How to create a rainbow wall hanging

28 May 2018

I'm so excited to finally be doing my first crafts DIY of the year and it won't stop here don't worry, I have some exciting projects that are all fun and handsie for you guys to sink your teeth into. I love crafting and it's always been a huge part of my life from being a child - I remember my mum buying me a 'guide to being a wizard or witch' and it was full of tricks on how to make stuff like zombie apples to your own witch hat. Anyway, one thing I've been working on this year is wall hangings, they're fun, look amazing as a home d├ęcor piece and surprisingly easy to make once you get into the flow of things. I do want to do another wall hanging tutorial showing you different ways to weave the thread, but today is something a little more brighter and this wall hanging is actually something really special to me. It's a rainbow wall hanging!

It's super easy to make and just to show you how easy it is I've basically used appliances I had around the house, no need to buy a fancy weaving frame board (which tbf I do want to invest in but this poor ass bish is currently on a spending ban). 

Things you will need:
  • A board OR picture frame - something that's rectangular (a4 size or larger)
  • Scissors
  • Wooden stick (craft stick or even go all natural from outside)
  • Lots and lots and lots of colourful thread
  • Glue gun (maybe) 

First step - You want to take a neutral colour for you base, I went with white so that the rainbow itself would stand out and white also goes with whatever wall colour it's going to be working with. Using a board or frame, wrap your white thread around it in an even amount of times to give yourself the structure we're going to weave onto. Just tie it off at both ends.

Second step - We start to weave! Take the end of a new piece of white thread and start to weave it through the lines, going over one, under one, repeating this pattern over and over till you have a complete line.

Third step - you then want to take your fingers and just push the thread down to the bottom, starting a new line and repeating the same pattern which should go under one, over one so that it looks different to your first line. 

Forth Step - I started off with creating just a thick strip of the white thread just so that we have a boarder to slip in our colourful thread because we aren't going to weave it into the wall hanging the same way as we have done. 

Fifth step - This is where things get fun, pick out your colours for your rainbow! You can keep it simple with just red, yellow, green and blue OR if you have more thread in other shades go for it. I chose 8 colours, red, orange, yellow, light green, dark green, light blue, dark blue and purple. The bigger the wall hanging the more colours you can do! 

Sixth step - Take your first colour (purple) and cut it into single strands that are all the same length. Do a handful (you might not use them all) and how long the thread is depends on how long you want it to hang from the bottom of the hanging. 

Seventh Step - Each colour is going to take up the full space of each gap that we made with the lines in our first step. If you have two shades of one colour separate them both into one space between the lines. Take a thread and hoop it through the space created from the white thread lines going downwards. Use the thick woven boarder we made to secure it. 

Eighth step -  start to make the arch of the rainbow as you build up your layers of different colour thread!

Ninth step - So your rainbow is done! Return back to the white thread and repeat that same weaving pattern we used to make the thick beginning boarder. You can go wild and do any other pattern you want, but just to keep it simple I just did the standard one under, one over again. (you want to push your weave under the rainbow so that it has a flat surface underneath to support it) 

Tenth step - Cut the white thread into same size strands and thread it through the centre of the rainbow so that it defines it more. 

Eleventh step - Depending on how big you want the weave, once you've finished you need to now use your wooden stick! Slide it in between the lines we made with the white thread.

Twelfth step - Carefully cut the lines we made in step one on the back of the board, releasing the wall hanging from the board. Don't move the wall hanging as it could now come undone from both ends.

Thirteen step - Tie the thread to the wooden stick, you can easily hide the ends on the back of the hanging because no ones going to see that side! I've left them loose and long for a hand made affect. Do the same on the bottom, this will also secure the colour thread we loosely woven. 

Fourteenth step -  If your colour thread isn't as secure as you want then use a glue gun to just stick them down to the white weave we did behind it for the under layer. 

Fifteenth step - Cut a long strand of white thread and attach it at the top to make a wire for it to hang from a nail or however you're attaching it to the wall. 

There we go! When you start out first weaving the process does take you some time, this should take you between 2-3 hours to complete if you're just starting out because it takes time to weave the white body and also cut all your strands. 

I hope you guys found this tutorial easy to follow and feel free to ask me any questions if you try to recreate it! If you have any tips for a new wall hanging weaver like myself please drop them over I'd really appreciate it. Enjoy weaving!

Until next time guys,

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