The Perfect Spring Coloured Jumper

Friday, 30 March 2018

Doesn't this jumper just scream Easter? I see the pastel yellow and instantly imagine little bunnies, mini eggs, lots of powder sugar on cakes and just that promise that Spring is finally here and it's going to bring the sunshine. I mean...I'm looking out my window and there definitely isn't sunshine, but a gal can dream right?

When I came across this jumper it was completely by accident and I was in no money situation to buy it, but with my birthday just passing I thought 'hey, treat yourself even if its just this one thing right now'. I never think to even look on River Island, but after my sister mentioning they we're having some great deals on in sale I thought a cheeky peak wouldn't hurt. I've been trying to save money because living alone is expensive as hell, so to see such a nice jumper go from £45 to £ just have to right. I love mustard but yellows never been a colour I jumper for, which is why I am so surprised that I can't keep away from this jumper now it's in my wardrobe! I've styled it with so many things, but my favourite combination has to be slightly tucked into a loose skirt or even layered over a dress!

I'm going to be making a conscious effort to brighten up my wardrobe this Spring, don't get me wrong I love alternative fashion and wearing black, but at the same time I really want to experiment with introducing a 70's vibe to my style. I want to get into creams and browns, textures or knit pieces and even suede (fake ofc) but that kind of style with a western twist if I can pull it off. When I think of Spring I always think of pastels (I know, how obvious) just cute dresses and frills, so I wanted to see what I could easily transition into my wardrobe ready for spring but also not too ridiculously because the weathers not exactly been too great. Colour has also scared me off a little but from last year I've found myself being more brave, little hints of colour here and there, to the extra extremes of a bright purple fur jacket. I don't know if its the company I keep but being friends with bloggers opens you up to new styles and new purchases you'd never of thought to make. I'm seeing everyone refreshing their looks or Spring and it's got me excited to do so too! 

Even though this outfit may look a little basic or very Sunday casual, I've loved wearing it for many different occasions! It's an errands running outfit, to the pub outfit, put some heels on and it's a casual going out outfit! I'm currently sat in culottes and the jumper at my mums writing this post with tea and crumpets, so I can definitely say it's an item that's a statement to my spring 2018 wardrobe.

yellow oversized jumper - river island 
unicorn dress - sugar hill boutique 
boot sandals - boohoo


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