Grabbing Items For Spring When On A Budget

18 Apr 2018

One thing I've learnt recently from living alone is jesus holey christ I am skinter than I have ever been in my life. For anyone not down with the lingo I'm hella' poor, living alone means I have to put a lot more things first like bills over buying them new perfect boots from the lazy oaf & Dr Marten range (I'm still crying inside). I've had to scrap spending for myself when I have to put a roof over my head, which is fair, but it means that new items in my wardrobe have become a very blue moon occurrence. It feels like months since I treated myself to anything and quite frankly since I've been on a no spending ban I've not really seen anything that's caught my eye. It's easy to not spend money when you just shut your eyes and stay clear of any area where there is clothing, but I thought it was time I let myself spend just a little money and there is where this jumpsuit of my casual comfy dreams comes into play.

I'm telling you now one of the most underrated places to find clothing is supermarkets, this jumpsuit is from George, the clothing range at ASDA and it cost me less than twenty pounds. If ever you're wanting a bargain or an easy wear item check out your supermarket whilst you do your food shop! Only £16! I love wearing jumpsuits in spring and summer if its a cooler day because they're just so easy to style, you can throw on a jacket and trainers and you're out the door! In the same day as putting this outfit together I even wore it out on the night time and just added heels and a leather jacket...

We've had such a crap Spring so far here in the Uk I'm happy for a little bit of sunshine and this outfit is definitely going on repeat! 

When I saw the jumpsuit on the hanger I didn't think much of it at all, but when I got home I couldn't stop thinking about how the polka dot number would be so easy to style! A low v-neck and short floaty sleeve is usually never something I lean towards, but I'm happy I took a plunge for the cheap price point because I love it! I think it makes jewellery I wear stand out more and you can see my tattoos peeking out from under the sleeves. For some reason in our local ASDA all the knitwear is still hanging about so I didn't take a deeper look, but the summer wear online has got me excited for my next venture to do my monthly food shop!

black polka dot jumpsuit ~ george, ASDA
black pumps ~ h&m
black crystal necklace ~ witchcrafts 
black fur coat ~ newlook  

A little short but sweet post - I am utterly in love with this all in one so I'll get back to sharing more adventurous outfits once I'm over this!

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