Bring the grunge this summer

26 Jul 2018

Yes Mum I really did just layer up and march out into the boiling hot sun in the darkest outfit imaginable when you said wear something light and appropriate. One of the biggest battles I face with fashion in summer is wanting to go for my comforts but it being too hot to pull them off. I'm a sweaty mess in seconds! I love to layer things, I love dark clothing and above all I love my Nirvana t-shirts which obviously require me to go full grunge. I wanna wear stompy boots and chokers, but then I step out of my front door and a human sized puddle is all that remains. It's a hard life I lead, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and be your true self despite the weather! 

Grunge fashion has always appealed to me because theres just something really cool and edgy about it. Layering clothes, oversized clothes, band t-shirts, clashing prints - grunge fashion constantly shows it's head in my personal style and for me that is what alternative fashion is. It's being comfortable but looking like you're walked straight out of a gig with that little bit of edge on your shoulder! I clock myself in the mirror and think I dress like a boy sometimes, but I've never felt more confident in some tartan trousers, t-shirt and oversized shirt! It's a look I've worn to work many times because it's just so comfy, but for this post I wanted to step things up a little and wear something that is my version of grunge summer wear. 

This is probably the twelfth t-shirt I've got in my Nirvana collection, but I think it's so interesting and it's actually from Primark! with the classic yellow face print on the front, it also has two cut outs on the shoulders which shows off the cobweb tattoo on my shoulder. I've been in love with Nirvana since I was very young and I couldn't tell you how I even found them. My grandad bought me a bunch of CD's one year including Blink 182 and Good charlotte, everything spiralled from there and I did my research into older bands. I love their music, Heartshaped Box inspired my blog name - but mainly I love their sense of not giving a fuck fashion! I actually mentioned grunge fashion in my dissertation at university and how it's the culture of alternative rock and punk, a dressed down fashion which has stolen my heart. 

Nirvana black t-shirt - primark - mesh polkadot top - h&m - tartan green skirt - eBay - scrappy buckle sandals - boohoo - choker - eBay 

I definitely think one element that has changed in my personal style as I've grown is comfortable is in. I've stopped really caring to over dress or look my best, if I feel comfortable than I succeed at my day so much more. I love summer but I really can't wait for things to start cooling down so I can explore more with layering and just bringing out this side of my style. 

Until next time guys,

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