What they don't tell you about working on the internet

Sunday, 1 July 2018

I think as bloggers one thing that is swept under the carpet a lot is what it's like to really work on the internet, people assume what a freelancers life is like and take our sunny shots out in the cities sipping cocktails a little too seriously. Everyone on social media posts their best self because it's what makes them and others happy, but in a way this can be sharing a false self because I can guarantee those influencers you love and follow aren't having fun easily living their dreams 24/7. A lot of hard work and nights in goes into working for yourself online and for a while now I've wanted to collect some of my thoughts and put them into a blog post!

A lot of hard work and dedication is needed to keep up an online appearance, whether this be in the blogging world or just general online work. If you didn't know I also run an online store selling my artwork, so keeping a constant online presence has gone past just wanting to make it big as a blogger for me. I rely on social media to build not only a blog following but now customers too and I think that is where the fear sets in because it's a weird though that the internet is how I pay my bills. This thing in my computer and phone is what I use to keep myself fed and alive...I don't know if thats too much of a deep thought for a Sunday, but I just think it's not as simple than what you write down on paper. 

Working on the internet is a lot of nights in working, it's turning down that offer to go to the pub or hanging out with your sister. When I first started this online adventure I did it very part time so when I could manage a spare hour here and there between work and uni. I could only imagine working freelance from home and I have to say it's lonely as hell and most online creators can agree. 
I spend a good portion of my week just on my laptop catching up with everything I need to do, I go to work, come home and I'm straight on that laptop which leaves pretty little time to fit anyone in. I've been single now for 6 months and I've manage to cram so many projects and step up the quality of everything, but now this new routine means it's been hard to let people in. I get human interaction when I shoot photographs for my blog, but that literally is 20% of the job and for the rest I'm alone. I have realistically 5 hours a day to clean my home, look after my kitten, look after myself like eat, shower and then the rest of the time I'm trying to cram in writing blog posts, editing videos and also creating prints for my store to sell. My store has become a big priority but with that has come having to shut myself away from people to really give myself completely to what I'm doing. Working online is lonely because you're not going to want to be in a room full of people when you're trying to write posts or package up orders. 

I think if it wasn't for the supportive online family I've made through blogging I wouldn't still be doing it. It amazing to be able to message someone and feel like you're receiving human contact.

One thing that I feel is a little swept under the carpet is the competition you're unknowingly getting yourself in when you start to work online. Again whether it's blogging or being an independent store, you're then competing for others attention with a full world of online users. This isn't necessarily a big point that bothers me, it's not like we're competing to get one spot on a university course like I've had to deal with in the past, but you do want people to read and love your stuff. You want to attract followers, readers, do the right thing to get you bigger, which I think we all do consider in the back of our brains. I've found that I feel so much less stressed if I just stop looking at numbers and post what I want - if I collect people who love the same things as me fantastic, if not I need to stop getting so down about it. 

I think one problem about being an influencer or seller online is how easy it is to compare yourself to others - don't fall into that toxic trap of looking at others and thinking 'why are they doing so well and I'm not'. You can turn that negative thought into motivation to push yourself or sit in a grey bubble of self doubt, everyone has their own journeys and I kind of hate the internet for this because you're only seeing someones good points. As a blogger you're not going to put your bad shoots or bad quality work out there are you, the same as you wouldn't put a failed drawing online because sadly it's not what people want. Don't check someones feed and assume their life is all bright sunny shots and adventurous outings all the time and that your life should be that. 

I want to do a full post on managing full time work and blogging, but I don't think I'd be able to cope without scheduling every tiny thing. Tweets, instagram posts, blog posts, I even have a little planner of whens best to advertise my art work and blog posts. Unfortunately for us social media has become really hard to grow recently and it's caused us all to take notice and do our research on how to market. Networking has always been a no brainer for me but now I not only rely on it for followers but customers to my store too...it's stressful. Schedule everything and I can 100% confirm that pretty much every influencers tweets have been scheduled on a sunday ready for the following week and they're not constantly on their phones. I've had messages before saying I hadn't contacted them back but I was on my phone posting on my social medias, when really I'm at work or napping. 

I found it quite comical how scheduled my life has become, I actually have black hair right now but I've got so much content planned with my orange locks that you won't be seeing that till at least August!

I've been feeling really uninspired lately to just write outfit posts so I hope you guys have been enjoying my little food for thought posts. I love a good topic to write about and a lot has been on my brain lately, so for a while I think I'm going to ramble away on things I think are a little more meaningful to me at the moment than just what I've been wearing. 

Still, heres a little about my outfit! I actually made this top. I thrifted it from a charity shop and decided to go at it with the scissors, turning the front into a low cut and then a tie at the waist! I love seeing this style of shirt in stores but I don't really have the money to splash at the moment, so I did my own alternative and I love it! I think it's perfect for summer to show a little skin but at the same time not look too overly dressed up if I want to go to the pub or other things adults do that don't involve alcohol (I don't know what that is I just love alcohol) 

Pairing it with my striped 70's trousers I think it's a good way to subtly clash patterns! 

Until next time guys,

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  1. I completely understand what you're talking about. While I don't own a store, and I'm still doing this part-time, I can already tell that this job is glamorized way more than people make it out to be. I changed my url a few months ago. I just felt like it wasn't me anymore, and since then my views have gone done significantly. It's a bit upsetting to think all the hard work you've put into your blog for it to just go 1000 steps backwards. Just like you, I've come to realize that I just have to write about what I like and hope that people like what I have to say and will want to follow me for me! Great post xx

    Melina | melinaelisa.com

    You're always inspiring to me xxx


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