Coping with the heat when you're really not a summer baby

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Do not be fooled, despite being layered up in this outfit I am a complete fail of a melting blob human when it comes to summer because I just don't do well in heat. Even though it was sunny the day I shot this outfit there was a breeze saving my life! Anyway, I am a winter baby and despite hating having to wear 100000 layers and tights I actually prefer it over summer. I'm always sat on the fence (literally look at me I'm on a fence) about summer because I do love being able to get my legs out and wear dresses BUT I just don't think it's worth me being a sweaty mess every day right up till September starts. My perfect time of year is late September because its starting to get breezy but you can get away with weather culottes and a light jacket. It's sunny but you know the chill is right round the corner, so right now I'm just trying to get by day by day until my favourite season is upon us!

I think I find summer such a struggle because I hate to get my arms out so I kind of do myself in really. I won't wear vest tops or scrappy dresses without a t-shirt underneath, so no wonder I'm always dying after walking in the sun for ten minutes. I have a dark dress sense and I find it hard to style anything too because I just over heat, so I thought I'd put together some tips on how to get by this summer with the big heat wave we're having here in Britain. 

Layer dresses with mesh tops

The best way to layer an outfit if you hate getting your arms out like me is wear a mesh top underneath! You feel like you're wearing nothing because it's so thin and you still have your arms out without actually having them out. I thought it'd feel super uncomfortable if I started to sweat a little but thats why you keep a good full can of deodorant on you at all times! Mesh is a good item to add an alternative twist to a cute dress. 

Experiment with cute braids or ways to put your hair up

I haven't seemed to master the cute messy bun, but I do feel super good about myself when I'm rocking a cute braid crown. Instead of feeling like a mess scraping the hair off your face in a up do that I'm definitely not used to, I think doing something a little different with your hair can make you more confident about your appearance in summer. Keeping cool and keeping cute!

Accessories to replace your sleeves

If you really want to brave the sleeveless tops then one way you can make yourself feel like plain is accessories! Add cute little necklaces or big chunky ones, belts, a handbag - I feel less bare if I have layers and those don't particularly need to be in the form of clothing.  

Ditch tight clothing

The moment I start to over heat I detest everything around me, wanting to literally strip to nothing and just sprawl on the floor. Instead, I have to be clothed and go about my day so I've been living in oversized dresses which is so comfortable. Buy a couple of smock dresses and you'll feel super breezy walking around in a cute dress, but not sweating your pits off in a tight top.

Take out your water bottle 

Cut down on plastic by taking a reusable water bottle with you to work and even just if you're out walking! Of course in summer the amount of plastic wasted on people purchasing water isn't going to be good for our planet, so be a little more environmental friendly with a water bottle. Mine has a handle and I literally carry it with me everywhere I go. Plus you're saving money using the tap and not spending £1 every time you need a drink of water.

I didn't realise how much my hair and pinafore matched but what a good colour choice! I've been feeling the rustic colours lately and I think it matches with how warm everything is. Two things I'd say I've taken from summer is lighter colours and feeling more body confident! 

Until next time guys,

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  1. Damn, I love your style! Your hair colour is beautiful as well :)

    I'm a winter lover and I tend to dress quite dark as well, so summer and the heat is always a struggle for me as well.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  2. I have been a human sweat puddle for like four months now, these tips are the most useful!!! xxx


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