My Goals & Plans for AW18

26 Aug 2018

Theres a cold breeze outside and the trees are already starting to turn, can anyone scream fall season louder and more excited than me? Whether you're a returning reader or a newbie to Heartshapedbones it goes without saying I am a big lover of Autumn and everything that comes with this period of time. Halloween is my thing, I am the Halloween witch queen and I generally feel so excited for the content I have planned and want to make this season. 

It feels like I've been stuck in a little rut as of late and I'm finally breaking out! On trying to pin point where I've been failing I really do think it's because summer just isn't my time when it comes to dressing myself. This year I've not really gone on any summer trips, theres been no holidays on my agenda and I've just been a sweating, working mess instead of a fabulous put together fashion blogger. I get no warm feelings about summer and yeah I do love not having to wear tights...but it doesn't feel me with uncontrollable excitement like fall does. I'm looking outside of my window right now and even though it's sunny and we're still in August, I can just tell theres a change in the air. I can tell it's cooler and dressing gowns are being dug out from everyones winter wardrobe. 

At the beginning of this year I over looked goals and plans I wanted to achieve and overtime I see someone online saying 'yay just ticked off one of my goals/plans for 2018 woo!' I'm always reminded that crap, yeah I completely forget to set myself any. I wasn't in a good place what so ever at the beginning of the year, so now that I'm back to feeling myself completely I wanted to dedicate a little post to the rest of my year.

Psychical plans:

- I really want to return to York. One of my favourite things about this season was always living in the city. I loved walking the walls, browsing the little pop up stalls that would appear in the square and the start of Autumn decor coming through into home sense/tk maxx, etc. Even if it's just for the day on a weekend I really want to re visit my last home and just get a little nostalgia. 

- I really want to throw a Halloween party!  Last year I spent Halloween learning to snowboard which is completely not what the night is about. I say this every year but I have such a good time building up to the date but then I actually do nothing for it. So this year I really want to throw a Halloween party amongst my friends, I'm definitely the more spookier one of the lot. 

- Pumpkin patch! I LOVED visiting a pumpkin patch for the very first time last year and I want to do it again. I've been making little plans here and there with a special human so hopefully it'll be super cute and I can get myself lots of cute/weirdly shaped pumpkins to decorate the house with. 

- With moving from York last year I didn't actually get to go to a winter market and it just threw my life into chaos. I love going to winter markets! It's cold but it's busy, everyones happy browsing little stalls for ideas on Christmas and I love the food stalls. A mulled cider & brownies are my go to stalls! 

- This is going to sound strange but I actually love going to seaside towns out of season. It's always overly busy in summer so I love to go to places like Whitby in autumn. Everything's crisp, the seas a little more wild and eating take away sat outside a fish & chip shop warms you up rather than makes you sweat like it does in summer.

- Another thing that threw my winter into chaos last year was I didn't go to spoons and get a mulled cider! With working there for years when I lived in the city I would always go over board on drinking mulled cider, so this year I want to try my hand at making some! 

- This is the first year I'll be spending autumn in my new home, so I'm excited to get to decorate it how I want for both Halloween and Christmas! My house mate is very laid back and lets me kinda go to town with my home decor, so it'll be fun to go all out like never before. 

- This is planning very into the future but to feel like a top adult I really want to throw my own Christmas dinner with friends. Even if it's weeks before the actually big day, I really would like to have everyone I love under one roof and be a host for the first time ever. 

Online goals:

SO, as an influencer online of course I have some personal goals I'd love to reach. I never really set myself any this year and I just wanted to see how all my platforms grew, but I think doing this has allowed me to just stop trying. I don't monitor my progress on anything and it means I can't ever see how my journeys going, so I thought it'd be a good thing to finally set myself some for the rest of the year!

I just actually hit 7k on Instagram which has felt like it's been coming for FOREVER! I honestly think with how messed up Instagram has become to grow your profile it's taken me nearly two years to get to 7k from being at 6k, but finally it's given me a brighter outlook that I'm actually growing again! People like my content and it's so encouraging to know what you guys like, so I plan to do a lot more styling videos and be very fashion based with a little artwork here and there. I really would love to hit 8k on Instagram by the end of the year, aswell as hitting the next big number on all my platforms like youtube, etc. 

I'm finally getting my mojo back it feels so I really want to start posting three times a week again on my blog and twice on my youtube! 

Personal goals

- saved some money
- small trip somewhere (even if its to a seaside town or cabin in the UK)
- more time for my business (witchcrafts)
- work more on my tattoos sleeve to complete it early next year 
- thrift more
- drink alcohol less
- fitness
- yoga
- read more
- flatly the hell out of AW18
- Christmas range on my art store 
- one new print a week atleast 

I don't know why I didn't think to set myself any goals this year but it feels good to have atleast a list now that I can work towards! If there is any style of content you'd like to see on my blog then please don't hesitate to leave a little comment below!


Until next time guys,

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