Stepping out of my comfort zone with a vintage Spring dress

22 May 2018

How epic is this wall mural? If there's one thing I learnt from visiting a super kind and cool human which is Meg over at Mysticmogwia is that she bloody loves a good wall mural and there are so many gorgeous creative ones located around Hull! I may of possibly found my love for the city which  I never thought I'd say, but when you're raised in a tiny village you start to appreciate the little things like just being around people that aren't old or in fact aren't human at all and are sheep. Yep, that's my sort of village. 

Anyway, I wanted to get this post up now rather than later because whilst the dress in action is perfect for summer, I decided to dress it with a cooler temperature in mind! The heat is here in the UK guys and I've shot so much content involving my nice new summer wardrobe, so I'm super excited to be getting back into blogging! It's been a slow burner for me to get my motivation back this year, but from shooting a lot and speaking to other bloggers I feel inspired more than ever with the looks I have ready. If you didn't know already I work with vintage second hand clothing as my day job, I love it! I get to do a lot of things I love like take photographs, edit and most importantly hang out with unique clothing all day and try not to buy anything despite me loving most of it. I have a more alternative sense of style than my work colleagues, but I love how we all have this passion for vintage. With it being summer we're getting a lot of 90's style dresses in and whilst the sizing can be off for me, this one was actually perfect and the light blue floral pattern was to die for! It's slightly out of my comfort zone...but I was excited to experiment with bringing it into my personal style this Spring!

Wearing the dress on it's own is not me at all, I love to layer so I decided to pair with black and go a little grungy for that true 90's style. A trusty long black t-shirt and my creepers we're my instant go to, I instantly felt comfortable to be wearing such a different colour for me! With most vintage items it's going to be slightly oversized and yeah this midi dress is definitely long for me, the top half having a ribbed elasticated looking detail which I love because it's so different. The bottom half isn't pleated so it causes the waist of the dress to be straight down like a shift, which isn't what I'm used to but I just love the colour and pattern. Light blue is also something I come back to when summer hits, it reminds me so much of Miss Honey from Matilda which means this dress is now referred to as my Miss Honey dress!

I'd say from working with vintage clothing it's definitely opened up my eyes to new styles and being a little bolder with what I wear. I love 90's fashion and this gives me giant Friends vibes. 

blue floral dress ~ the vintage scene
black crop top ~ h&m
fish nets ~ primark 
creepers ~ ebay
black faux fur coat ~ new look 

(I think it's safe to say that the fur coat has been put away till winter!)

Until next time guys,


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