Introducing New Things Into Your Personal Style

Thursday, 30 August 2018

This year I've been definitely experimenting a little more with my personal style, expanding out from my go to black options and actually introducing some colour this summer. It's been weird to see myself dressed in a little colour, but I've come to terms with not sticking myself in a box when it comes to clothing and shaking any labels I might want for myself. I love alternative clothing and looking the part don't get me wrong, I'm still the black haired little elf with spooky tattoos...I just want to also feel like a cute colourful summer baby sometimes too! 

It's the last few days of summer so I almost want this post to be a little 'see ya!', sharing with you guys one of my favourite looks I put together whilst frolicking around in the heat we had for months. 

I love yellow. It's become my new obsession and definitely a trend I'm taking into fall with me. With bright colours I never really know what to pair with them and that's what makes me apprehensively running back to black clothing. Not only am I experimenting with colour but any form of sports wear clothing is different for me. I've never been one to get into sports luxe or even the popper trackies trend, but one fun thing to come from working is brands is being able to expand from your normal and try new things you might not without that opportunity!

Headlock vintage a second hand clothing boutique got in touch to style some of their pieces and I took this as the right time to get out of my comfort zone. T-shirts are an easy go to so I went for this yellow Puma t-shirt*  , super comfortable and I already had a number of ideas on how to style it for different occasions. 
I think that's the worry I have with sports wear or items more on the casual side - I never know how to style them so I just stir away and go for alternative pieces. However, looking at this Puma t-shirt* I thought I could easily dress it girly with a floral skirt, under a dress, casual with some culottes or even wear it for when I do yoga because I love t-shirt with a bit of room. To match the occasion of beautiful weather I decided to pair the t-shirt with a sunflower print skirt and go full out yellow, stepping over my fears and putting alot of colour into my outfit. 

PUMA YELLOW T-SHIRT ~ Headlock Vintage // SUNFLOWER SKIRT ~ Depop // BAG ~ Primark // SLIDER SANDALS ~ H&M  

I love sunflowers so I'm surprised I've not shared this skirt with you guys sooner - it's a little high waist skater style, but the yellow matches perfectly with the t-shirt and brought alot of detail to a simple outfit. I think one way of introducing new items into your wardrobe is pairing them with either something you're super comfortable in, or treating yourself to an out there/exciting outfit with interesting detail. If I feel washed out I'm not going to like the new item I've purchased, but feeling super confident will get me wearing it over and over. I know confidence isn't something we all have or is achieved easily, but I felt so good about myself this day of shooting this outfit that I felt so comfortable in sports wear for the first time ever. 

Until next time guys,
(DISCLAIMER: Items marked with * we're sent to me for free in exchange for a blog post. All words and opinions are my own)

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My Goals & Plans for AW18

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Theres a cold breeze outside and the trees are already starting to turn, can anyone scream fall season louder and more excited than me? Whether you're a returning reader or a newbie to Heartshapedbones it goes without saying I am a big lover of Autumn and everything that comes with this period of time. Halloween is my thing, I am the Halloween witch queen and I generally feel so excited for the content I have planned and want to make this season. 

It feels like I've been stuck in a little rut as of late and I'm finally breaking out! On trying to pin point where I've been failing I really do think it's because summer just isn't my time when it comes to dressing myself. This year I've not really gone on any summer trips, theres been no holidays on my agenda and I've just been a sweating, working mess instead of a fabulous put together fashion blogger. I get no warm feelings about summer and yeah I do love not having to wear tights...but it doesn't feel me with uncontrollable excitement like fall does. I'm looking outside of my window right now and even though it's sunny and we're still in August, I can just tell theres a change in the air. I can tell it's cooler and dressing gowns are being dug out from everyones winter wardrobe. 

At the beginning of this year I over looked goals and plans I wanted to achieve and overtime I see someone online saying 'yay just ticked off one of my goals/plans for 2018 woo!' I'm always reminded that crap, yeah I completely forget to set myself any. I wasn't in a good place what so ever at the beginning of the year, so now that I'm back to feeling myself completely I wanted to dedicate a little post to the rest of my year.

