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4 May 2018

Nearly 10 years ago (I really can't believe it's been that long) it was Prom season and it consumed every day conversations at school because finally we could all dress up super glam and have a party. Well, I feel like Prom here in the UK doesn't have a huge impact as you see in American produced films, I didn't go to an after party, I didn't fall in love with my high school crush and quite honest I couldn't wait to get the hell out of there because it really wasn't my scene at all. But the big build up with my friends was fun, planning our dresses, colours, transport - we went in a horse and carriage which was extra af...but I guess we all have different tastes when we're a teenager and in face have no taste. 

When I'm with friends from school I always think back to Prom and how everything would be completely different if we did it now. I wouldn't wear the dress I chose because it's completely not me, nor would I have gone with the people I did because ten years later I speak to one of them and don't even have the rest of facebook. Go figure. I feel like Prom is one of those false faces that everyone puts on, if you're not into big fancy frocks you still put one on, you say bye and cry to people you probably can't stand and then afterwards you move on to other things like college, university or even moving to a completely new city. I think the biggest problem for me at Prom was that I was just starting to find my style and experiment, whilst at the same time I let my Mum choose my prom dress basically and it never really represented me. My Mum worked at a bridal store so we picked my dress from there because she got a good discount, meaning I had a limited choice to dresses and I really didn't care less. I was always a laid back child when it came to things like clothes, a hoodie and jeans we're my go to for YEARS until I found that clothes could actually be cool in the style I wanted to dress. Around that age I found 'alternative' fashion and it stuck with me, looking back I wish I could of expressed that more because nowadays it's very unlikely that I go to ball gown events.

One thing I thank my fashion blog for is the amazing opportunities it's given me so far and the brands I've been able to work with, everyone has their journeys on the internet and for myself I think my small corner of the internet is exactly where I want it to be! I remember getting my first collaboration email with a brand and just being in disbelief that a brand liked my content that much they wanted to work with me, so to now be in a place where I'm working with a brand I've LOVED and shopped at for many years is insane. Boohoo got in touch and wanted to introduce me and you guys to their dress range perfect for the Prom season! One thing I love about Boohoo is the range in price, which definitely can help a girl out when it comes to wanting a dress for the big day but not having the luxury to splash out. Looking back, I wish I had styled a dress completely different than the mainstream style of princesses dresses you see a prom! Online retailers like Boohoo offer you a variety of styles, casual, luxury, there's a style to fit everyone so I challenged myself to style an alternative piece with prom goers in mind. 

I love this dress*, it's an alternative item from my dreams with many of my favourite things all in one. It's black so of course I feel super edgy in it, has mesh sleeves, frilled and the perfect autumnal palette of coloured florals! I know it's spring and for prom you might not really want something autumnal, but for me I think it's a colour palette that suits my complexion and hair. I couldn't wait to go out into the country side at sunset to shoot it, feeling not only feminine but so confident with my style. I wish I'd of worn something more to my tastes now when I went to my own prom, so definitely don't give up if all you've come across are princess dresses that might not be your thing. 

floral black dress* ~ boohoo
belt ~ asos
watch* ~ ice watches 
pentagram necklace ~ witchcrafts (my own store)

If you're a frequent reader on my blog you've probably noticed how I live out in the sticks, the countryside actually one of my favourite places that I'm happy I've grown up in. I live in a tiny ass village so I've been super excited to go out into the woods to get some Spring time pictures! I've kept things super casual to let the dress do the talking, but for prom I'd definitely be throwing on a pair of strappy heels and my hair would have a Lana Del Rey retro waves style. 

When I went to prom I found my eyes constantly catching alternative dresses, ones that didn't all come from the same wedding dress stores like my own did. I loved the 'alt' kid crowds because they we're completely themselves and wore what they wanted to wear. I think one huge thing I want to preach is wear what you want, keep true to yourselves and don't let your friends make you get that huge princess dress instead of the green one you want just because it might clash with theirs. 

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(*DISCLAIMER* Items marked with * we're gifted to me for free in exchange for a blog post. All works are my honest opinion and my own)

PHOTOGRAPHS BY Perfectly Ordinals 

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