It feels like the blogosphere is dying

9 Apr 2018

Is it just me or is anyone feeling the lack of community in the blogosphere? I don't mean a lack of support, I'm talking about the bodies of the people behind the keyboards typing because it surely can't just be me who's feeling the uninspired haze washing across the internet. I'm seeing more people taking breaks from blogging, decreasing posts because they're too busy or like me just can't seem to scrape inspiration to post. I've found myself less on bloglovin' reading others posts and if I'm honest my stats and views lately have taken a huge hit which has rolled out of no where. I've gone from having a steady flood of views to barely scraping half of what I normally get....and has my content got any different? certainly not, but it has slowed down which apparently many others are doing too.

 Is blogging dying? 

Personally I've been finding it a struggle to find the motivation to blog lately, it niggles in the back of my brain because I want to create content so bad but lots of things have just constantly been the way. I'm not alone here, other bloggers I talk to say the same thing that they're just going through a really busy life period...well I don't think I am, but blogging is just being put to the bottom of my list and I've done it unintentionally. 

When I get an idea to blog I just talk myself out of it, yeah I'm a fashion blog but I've always done other things too. It feels like a life time since I wrote about films I've watched, beauty products I'm indulging in, but when it comes to forming a post around these things I just don't want to do it. I tell myself readers won't find that stuff interesting because primarily I'm a fashion blog, I should stick to fashion...well fashion and I aren't playing well together lately because I'm strictly on a ban. I'm not buying new things and instead I'm staring at my wardrobe thinking it's completely boring. I keep meaning to try new things, re styling old outfits, even going second hand shopping because I won't feel half as bad purchasing things. I know that'd be good content to share with you some thrifty finds, but again finding time for my blog has been impossible lately and it's news to me. I've never not had time for my blog or to shoot outfit photos, I know I should be happy that I'm actually living my life and getting myself out there...but it means my passion that I love for this platform is being put on the waiting bench. 

I don't feel alone in thinking that blogs as a platform are dying, I've seen countless posts lately saying the same thing and it's been a topic of discussion between my girlfriends. It's scary, engagement whilst being good on social medias isn't reflecting on our blogs and it's so disheartening. I've never worried about views on my blog because it's always been a up hill journey and it's been a comfort I just didn't need to think about. Now I'm watching my views go up and down and barely touching what I usually is social media taking over blogs? I do find myself no longer casually taking a selfie for my instagram and instead setting up a full shoot just for one photograph! Theres no 'oh look at this cool thing I bought' it's flat lays, sponsorships for a photo of a product and everything looks pristine.  Yeah it's visually pleasing but it comes with a lot of pressure that wasn't there before and I don't know when I got to this place. I don't know when myself and my peers started to worry about if there's a sock in the background of a selfie or considering deleting pictures if the views aren't reflective of all the others on our platforms. I don't want to give a shit any more but I also want this to be my's creating stress for stress sake, especially when I used to see Instagram as a little collective place to post photos I liked despite if I was being paid to do so or wanting people to see me a particular way.

I hope this rant can some how be relate able to you and if you're a blogger feel free to message me if you want to chat about how we can all work together to make the community feel like one again. I've been spending time with people I've generally made a bound through blogging with and it's felt so refreshing to get some inspiration back. Everyone seems to have gone quiet online and I hope it's just a little pre warm weather funk us Brits have got ourselves into. 

Just to set myself a few little goals, I really want to push through this lack of motivation I'm having and hopefully come out of the other end back on track like I planned at the beginning of 2018. 

My goals:

  • meet more of my blogger pals because I love to surround myself with like minded people 
  • post atleast twice a week 
  • go back to doing some posts that I loved to create, DIYS, film post, foodie posts etc 
  • get creative and let other aspects of my life join my blog - mainly my artwork 
  • experiment with vintage qualities of photography 
  • write about other things than what im wearing  - topics are fun!

    Until next time guys,

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