Travel Diaries ~ Clumber Park Spring Weekend '18

Monday, 16 April 2018

The good weather is finally here, meaning = hello Spring I'm going to adventure out into you as much as I possibly can! I've been thinking for a while about the idea of introducing a photography section to my blog, purely because I take so many photos which end up having no place to go. I love taking photos, I have a degree in the craft so I've decided to combine two things that I love and have a space on my blog to show you things from travel photos to just shots around the house I'm proud of. 

This weekend the UK was finally blessed with the long awaited Spring weather we all deserved, so with a desire to geocache hard (if you don't know what geocaching is check out this link for a more detailed explanation than I can give) we headed to Clumber park which is literally round the corner from Doncaster to have a little adventure.

I've been geocaching for a couple of years now and it's so much fun, basically around the world people have hidden little trinkets from small canisters to huge boxes and you use an app on your phone to find them. People create trails with them, or there is just the one cache that someone has hidden and when found you simply sign the paper inside, check it off on your phone and be on your merry way! I love how excited I get when I'm close to where it's hidden, you can chat on the app and leave comments about the cache so I always have a deep read before hand in case there's any hints if the cache is hidden hard. I've found fake rocks before, logs, a box filled with photos and a film camera for you to take your photo! Most times they are just little film canisters - the ones we found in the park we're in these cute little heart tins!  

I've been intrigued in Jon Ronson's novels for ages since I saw everyone reading so you've been publicly shamed, a true crime Podcast I listen to suggested The Psycho Test as a good read to start so thanks to Amazon prime I ordered this little guy on Friday and got it Saturday morning! With my weekend adventures I didn't get round to starting it till Sunday so with a cup of tea and paprika eggs on toast I had a little read in the sun. I really love Ronson's writing style and so far the book is intriguing, I'll be able to detect a psychopath in no time!

I've never been to Clumber park before, it's a national trust park and the lake is huggeee there. I wore my fur coat and instantly regretted the decision because the weather was gorgeous, so I'll definitely bare that in mind for other adventures if the sun decides it wants to stay. We walked around the lake, finally got signal to hunt down some geocaches and I went crazy over every dog we passed because I'm a child. There was plenty of stops for coffees and food which I'd love to do next time, or even take a picnic!

I've really wanted a casual jumpsuit for Spring and I found this black polka dot steal in Asda George! I forget all the time that the super market Asda has a clothing section and I spend ages looking every time I go in. I saw this jumpsuit on a manikin but didn't think much of it, I checked online and it looked so much better on an actual person and was only £16! You can't go wrong, I paid next day delivery which was also super cheap and had it just in time to head off to Clumber park. It's super soft, floaty and sits a bit bigger which is fine with me because it hides my winter gut. I rarely go for a v-neckline too but I've loved styling this with a choker or a crystal necklace to add my own personal style touches. I also wore some platformed Creepers but I think its a piece you can easily dress up or down to change it from a day outfit to night!

(This quote is in my local pub holla yorkshiremen) 

I feel like I really made the most of a sunny weekend because on Sunday I went out with my family to a spring fair where my sister works (It's a rescue centre for dogs, horses and donkeys) and got to stroke lots of dogs, eat cake and be scared out of my mind at how huge the donkeys were. Who knew I was scared of horses till I was too frightened to stroke one! 


I really hope you like seeing my photographs especially when I'm having some fun adventures. I might even turn this into a weekend documentary series, who knows I'm just so happy that Spring is finally here because I enjoy stepping outside 10 times more than usual. 

Until next time guys,

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