Psychical plans:

- I really want to return to York. One of my favourite things about this season was always living in the city. I loved walking the walls, browsing the little pop up stalls that would appear in the square and the start of Autumn decor coming through into home sense/tk maxx, etc. Even if it's just for the day on a weekend I really want to re visit my last home and just get a little nostalgia. 

- I really want to throw a Halloween party!  Last year I spent Halloween learning to snowboard which is completely not what the night is about. I say this every year but I have such a good time building up to the date but then I actually do nothing for it. So this year I really want to throw a Halloween party amongst my friends, I'm definitely the more spookier one of the lot. 

- Pumpkin patch! I LOVED visiting a pumpkin patch for the very first time last year and I want to do it again. I've been making little plans here and there with a special human so hopefully it'll be super cute and I can get myself lots of cute/weirdly shaped pumpkins to decorate the house with. 

- With moving from York last year I didn't actually get to go to a winter market and it just threw my life into chaos. I love going to winter markets! It's cold but it's busy, everyones happy browsing little stalls for ideas on Christmas and I love the food stalls. A mulled cider & brownies are my go to stalls! 

- This is going to sound strange but I actually love going to seaside towns out of season. It's always overly busy in summer so I love to go to places like Whitby in autumn. Everything's crisp, the seas a little more wild and eating take away sat outside a fish & chip shop warms you up rather than makes you sweat like it does in summer.

- Another thing that threw my winter into chaos last year was I didn't go to spoons and get a mulled cider! With working there for years when I lived in the city I would always go over board on drinking mulled cider, so this year I want to try my hand at making some! 

- This is the first year I'll be spending autumn in my new home, so I'm excited to get to decorate it how I want for both Halloween and Christmas! My house mate is very laid back and lets me kinda go to town with my home decor, so it'll be fun to go all out like never before. 

- This is planning very into the future but to feel like a top adult I really want to throw my own Christmas dinner with friends. Even if it's weeks before the actually big day, I really would like to have everyone I love under one roof and be a host for the first time ever. 

Online goals:

SO, as an influencer online of course I have some personal goals I'd love to reach. I never really set myself any this year and I just wanted to see how all my platforms grew, but I think doing this has allowed me to just stop trying. I don't monitor my progress on anything and it means I can't ever see how my journeys going, so I thought it'd be a good thing to finally set myself some for the rest of the year!

I just actually hit 7k on Instagram which has felt like it's been coming for FOREVER! I honestly think with how messed up Instagram has become to grow your profile it's taken me nearly two years to get to 7k from being at 6k, but finally it's given me a brighter outlook that I'm actually growing again! People like my content and it's so encouraging to know what you guys like, so I plan to do a lot more styling videos and be very fashion based with a little artwork here and there. I really would love to hit 8k on Instagram by the end of the year, aswell as hitting the next big number on all my platforms like youtube, etc. 

I'm finally getting my mojo back it feels so I really want to start posting three times a week again on my blog and twice on my youtube! 

Personal goals

- saved some money
- small trip somewhere (even if its to a seaside town or cabin in the UK)
- more time for my business (witchcrafts)
- work more on my tattoos sleeve to complete it early next year 
- thrift more
- drink alcohol less
- fitness
- yoga
- read more
- flatly the hell out of AW18
- Christmas range on my art store 
- one new print a week atleast 

I don't know why I didn't think to set myself any goals this year but it feels good to have atleast a list now that I can work towards! If there is any style of content you'd like to see on my blog then please don't hesitate to leave a little comment below!


Until next time guys,

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Headlock Vintage

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Lets talk about vintage.
When I was sixteen heading up to college I really started to experiment with the clothing I wore and it was all thanks to the blogs I read. I was obsessed with DIY blogs, vintage fashion bloggers on lookbook and I also adored the idea of American thrifting. I was obsessed with old Polaroid cameras, car boot sales and I had a boyfriend who scared my passions about second hand shopping. We loved going on adventures to see what bargains we could find and I'll always look back and think it was probably one of the best memories I have as a teenager. It was awesome to have someone who was growing at the same pace with the same interests, but sadly he was a prick and left my life as disastrous as he'd came. Anway, I carried on my love for vintage and over the years I've ventured more into high street fashion and alternative fashion, but thrifting will always have a special place in my heart!

