Introducing New Things Into Your Personal Style

30 Aug 2018

This year I've been definitely experimenting a little more with my personal style, expanding out from my go to black options and actually introducing some colour this summer. It's been weird to see myself dressed in a little colour, but I've come to terms with not sticking myself in a box when it comes to clothing and shaking any labels I might want for myself. I love alternative clothing and looking the part don't get me wrong, I'm still the black haired little elf with spooky tattoos...I just want to also feel like a cute colourful summer baby sometimes too! 

It's the last few days of summer so I almost want this post to be a little 'see ya!', sharing with you guys one of my favourite looks I put together whilst frolicking around in the heat we had for months. 

I love yellow. It's become my new obsession and definitely a trend I'm taking into fall with me. With bright colours I never really know what to pair with them and that's what makes me apprehensively running back to black clothing. Not only am I experimenting with colour but any form of sports wear clothing is different for me. I've never been one to get into sports luxe or even the popper trackies trend, but one fun thing to come from working is brands is being able to expand from your normal and try new things you might not without that opportunity!

Headlock vintage a second hand clothing boutique got in touch to style some of their pieces and I took this as the right time to get out of my comfort zone. T-shirts are an easy go to so I went for this yellow Puma t-shirt*  , super comfortable and I already had a number of ideas on how to style it for different occasions. 
I think that's the worry I have with sports wear or items more on the casual side - I never know how to style them so I just stir away and go for alternative pieces. However, looking at this Puma t-shirt* I thought I could easily dress it girly with a floral skirt, under a dress, casual with some culottes or even wear it for when I do yoga because I love t-shirt with a bit of room. To match the occasion of beautiful weather I decided to pair the t-shirt with a sunflower print skirt and go full out yellow, stepping over my fears and putting alot of colour into my outfit. 

PUMA YELLOW T-SHIRT ~ Headlock Vintage // SUNFLOWER SKIRT ~ Depop // BAG ~ Primark // SLIDER SANDALS ~ H&M  

I love sunflowers so I'm surprised I've not shared this skirt with you guys sooner - it's a little high waist skater style, but the yellow matches perfectly with the t-shirt and brought alot of detail to a simple outfit. I think one way of introducing new items into your wardrobe is pairing them with either something you're super comfortable in, or treating yourself to an out there/exciting outfit with interesting detail. If I feel washed out I'm not going to like the new item I've purchased, but feeling super confident will get me wearing it over and over. I know confidence isn't something we all have or is achieved easily, but I felt so good about myself this day of shooting this outfit that I felt so comfortable in sports wear for the first time ever. 

Until next time guys,
(DISCLAIMER: Items marked with * we're sent to me for free in exchange for a blog post. All words and opinions are my own)

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