31 May 2018

 A couple of years ago I started really hating my arms and apart from knowing it was a couple of years ago I can't pin point when this happened or why. I remember when I was in my second year of university I loved to wear small halter necks, crop tops, I went on holiday to Greece and wore tinnie tiny dresses and tops and always had my arms out. Then I just remember thinking 'ugh god no I hate having my arms out if makes me feel so uncomfortable' and I've never changed since. Summer is really hard for me because I'd rather wear long sleeves or big t-shirts, something I never did but I guess everyone's style changes. When I was younger I hated getting my legs out I'd wear tights in any situation even going to the beach, so I guess your state of mind on your body does change. Currently though I'm finding it harder than ever to go outside with my full arms out and it's so frustrating because I just don't know why. 

It's been a long time since I styled a look without covering my arms up one way or another so I thought I'd challenge myself to throw together a look with some of my favourite items and daring to look past my insecurities. 

I love the tattoos on my arm and I love to show them off, but whilst my sleeve is currently under way I think this has given me a serious fear of having it on show. When I just had my shoulder done it was fine, it looked super cool and despite the cobweb being smaller than planned I still think it covers the ball of my shoulder perfect. I then sometime last year decided that I was going to go for it and start on my sleeve which I've always wanted, so I started to build up work on my arm and this year finally got the big piece on my fore arm which I guess is the centre of attention on my arm. It's what you see first, but now that I've started to build them up slowly I'm super aware of the gaps in between. I have spaces to fill and oh boy, I find it really hard to get dressed in summer knowing I need little clothing or else I'll die but at the same time people are going to see my unfinished sleeve. I don't want people to think this is how I want my arm to look and I know in my head 'who cares' and it looks good despite there being lots of skin still to cover...but I guess it's gotten to me more than I thought it had. Sometimes I wake up and I have the huge urge to get tattoo'd as soon as I can to fill in the gaps I hate. I really dislike the back of my arm being blank and the crook of my elbow because to me it just looks very obvious. 

I've always wanted some smart checked trousers and whilst I've come across my fair share of smart pants that I have worn to death, I haven't felt as comfortable as I do in these! They're a little big for me but what isn't, but the fit on the leg is amazing and rolling them up gives them such a dressed down vintage vibe. I wore these dressed up with boot heels when I was having a little city break, so I wanted to dress it down and make myself feel comfortable as possible as I wanted to get my arms out.

This white crochet top was something I actually bought for a festival back in 2013 and never took it with me - it had it's first and only appearance at a Fleetwood mac concert in 2015 then returned to the wardrobe. I'm wanting to bring in a 70's vintage theme to my looks so I thought this was perfect, the detail on the hem is my favourite thing about this look! I paired it with some white converse to match my crop top and an over sized leather jacket because I live for layers. It shows my options, it gets cold I throw on my leather jacket, it's sunny I let the arms out and try hard not to think about how my sleeve is unfinished.  

checked trousers ~ the vintage scene
crochet crop top ~ primark
shoes ~ converse 
faux leather jacket ~ h&m
black hoodie ~ primark 
sun glasses ~ rayband

Until next time guys,

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