Headlock vintage so kindly got in contact with me to style some pieces from their store and the nostalgia of vintage clothing came back to me!

Since starting my blog back in 2015 I always  branded myself as a vintage alternative fashion blogger, returning to a darker sense of fashion because it's always been my comfort zone. I love gothic fashion and with Autumn not even two weeks away...I'm excited to be in my zone and get my mojo back. When looking for vintage pieces I always tend to go for dresses, harley-Davidson tees, jumpers and mom jeans, but I never thought to challenge myself to sports wear. This year I started getting back into fitness and bought myself some sports brands like Nike,  etc, something I've never really done before. I really like Adidas and it was the only brand I tended to sway to when we used to do sports activities at school, so when I saw this lovely green Adidas t-shirt* I thought it'd be fun to add something to my wardrobe that was 'out of the box' for my personal style. 

I love the colour! I thought I'd be stumped on how to style it but so far it's given my looks a little edge, especially when styling it with my alternative items like this faux leather skirt. It's no sports luxe, but I love how modern this look is styled seeing as I love to look like I've walked out of the 70's sometimes.


It's always good to challenge yourself sometimes when you feel like you're stuck in a styling rut and vintage clothing is amazing to help you with cheaper options. When rustling through vintage stores/charity shops I find I always go for items I usually wouldn't because who's it going to hurt for a couple of quid? If the dress doesn't look good oh well, the money went to a good cause and I can just give it back to another charity shop or try my hand at DIY to turn it into something else! 

Until next time guys,

(DISCLAIMER: Item marked with * was gifted to me for free in exchange for a blog post. All words and opinions are honest and my own)

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I've just launched my own independent business so here is my shop too : Witchcrafts

Needing some time off

Sunday, 19 August 2018

One thing I find really hard and always have really is switching myself off from the internet when I seriously need some time off. Since first starting blogging I saw it as a career I wanted to take seriously and treat almost like a business, so it really strikes defeat and fear into me when I become a little vacant from it. I feel like it's been weeks since I put myself fully into a post and whilst yeah I love the posts I have been publishing, I've just felt like they've not been 100% like my posts used to be. 

Up until this year I always had time for blogging, I'd have constant motivation to shoot outfit photographs and I would never find myself stumped over what to write. This year's been hard. I never know what to write and if I'm honest life's been really complicated and I don't want to sound like a broken record writing about the same thing just because it's relevant. I do have goals for my blog and a direction I wanna see it go in, so after taking some time away to collect myself and nail down what I actually want to share with you guys, I'm excited to start getting back into making content! 

I've always been that person to run my brain completely dry and then instead of taking some time for myself I just break a little. This way it's super hard to pick myself back up again and get back on track, so for once I had to put my beloved projects like my blog on hold because I really need some me time. I don't just mean a pamper session in the bath and I'm right as rain. I needed to speak to people close to me about my life and what I want to do, sort my house out for a fresh mind, deal with the problems I have and just look after myself a little more. 

A big problem I've been having lately is the lack of motivation which rarely happens for me. I've just been stressing out about so many things my blog had to become my last priority and that doesn't sit well with me. I love the work I put into this platform and I hate to see it just collecting dust, even if you guys are still visiting I just don't think it's fair for you to be giving me your time when I'm not putting my full efforts in. I look back on last year when I was juggling a job which in fact I worked more hours in than I do now, for some reason I had my schedule down tight where as recently I just can't catch the right wave to surf. I used to love writing lots of different styles of content, home, film, even the odd foodie post which was so enjoyable to share with you guys! So I look at my blog now and I constantly think 'where has that passion gone?'. I love how my blogs taken a stronger turn down the road of fashion, but I miss those fun posts that I actually loved to write and I definitely need to dive more into lifestyle I think to keep Heartshapedbones still floating. 

