How blogging has lead me to experiment like never before

1 May 2018

Sometimes do you ever think back to your younger teenage self and think what the hell was I thinking when it came to fashion? Not even just my teenage self, I see pictures of myself being 18,19, in my twenties and on nights out my outfits are terrible. However, I do remember at the time thinking I looked bomb as hell and feeling yourself is all that matters right?

I look at the my wardrobe now and I'm so happy with where it's developed! I have blogging to thank completely because without this space on the internet no way would I be sporting half of the outfits I put together. This checked, fish net, flared sleeve number would be too busy for my past self who would wear head to toe black or jeans and a hoodie...but I love it. I love where my style is, I love that its becoming spring time because every year I really allow myself to experiment with my fashion. Everythings brighter, the sun is out and people are generally more happy! I feel more happier as we speak and I think you can see that in my outfits because I'm exploring so many things from textures to colours! I'M WEARING COLOUR THIS IS NOT A DRILL.  

Blogging hasn't just influenced my fashion and I think this is mainly where I want this post to go. It's allowed me to be a bigger, better version of myself which really lacked any confidence when I was in school. I've always suffered from anxiety and whilst I never thought it was affected by others, I did suffer a lot by comparing myself. I'd go to parties and hate what I looked liked because other girls looked way cooler. Is that really lame to say? I generally felt shit because others looked amazing or could afford better brands of clothing. Through blogging and actually heading to university I realised that stuff like that didn't matter what so ever. Blogging has allowed me to really grow into my own person and now I'd say my confidence in myself is one of my favourite traits. I don't care what others think, I do things because they make ME happy. Blogging did that for me and I can't thank it or people that support me enough!

Another huge change that blogging has helped me do is expand more on where I go, who I met and this possibly is my favourite part of being on the internet! I've made friendships through talking to other bloggers and not just people who I meet up to just do our mutual connection. These people will be in my life till my dying day and I know they will which is thrilling. I love these people, fellow bloggers who are completely like me in every way and hanging out with them is like hanging out with someone who's been in your life since day one. I never thought I'd venture out to different places than my home town but now I do it monthly to meet new people! It's exciting, yes scary but I've never felt so connected to the people I've made friends with over blogging.

I headed up to Hull at the beginning of April to meet a friend who it feels like I've been talking to online for years now! I love Meg her content is so unique, her youtube channel literally has been sponge watching it for days and I just love how nice of a human she is! Friendly, warm and cares so much to everyone she speaks to! Meg is also an amazingly talented photographer so we had a little adventure around Hull taking photos for our blogs! She's made me completely fall in love with Hull which is a sentence I never thought I'd say, I coo'd so hard over Meg's family home and the little village she lives in! (can't take the small town village girl out of a good old village am I right)

I accidentally put this outfit together when I was packing for Hull, I laid it on the bed with some other options and the clash of patterns spoke to me! I love this floaty sleeved t-shirt but it's so hard to wear with anything because it's massive on my little frame. I bought it in a larger size because I thought it'd look very rock and roll with flared trousers, but I love how it adds a cute vintage vibe to this checked pinafore dress by Lazy Oaf. I spoke in my last post about wanting to give some old outfits I've already featured some loving and to re style them, so this pinafore yes has been on my blog before but dressed a completely different way! It's been making me so happy to get old items out and re style them, I feel like it's refreshed my wardrobe and I don't have to buy anything new which is a huge bonus. 

I love the fishnet and creeper combination so it was a no brainer to make this outfit a little more grunge. I bought this pinafore at the end of last summer in the sale so my goal is to get it's full wear this summer purely because it costs me quite a bit! I love the heart detail on the front so you can tell it's from Lazy Oaf, their stuff is super cute but with an edge other brands just aren't producing at the moment. 

checked pinafore dress ~ lazy oaf
flared floaty white top ~ h&m
blue leather jacket ~ zara
creepers shoes ~ ebay  

I think my favourite thing about Hull city is definitely the large amount of artwork and murals down little cute streets! Everywhere we walked we came upon these amazingly colourful sets! I hope you enjoyed these photos, Meg is such a good photographer so expect to see alot more of her shots because oh boy we took alot of photos!

Until next time guys,


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