Motel Rocks Polka Dots

20 Jun 2018

I really struggle to dress myself when it comes to Summer and I know you're probably thinking old are you again? You can't do the basic thing of dressing yourself appropriately for different temperatures in weather? Since being a teenager I've always swayed more to the darker side of life, black is my go to and even though I have been introducing my style to colour this year I will always run to the black option when in doubt. I also like to layer up my clothing, so when the gorgeous sunshine graces us I get a little beside myself on what to wear because I have nothing for this season.

If you haven't read my last post about my insecurities you can read it here, but I mentioned how I hate to get my arms out so little strappy tops or dresses are a thing of the past for me. I've sold or gotten rid of so many little summer dresses I used to love, so now when I go to my wardrobe its either really long dresses that have never been summer time appropriate or other things I like to layer up like t-shirts and culottes. That's a go to outfit,  but there's only so many times you can put on a pair of your favourite culottes and not feel like you're repeating yourself. I had to dig right into the bottom of the wardrobe to try to salvage something for the weather, which is when I came across this dress I bought years ago and whilst yeah it's black and doesn't really scream summer, I can't take it off!

I love to wear dresses in any season and last year I found a bunch of smock dresses that have become my life saver go to dresses. They’re just so easy to throw on without needing anything else to dress them with, so I picked up bunch mainly from Depop which is where I got this polka dot dress. Motel rocks is a brand I used to love to shop with very much like misguided, the quality is always there and I think it offers a little more unique pieces than you’d think. I wanted something black but with a little something extra, so to have polka dots, roses AND a neck bow tie? I feel like I could wear this dress for many occasions and that’s always a stress saver.

I've really been wanting to challenge myself to new locations for my shoots but I'll admit living in a small village makes that a little harder than you'd think. I live out in the country and I love it, but sometimes that alternative aesthetic isn't going to be supported when I'm rolling around a farmers field full of daisies. I don't really know what my aesthetic is any more and I'm trying not to have a huge panic. I love vintage clothing, I love to thrift and quite frankly in summer I do struggle with my look because I want it to look a little lighter than the dark clothes I wear in winter. I say this as I'm sharing a black dress with you guys, but I really do want to branch out and juts create my own personal styled looks then having to claim whether it's goth or not. I'm coming to terms that my style has changed alot since I first started blogging but it's exciting and I hope you guys like the direction its going. 

polka dot dress ~ motel rocks . beret hat ~ ebay . studded shoes ~ h&m

Photography has always been a huge passion of mine that I've adapted into my career and probably most hobbies of mine. I've studied creative subjects since I was 11 and graduated last year with a degree in fine art, photography plays a huge part in everything I did so to fell more rooted I've started looking at my outfit photographs differently. I want them to be more creative, to play around with what we're capturing which I think is what draws me so much to natural locations.

My sister too these photographs who's an aspiring photographer and I love them, the contrast, lighting and even how she's played with flowers in the foreground is amazing. This post is more of a visual one but I hope you liked it all the same! 

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