I've desperately needed a break away from being attached to my laptop, here are some ways I've been giving my brain and body a rest:

giving myself over to yoga
A big thing I started this year was working on my fitness, something I've always wanted to make more space for but never had the motivation. I started running and I've downloaded an app called 'couch to 5k' so hopefully that helps me to get to where I want with the progress in myself! I also started a yoga challenge on youtube which has helped so much as someone whos never done yoga. I feel so relaxed doing it in the morning and it sets me up with a clear mind.

fixing my life schedule morning to night
I've somehow fallen into an unhealthy schedule of just not letting my body switch off before I go to bed, making getting up incredibly hard. I get up at 6:30am every day and sometimes its a struggle, so to help me more I've been setting myself set times to do things. I shut off completely all screens at 10pm, I go to bed and either read for an hour to wind down or go to bed. It doesn't matter what I'm doing, I put it down and go to bed. 

being social 
I think this has infact made the most impact on my mental health because I've just been trying to make myself more 'in the moment' or at least present. I found that sometimes I'll shut myself away to do work and miss out on so much, so I thought it would be healthy to spend more time saying yes and actually getting myself out there. I see my friends more regularly, I travel to places I normally would shy away from due to my anxiety and I also got a house mate! One of my best friends decided to move in with me and spending time with someone even if it's just to lazy on the sofa watching films is fantastic. It's released some of the stress of working myself too much because I can have someone supporting the decision to take a break when I forget to. 

working on my living space 
Since moving into my own home back in February I've had lots of ideas of how I want my home to look, so I finally thought I'd take some time to give some rooms a little tlc. I decided to paint some of the walls in my livingroom a really nice cool toned royal blue, something I've been seeing on pinterest so much with white framed pictures on them! I also put together a little gallery wall in my bedroom and I love how it looks, it's definitely giving my room more of my personality because otherwise I just have a lot of pink pillows and a princess bed. With my new house mate we decided to tidy things up a bit, get rid of some of the clutter that was mine so he could make space for his own stuff.

focusing on just one aspect at a time
I've only come to this conclusion from analyzing my own actions, but I'm constantly trying to juggle alot of projects at once and it doesn't get me far with any of them. I'm constantly only completing little things here and there, so I've decided with better organisation I need to start focusing on just one thing at a time. Blogging? take a full morning or night. Art day? Spending time with someone? Don't be stressing about everything I need to do. Give that it's own time to be worried about. I've been putting in alot more effort with my instagram and even taking outfit shots just for it instead of also doing a whole blog post for them! It's been a little more eye opening to other ways of blogging to me, but also its really helped my platform grow.

opening myself up more to allow new things in
Ok so I started dating again. It went terribly. I found when talking to new people I was always a lot more busier than they were and it's because I've just been adding more and more things to do in my day because it's the first time I've actually been on my own. If I keep myself busy I forget about the shit that went on this year for me, but I've got to a point where yeah, finding someone would be nice. Internet dating is a huge con, it's never worked for me and it's proven once again to have let me down. I met a couple of dishonest and just non respectful people, so I gave up and actually it was the best thing I could of done. My mum has always said when you stop looking for something it comes along and thats exactly whats happened. 

getting inspired again 
Instead of producing content that's not had my full heart I wanted to just fill myself with things I love to get inspired again. Movies, reading, pinterest, looking constantly at others art and finding new medias that I'd love to try and learn. I love the learning process of anything, so I thought this was going to be a huge process to get myself back into things. I bought some film for my SLR camera which I haven't done in atleast 3 years and went on walks, took snaps of friends and it felt really good to just not be obsessively editing and taking photos just for my blog. 

I finally feel more refreshed and for once I don't feel bad taking a small break away from my blog. I don't think I could ever just stop blogging, I love the creative release it gives me and I'm so thankful to you guys for liking the style of content I bring. Take a break, it'll do your little noggin' wonders.

OUTFIT: BLACK TOP ~ Harley Davidson // LACED SHORTS ~ Ark // CHECKED RED SHIRT ~ Headlock Vintage*

Until next time guys,

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