feel really low about my own vlogs or my content, her channel is definitely the one to make you feel motivated again. Lastly I love Leanne's channel because she's so down to earth and humble. You can see her personality shine through in her videos but most of all I bet she is the most supportive person ever and I really respect that. 

Some other babes on the internet who I ship so much <3:

Blogging is my biggest passion in life and theres so much more inspiration around me, but here are just a few that I want to shout from the heavens this women's day <3


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