Paisley blue ~ Having two personalities to your style

15 Mar 2018

Hi my name is Jessica and I've suddenly become this bright red head who absolutely loves a baby blue number that screams fun and spring! How have I got to this place with my style? I feel like theres always been two sides to how I dress and I would never put specific labels on it because I just dressed however I wanted, but looking at my best outfits I'd say it's either really grungy and alternative, or pastel/colourful with a vintage twist. I love era fashion whether it's vinyl skirts and chokers from the 90's to big puffy skirts and pinched in waists from the 50's. I love love love anything from the 70's recently and it's definitely safe to say my style is always twisting and changing as of late. It feels like I almost have a split personality when I wake up in the morning and decide on what to wear, but whilst I've already spoke about not sticking to a niche which you can read here - I don't want to see me not having a strict 'style' on my blog as a bad thing. 

For a long time I'd find myself struggling if I didn't have anything new in my wardrobe to share with you guys, which it's so stupid because one that doesn't help me financially at all, and two the outfits I'm actually wearing and loving are from my wardrobe but what I'm desiring online to create an image. Thats one small thing I hate about blogging is the need to want to impress and also stay on trend, when really I love throwing on any old thing and feeling amazing despite where it's from. When I first started this blog I was obsessed with alternative fashion and don't get me wrong I still am, but the older I'm getting the more I'm open to trying new things and it's been so exciting to add different items than I'd usually go for into my wardrobe. I'll never grow out of alternative fashion but I no longer feel that if I'm not sharing with you some gothic edgy number that my blog is going up in flames, I'm so happy that every post recently has had a change of pace whether it be the topic I'm discussing or the outfit you're staring at. I feel like my style at the moment has a split personality that depends on how I'm feeling when I wake up, thats how this outfit came to be and I feel like it's 100% more authentically me than if I scramble to put some outfits together on a weekend that I've never even worn together before.

Despite currently having a play with my outfit choices I still want to refer to myself as an alternative blogger because thats truly what I think I do here on the internet. Thats my niche of people and what I want to be known as if I did slap a label on myself. Some may think thats putting myself into a box but it's a box I'm proud to be sat in - alternative bloggers stir away from the normal and hell no do I want to be that blogger who owns everything marble and only lies in skinny blue jeans and a white vest top (sorry if you do ladies you do you thats just not for me) each to their own, but I've always been proud of how unique my blog is and I'm still carrying that with me as I experiment with things.

This outfit today was a complete experiment but it felt so natural when I woke up that morning and paired these two bold items together. For years I've always wanted a teddy coat and last year I indulged in a white one, so when Blackbetty got in contact with me to work with them and I saw this loose one in blue...well you can't have enough coats when you live in England can you. Blackbetty are a online retailer that offer you daily fashion at bargain prices, perfect for someone like myself who is trying to dial down on their spending. Despite it not being my usual colour of choice I thought it was utterly beautiful, the baby blue perfect for Spring and in that instant I could see the light at the end of the tunnel thats going to be the end of this winter. 

I just wanted to go for a statement piece that was going to be perfect for the new season and I think this coat* is everything. I instantly thought to bring myself out of the dull winter I'd wear it with something white or frilly, cue in this paisley dress which has been sat in my wardrobe for nearly four years untouched. 


baby blue teddy coat* - blackberry
blue paisley shift dress - zara
strappy boot sandals - boohoo
red hair dye - live schwarzkopf
browny red lipstick - mac
yellow eyeshadow - colourpop 

I feel like sometimes when I purchase things I always swipe my card before I think, which is how I came into having this dress amongst my belongings. Back when I was in uni I decided to treat myself to quite the expensive dress for no reason what so ever. Shopping the high streets of York I fell head over heels for this paisley print dress in Zara and despite it not being my usual style of fit dress I'd go for I just told myself I'd make it work. It's never even made it outside because I disliked a few features, this sleeves being belled and a little too tight on the wrists. It's quite fitted to despite the size, so I always just put it to the back of my wardrobe...then tried to sell it. I always talk myself out of giving it up though because the pattern is just so gorgeous, so I adjusted the sleeves by cutting them and now I can't take it off. It's so strange how by just adjusting an item can make you change your mind completely. 

I'm going to be getting more crafty on my blog with fashion and include more DIY's with clothing, so I hope you're excited for that because it's something I've always wanted to do on my blog. It's a huge passion of mine and crafting makes my world go round, so it's finally coming to Heartshapedbones. 


I thought with the paisley dress having a similar colour palette to the coat made them a match from heaven - I've not been able to take this combination off! With my red hair too I think I really have made a huge change to my style of fashion that y'all might be used to. It's just something completely different for me and it's so fun to be a bit more experimental, but at the same time give me some black leather pants and a mesh top any day. I swear I really do have two different personalities when it comes to dressing myself and hopefully I can balance the two for you without looking like I'm having an identity crisis. 

Hopefully the start of my crafty DIYs will be up soon and I'm going to be discussing a lot of it over on my social medias, so I hope you head over to them if you're interested on finding out what projects are going down. 


What statement pieces have you bought for Spring? 

Until next time guys,

(*Disclaimer: this item was gifted to me for free in exchange for a blog post. All words are honest and my own)

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